32 Years Old. My rhinoseptoplasty Journey! Will It Be Worth It? Will I Improve? - Spain, ES

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Hi there! I would love to share this journey with...

hi there! I would love to share this journey with you all. This community is of great help to clarify my concerns, encourage me and relieve my fears and I know I will feel better if I dont feel alone in this.

I have scheduled my rhinoseptoplasty for this coming Monday (August 31st) together with a buttock augmentation (with implants). I can say I have always been very happy with my nose but for the past couple of years I got a bit annoyed with the round tip and its profile...starting to hate how I looked on pictures...I live in the Middle East and most girls here have nose Jobs, and honestly, I love how their nose look! gives them a softer, more polished look.

After discussing it with my surgeon, we have agreed on narrowing the tip, straighten the septum and down it a bit to look more slope-ish.

I am attaching some before pictures, what do you guys think? Will this make me improve my overall appearance?

one year post surgery

hello all! its been more than a year since my last post here... I finally decided to go for a rhinoplasty, together with a buttock augmentation and well..things were really tough for the first month and a half...and I decided to stop being too focus on my nose/buttock so I could get over it and move on a bit, so that's why I didn't post any post-procedure pictures.

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to give me advice and positive energy here and I would like to offer my support and personal experience to everyone that might need it!

I'm posting a recent picture to show how my nose looks like now. Overall, I'm very happy with the results so far, although still have some things I would like to improve, maybe in the near future...the tip is still too big and looks disproportionate to the whole face, and when I smile it there is a little bump showing on one side that makes it not completely symmetrical. But I really should be happy with the outcome as I know many people are left with a nose even worse than the original one. For me, I think it has soften my overall appearance, and even though it looks a little fake-ish on the picture due to the angle the picture was taken, it does look very natural in real life in my opinion, maybe because it still has room for improvement, ha!

if anyone would like to know anything, or to see other pictures, just let me know!
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