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If it was genetics, sun damage, gravity or the...

If it was genetics, sun damage, gravity or the simple fact of aging, I cannot say but over the past few years I noticed my skin aging very rapidly. I found myself finding tricks to hide the inevitable truth that I was starting to look middle age and it didn't suit me! I was determined and growingly desperate to find a permanent solution. I started researching solutions a couple of year ago which finally ended on Feb. 13th with Dr. Aslani in Marbella doing a neck lift, fat transfer and laser treatment. It was such an ordeal and I spent so much time making my decision that I wanted to share my experience with anyone out there in the same place I was. I'm now 2 weeks post op and I couldn't be happier. It wasn't all roses and I will say that the first couple of days were really rough but day 3, I started to see the light! After interviewing almost a dozen doctors, I am so pleased that I decided to do my operation with Dr. Aslani, I can't tell you. He doesn't need patients, he's schedule is full all the time. He didn't need me to recommend him and I could have gone on my merry way without anyone knowing that I'd gone though this. But, I know how it feels to be on the other side, making a decision to have your face worked on, worrying about the right doctor, worrying about the right procedure, all your friends and family putting their 2 cents, hoping you don't turn out like looking like some plastic bombastic freak. I had so many sleepless nights I can't tell you. So this review isn't about Dr. Aslani and his fantastic team because they are fantastic, they don't need a review. This is for anyone out there thinking about getting facial work done that's afraid and doubtful like I was that needs a review. 

There are so many doctors out there with so many different opinions that if my review can help you in any way, I'm glad. One thing I learned from this is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! What I mean by this is understand what your doctor considers beauty and that it's the same as you. I've meet doctors all over the world as I was told Thailand, Lebanon, the US were the best and I wanted the best for my face. One even went as far as telling me I needed a chin implant. I was like WHAT!!! I want to look like me not a witch! Another doctor I asked if he did fat grafting said no, why, because in the time it would take him to do that, he could have done 3 breast implants! Really!!! Not an impressive answer! I had another doctor telling me that our angels had met and he wanted to do this big 6 hour surgery in his office! Sorry, no! 6 hours is major and you need to be in a good hospital with an excellent an anesthesiologist is how I feel. This can go on......I had even booked my surgery with another doctor and 3 days before canceled because every time I went to see him, his nails we not groomed ( I have serious issues with attention to detail) and felt so guilty that I almost went through it even though I had more than multiple doubts. I'm not recommending you to any doctor because that's got to be up to you but if Dr. Aslani and team are on your list, I do hope this review helps.

Day 14 after neck lift & fat grafting

I went out with friends this evening. I'm still really bruised and swollen but make up does wonders. I wasn't able to put ice on because of the fat grafting so the healing process has taken a lot longer. I'm trying to get back to normal life although I still don't feel 100% ok.

Neck lift after 3 week and ear pain and walking

Today is 3 weeks since my operation and I've had pain in my right ear since the surgery. I asked my doctor a few times and they said it was nothing and probably only some blood stuck in the ear, no sign of infection. I tried washing my ear with cleaner but it was of no help. Finally after a night of ear pain I went to an ENT doctor who checked my ear and found that I had a small cut in my ear that had scabbed over and made my ear totally inflamed. I've had to go on another couple of meds to take away the problem and I'm feeling frustrated about the long healing process. I'm still swollen and bruised. I guess some of us just take longer to heal. On an up note, I walk every day. 6 to 15k a day! Since day 4, I started and I'm thrilled with the new found energy I have. My friends call me Forest Gump! I highly recommend it for anyone going though this as it helps with healing and lifts the spirits. Oh, part, it tightens the bum so I can pass on a Brazilian butt lift ;-) My doctor told me no heavy workouts for 8 weeks so walking is the only thing I do.

Firstly, I have to say that Dr. Aslani is the only doctor that charged me for a consultation but I realized that he is a very busy surgeon and probably can't afford to see people that aren't really serious about having work done so the 85 euros removes the people only thinking about something. I wasn't particularly happy to pay the consult fee because I had seriously doubted that he would be my surgeon since after all my research on him before my appointment, everything came up boobs and butts! Actually, I did say to him that I was concerned and I did want my face cheeks looking like Brazilian bum cheeks! Jokingly, of course and I said that if I decided to do my surgery with him that I would have to post my results so that he had some faces as well. He's done a lot of faces by the way, people just don't feel comfortable about showing off their faces as much as their boobs and butts.... I will say that I feel that Dr. Aslani is a very conservation surgeon and he's not keen and doing extra work that he feels is not needed. He felt that my biggest problem was facial volume and secondly was my neck. He had suggested to me that I try fat grafting first and then decide on the neck lift which I rejected. I wanted to do it and I'd waited a long enough. I asked him to do my upper and lower eyes but on that I didn't get my way. He said no, I didn't need it and I could come back in 5 years and he would check then. Every other doctor, other than one, told me that I should have my eyes done and Dr. Aslani could have charged me 1,500+ more to do it because I was ready but he refused. Even up until the day of my surgery I asked him again and he said no. Today, I have to say, I am very very happy I listened to him and didn't do my eyes because I didn't need it. He's not a doctor to sugar coat things and I don't want to tell you he or his assistant are so sweet or nice because that doesn't make a good surgeon but when I walked away from my appointment I got the feeling that he knew what he was talking about and he is passionate in what he does. He doesn't care if he's got patients waiting for him, when you've got his attention and it's your turn he takes all the time you need to walk away leaving satisfied. He passed "MY attention to detail list" and I believe that the time he took although he had others waiting was how he would also treat me during my operation which ended up being correct. When I received the quotation from his office and the procedures, I compared it to all my research and I found him to be very fair and reasonable. The answer was clear, I was getting a top surgeon at a reasonable price. To be honest, I didn't expect the price I got as all the fancy doctors in town are much more than him and they aren't the head of the surgery departments in 2 hospitals. Which brings me to another reason I chose Dr. Aslani. I hear so much gossip about doctors and law suits and bad work but there's no information out there! I heard one famous doctor in town has got 8 law suits against him but there's no where to verify this info! No doctor is perfect and mistakes happen, let's be clear. Doctors are not God and there are bound to be unhappy patients but I figured if a hospital awards a doctor, Head of the department, He's got to be good, right! Hospitals don't want bad press and bad doctors to represent them. On this point I'm sure I'm made the correct decision. All the doctors out there may have done the same job or better but I wanted the reassurance of having the best and having a hospital back him up, this meant a lot to me. So, I felt confident that even if in the worst case situation, if something should have gone wrong I was going to be in good hands and trusted him on that. Dr. Aslani is a serious surgeon and if it's bedside manner you're looking for, you won't get it from him although he's got a fantastic team that does that part. If there was one complaint I would have, it is that I never saw him personally after my operation and I would have liked to, so you should expect that if he's your surgeon you are getting a whole team, not just the surgeon. This is even more important because after care is a crucial factor in the whole process. Dr. Aslani is a team and he's got a team that all play a part in your procedure. They are friendly, professional, caring and available at any time to answer you with a hot line number, if there is something that they cannot help with then they contact the doctor to solve it. I will miss them most once my treatments are over. Included in the price they gave me were lymphatic draining massages, pre-op facial with vitamins and laser treatment for the scare which I thought was great. Every 3 days I was in the clinic getting some kind of follow up. As I said earlier in my review, I don't want to sugar coat this surgeon as he's not interested in this and he's a part of a team but today I had my follow up visit with him and I must say his words to me were more valuable than his hands that operated on me because they will forever change the way I see myself in the mirror. I've considered breast surgery, as almost all women have, I've considered liposuction and never liked my figure too much and again, I asked him if he could do lipo on my hips. His answer to me was no way! He said I didn't need anything and that womanly figures and curves are much better than not having. He's a surgeon, he's the expert, this is his profession so in just a few words he did more than any surgery could have done to improve my figure and that was to see myself from a different point view, painless and priceless! Thank you for that Dr. Aslani, you make lack on beside manner but your attention to detail and honestly makes up for it. I hope I never visit you again but if I ever need another surgery you better believe I'll leaving it in your hands.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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