''45 Years Old Mother of 3 Teenagers, Looking at Getting my Pre Birth Body Back with Dr Aslani, Malaga'' - Spain

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I have been contemplating doing something to my...

I have been contemplating doing something to my body for about 8 years but never got the opportunity till now. Coming across this website is a big blessing. I have had several consultations with many doctors and finally settled down choosing Dr Aslani. I have made my first deposit and booked my flight. Any one with ideas on hotels to stay? As I am coming from the UK, i am looking at staying for about 10 days post op so that drains and all are sorted before going home. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Three weeks and counting down

I had my skpe/phone consultation with Dr Aslani and found him very sincere and highly knowledge. I am left feeling assured that I have made the right choice. Flight book, hotel booked, Spain, here I come in 18 DAYS!!!!

A bit about my self, some not too fantastic photo 26 days before my surgery.

I am overweight at the moment with the most part of my weight being around my tummy. Child bearing has dealt badly with my tummy with loose skin and bulging belly that I have not been able to shift for years. I am 163cm tall (5ft 4') and weight about 13stones. I have trolled this website and fantasised about having a complete mommy make over for about a year. And finally, I am counting days.


I need information on hotel and general tits bits about recovery time alone in an hotel. Unfortunately, Dr Aslani like most Europe surgeons do not have recovery homes or massage included in the package unlike most Dominican Republic or some USA. Does anyone have any ideas to share on how to tackle sleeping after surgery, eating and personal hygiene and recovering in an hotel room hundred of miles away from home?

Two weeks to my body changing process

Counting the days to my surgery, did my blood tests and all came out well. So my bag is packed and i am anxiously counting 14 days to go. But i am still looking for a place to stay after the surgery. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

4 days after surgery, still swollen but loving my perky boobs and flat tummy. I can not see the rounded butt yet.

My surgery was on Tuesday 29th march, I thank God it went well, 7 hours flat out but the shape is finally coming out.

4 weeks post op update.

Well, the last 4 weeks has been an emotional journey; sometimes happy, sometines tears but overall i will shout a big Yeees that it has been worth it.
At 46 years now, having a tummy tuck, breast uplift with implant, transfer of fat to hips(very minimal) and hernia repair all at once should never be taken lightly by anyone this age or even younger.
Though i was up and about a few hours after surgery, the tightness at my back, lower tummy and the pain when standing, laughing, sneezing or coughing remains 4 weeks on.
Some part of my entire stomach still feel numbs and my partner's massaging seem the only relieve mechanism right now.
Three (3) weeks after surgery, i noticed that a supposedly thread or stiches that was used for the nipple area which was meant to have dissolved and the hole closed up did not disolve, leaving me with a tiny hole from which this yellowish thread like thing is now visible. I was told by my surgeon team in Spain to get my GP nurse in UK to cut it out, but trust British nurses, they declined!???? as the operation was not performed with them. I was later told by my surgeon team to cut it myelf, but yours truly is too scared to do it, so 4 weeks on, while every other surgery area looks a bit ok, my nipple has a protuding thread leaving me with the tiniest hole possible.
I also noticed my upper tummy seem bigger and painful, its like all my intestine has been pushed up for the tummy tuck below????. What we go through to look good.
I am attaching pictures from week 1 till date. Feel free to ask me any questions and your sincere comments will be appreciated.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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