Butt Implants with Dr. Plovier Belgium

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So i have been thinking a long time to have butt...

So i have been thinking a long time to have butt implants, i don't have enough fat to do a BBL.
I live in the Netherlands and here there are no doctors that are really experienced in this kind of surgery.
In my search on this page i have found that the best doctor in europe is Dr. Aslani in spain.
For me it is only a 2 hour flight so this won't be a problem, im still looking if there is a doctor out here but i don't think that i will find one that can help me.
in the past couple of years i have lost a lot of weight and my butt is now literally flat !
ugh i hate it so much, so i already have contact with Dr. Aslani assistant called Alyen.
And Dr. Aslani told that i will need to gain 5 kilos for a better result and that he will perform a supercharged BBL this is a combination of implants and small amount of fat transfer.

If i do the down payment i can have surgery in January, this is what i would like because i want to be summer ready for next year haha !

are there other ladies on here that have butt implants by dr. Aslani or maybe also planning to go there in January 2017 ?

If everything go as planned i will tell my story here to help other ladies.

Changed doctors

So just a small update, i decided to stay close to home and do the surgery in belgium with dr. Plovier
he is a really good doctor also and uses the new biconvex implants.
My surgery will be on April 28
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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