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I'm 30 yrs old, weigh 118 lbs, 5'5. Have had small...

I'm 30 yrs old, weigh 118 lbs, 5'5. Have had small breasts (a's) all my life. I had 3 kids and breastfed each for about 18 months+. So I'm very happy with how many kids are in our family (no more babies please) and I'm really happy with how well breastfeeding went but now I'm soooo ready to get my boobs looking good! I think we (me and my boobs) definately deserve it after how much abuse they have had (engorement, pulling, pinching, grabbing, nursing on demand, pumping, mastitus, etc) My husband also deserves it for being so sensitive to how I feel about him looking or feeling my empty sad boobies. :( Know what I mean? I feel embarrased about how they are now. It's embarressing to have to wear so much padding, and for swimsuits to be full of water because they are basically sponges inside and they have to be wrung out after I get out of the pool. I just want my clothes to look right on me and to feel womanly and I want to like how they look. So I have been to a consultation w/ a reputable dr. he thinks I should have no bigger than a C. Tear drop, and lower my creases, (obviously one is bigger than the other) and have the incision under. (Or areola but that makes me nervous) I'm worried about the tear drop shape moving and not looking right. It will be under the muscle (do you think that holds it in place) So, that's where I'm at, and I will be having surgery end of January. (Very EXciteD!!)

Looks like I'm going to have to wait till about...

Looks like I'm going to have to wait till about march now, hubby wants to save up a bit more before we do it. I understand but wish I was doing it sooner, I'm just ready to get it done!
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