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I have decided to have the op since my Sis got it...

I have decided to have the op since my Sis got it done last year and she says it has changed her life. I am 34 GG and have very saggy heavy breasts which are just a nightmare. The worst things about them:
Always feeling huge, even when I am a size 10 skirt.
People talking to my boobs.
Not being able to exercise well.
Having pains, sores and general discomfort.
I am trying to lose weight before my op, as I am a bit overweight. My op is scheduled for 26 September!!! I have to say I am not sleeping well as I am really nervouse about the op.

No luck on the weightloss

Well in two and a half weeks I will be a smaller lady. The only trouble is that I have been desperate to lose some weight, so that later my breasts dont suffer if I lose weight post op. However I have had no luck. I have tried fasting, low carb, upping my exercise and nothing. I am so desperate now as there really is no time to lose any weight. I am trying to be philosophical about the whole thing. I do feel a bit embarrassed though as I told the ps that I would hold off on my surgery so that I could lose weight and now she is going to think that I am mad!!!!!

less than two weeks!!!

I thought I had an ear infection, but luckily it wasn't. My Mum and Dad are over for a week, so I think the time will fly. I have my pre op with aneasthetist on the day that they go. Then I have a busy week cleaning things at home so it is super clean. I am getting very excited. I cant quite believe that this is happening to me!!!!!

tomorrow is the day!!

I spent whole morning at hospital what with seeing the ps and anaesthetist. I had to wait a long time but it was worth it as I am more tranquil now after our chat. I still cant believe it is happening and I am beginning to worry about the size .I hope it is not too small. Well I will update and try to upload some photos over the weekend, if I am not too unhappy with results. I have taken a tablet to calm me, so I hope I will be able to sleep. This time tomorrow it will be done!!! wish me luck everyone.

day 2 po

I went in on Thursday. My op was in the afternoon, so I spent all morning cleaning like a lunatic. I felt like I did when I was preggars waiting for baby to come. Anyway my sis in law turned up at 12.15 as I was finishing cleaning the sitting room floor. We went to pick up my littlun and took him home. I left the boys and her eating lunch and went to have my antiseptic shower!"!! My poor hair!!!! I must say at this stage the nerves were getting the better of me. We left at 2.20 and drove into Madrid. Car parked safely for the night we walked up to entrance of hospital. (I lost my beautiful estranged dad last year and spent a lot of time in hospital, so this all came back to me and I was very emotional) When we had finally sorted deposits and money for tv etc we were taken to room. Where I just burst into tears!!!! My hubby told me to breath and to think of all the positives. Very quickly I was told to get out of clothes and into robe, my bp and temp were taken and then a very unfriendly bloke turned up and said come on lets go. This all seemed too quick. I didnt have time to tell my hubby who my jewels were going to and what poem I wanted read at my funeral!!!!! He wheeled me, unfriendly bloke, down a corridor into a lift and down another corridor. Then at last a friendly face, my ps. She told me to stand so she could draw on me, but they are so heavy and lacking in solidity that she couldnt so out came my lovely anaesthetist. She told me to get back on bed and off >I went into the theatre. I got nervous and told her that I was frightened of needles. I reminded her that I would wave my arms, should I wake up midway through op. She said that was fine and that I would just feel a prick. I lay there thinking that it just wasnt working, I was wide awake....... Next thing I know Rafa was showing me a picture of the mickey mouse pizza my sis in law had baked with the boys back at home. And in front of me lying on the bed were a completely new pair of boobies that actually belong to a 20 year old girl. (I am not complaining though.)

I slept on and off. I didnt vomit and at 10am in came my ps to take off bandages and get rid of tubes. I actually cried because the tubes didnt hurt one single bit. (when >I had my csection it was excruciating!!!) I then cried again when I saw my boobs. They are in my humble opinion beautiful!!!

I thank all the team at Clinica La Luz and my great PS Dr Teresa Garcia Garcia!!! They made me feel safe and secure, and boy was I nervous when I got there.

Second doc visit and stitches out!!!!!

Well this is such a journey. I am not the most patient person in the world and the healing process requires bucket loads of patience so I am being tried!!!!! I slept very badly on Sunday night and had terrible dreams because I was so frightened about the stitches coming out. (I hasten to add that I had a terrible experience with a horrible female doc taking stitches from an infected area, it was so painful that I winced and the doc laughed at me and told me I was not brave- lunatic!!!! anyway at the time neither she nor I knew that the area was infected, she of course should have known) So there I was on Monday morning frightened to death and having to go to appointment alone. I have an hour train journey followed by a 40 minute walk to get to the surgery. I actually really enjoyed the walk.

I got in there and my doc was her usual pleasant calm self. I lay on the bed took a deep breath and said to myself "be brave!!!" No need at all. She is so super that I literally felt nothing. She took all six stitches out and 4 were in the nipple area. I couldn't believe it. I professed my undying love for her and skipped out of the surgery. Yeh!!!! I don't have to go back for a month. She has told me to keep putting on the plasters every four days, as this will make my scar heal better. I still won't be totally clam until she tells me next time that all has closed up, but I am so thankful that up to now my healing has been so uneventful. When my hubby changes my plasters on Thursday I will post pics of wounds to show how it is going.

For now I am going to up my daily walking and focus on getting that tummy down to a decent size.

Some piccies day 14

Back to doc!!!

Well on Sunday I showered and discovered that I had some stitches coming through on my nipples. Either Doc didnt get them out properly or some dissolvables have come to the surface. I now need to go back to DOc tomorrow so that she can get them out. i was so chuffed that I didnt have to go back for another month. Oh well I guess these things happen. I hope it goes smoothly. One of stitches looked ever so slightly yellow.

I am really keen to get back to normal. The last few days my boobs have been tender all the time. I want to get to the stage where I can pick up my littlun and do the things I need to do.

New piccy of my gorgeous pink sports bra. Size 36C!!!!

Having a bad time!!

I noticed a week ago that I had an open spot on bottom T of my right breast. My doc said to put antiseptic cream and see how it goes. Trouble is there is a stitch hanging out. I pulled on it but it won't come out.

Now I have noticed a dark hard spot on my other breast. I am really worried that it is some kind of infection. I don't want to bother my doc as we are coming up to weekend. Any comments truly welcome.

Updated pic.

My girlies are itchy and I have a couple of points that are not closed up, with stitches haning out and looking a little angry, but here I am 31 days post surgery!!

Off to Granada

Well we have a day off today, so we are driving down to granada for the weekend. Rafa's concerned about long journey, but I said that I think I will be fine. I have been super naughty and pulled some of my own stitches out. I hope I havent got myself infected. I am just like my cats, couldnt keep my mits off.

I have bought two new jumpers and some skinny trousers, so off I go Granada has never seen me like this before!!!! PS if you are ever in Spain Granada and practically all the capitals of AndalucĂ­a are well worth a visit!!! Oh and the smaller towns, and countryside. Basically Spain is a Goddess when it comes to beauty, not so hot on the political side unfortunately.

I will post piccies of me, new clothes, in new boobies. Happy healing and happy weekend to one and all.

Last night was halloween and I dreamt of my Dad. I lost him last year. I think he was making me a visit. He didnt mention my boobs, but he did tell me to stop swearing!!!!

7 weeks tomorrow

I am uploading a pic of current situation and one of me in a boob tube dress. I could never have even dreamed of wearing something like this before and although I still look a bit bulky( I have to lose 10 kilos) I am wearing it without a bra!!!!! I went to doc today to get some stray stitches out and she is very happy with my progress. I think I am going to be almost normal from now on. Tomorrow I am going to do my 30 day shred and I am going to eat sensibly. This is where the rest of my life begins. I wish all of you lovely ladies luck both pre and post op. I am thinking of all of the ladies that I have had the privilege to meet on the forum, especially those brave ladies who are going through tremendous complications and my prayers are with you. I will pop back from time to time and I look forward to keeeping up to date with your stories. I will add the piccies tomorrow. I am having trouble with the tablet!!

This is a great forum and has been such a support for me.
Take good care of yourselves everyone of you.
Dr Garcia

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