33 Years Old Women, Large Back Tattoo - Barcelona, Spain

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Hi! Yesterday I have been reading many opinions...


Yesterday I have been reading many opinions that are on this site, and they are extremely helpful, thank you so much - and as a thank you I decided to share my tattoo removal process with you. It may be especially interesting as tattoo is very colorful and big one too.
The thing with my back is my nightmare, because I had another tattoo there, went for few laser sessions, and decided to cover it up, instead of continue. And this was my mistake, because image on the paper was looking different to the end result. I like the way it is made, it is very professional, it is just that it so big and not that balanced as I anticipated, but this can happen with the cover ups.

The 1st tattoo removal i was going thru with the Neodimio-Yag Q-Switched, and the results are seen on the 1st picture, it was sessions so I have to say I was really happy. I do not have the original, but it was really dark (beside of the flower). If anybody would like to know the name of the company, i will give it on priv.

Right now I have read that the newest and better option is Nd:Yag Q-Switch con filtro KTP (Ink Hunter), in which session of the elimination is followed by the TR LED lamp session, which stimulates the healing process.

When I was removing the last one I had 5 sessions with maybe 5 weeks break, and then the picture was taken 5 month after the last one. This time I think I will take approach of taking session every 8-10 weeks, to give my skin more relax and allow the body to remove ink efficiently. I am almost never sick, so my immune system is in pretty good shape, hope that helps! ;-)

I am also not sure yet, if I will remove the whole bird, or just the body. I was thinking to leave the tail and add something around it. But I am also afraid that I will not be happy again! So I will be taking the removal sessions in the tattoo shop, it has very good recommendations, which will allow me to consult them about possibilities.

I will let you know it all, and meanwhile please keep your fingers crossed for me to get a bargain price!!

All the best,


Hi Guys thank you a lot!

So I can say, what I heard from a very proffesional consultat at the evolution tattoo which is in Barcelona sorrounding. http://ikovocomunicacion.wix.com/tatuajes---piercings
And I honesly think it is the first place where actually the truth has been told, and she simply said that I would be even more unhappy if the whole process would start, and removal with the current technology is impossible. She said it would take 5 years for it to be prepared for the cover up not even to be removed.

So I can totally recommend going there, while in other places in Barcelona they would promise me impossible. So for the ones reading me, beware ;-)

She also said that with any technology currently available removal of the colors is never in 100% successful, especially for red, oranges and yellows. They would always leave the trace.

I dont know how it works in US, but here we have a professionals working on tattoo removal in the tattoo shop itself. Which is nice, cause already from the beginning you can work with the artist and the removal technician together.

So my story finishes at this point. Until Alec Falkenham release his cream to the public, which I guess will take him few days. And till then I will have to learn to like my tattoo.

Attached are the pictures with more real colors. But as i said I really like the colors, and tattoo is very professionally done (which was confirmed by all the artists technicians I have seen this days)
It is just too big. And I think that the tails compering to the bird is just not visible. Or maybe if it would be more "phoenix" like I would then like it more.

Well wrong decisions has been made, and I have to bare the consequences.

Maybe You have any ideas how to balance it better?

Thank you for your support!

Old tattoo removal

Ah and I have found how it all began so its the tattoo I removed at 1st, before covering it up with Phoenix. Just after it was done. Awful, isn´t it?

The picture is not the best, but the black color got our pretty easily. Actually it was something that I should do, remove the black totally, as it was possible, and just cover the flower. I really did not predicted that Phoenix will be that big.

But the tattoo clearners which did the removal of black I can recommend easily.

Any suggestions how to imrove it?

Ok so here it is with the more real colors. I cannot remove it, but I cannot say I fully like it. As I mentioned to Eva in the comment before, I think that body does not balance with the tail. If you look at the pictures compering to the initial drawing the balance was different. Also the waist was more emphasized while here it feels like tattoo emphasizes my back more.

So I was thinking to remove this mandala (just under the body of phoenix), although I was told that with the intensity of the colors i will not even see any results after 1 year. And to add make somehow tail more visible?

I don´t know what do you think guys?

Thank you so much for the whole community here - people are so kind!

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