21 Year old, small frame , 450cc unders - Spain, ES

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I'm a 21 year old British student approximately...

I'm a 21 year old British student approximately 5"7, around 50Kg who's always been sad about my breasts. When I started growing around aged 12, I dreamed of this beautiful womanly figure. But by the time I was 15 I had stopped with one boob a B cup, and one a small C cup. At age 18 I considered implants but told myself I'm still growing.

If I was looking at sexy lingerie to wear for my boyfriend, it had to be heavily padded to make me feel better. I once purchased a cute babydoll, only to leave it at the bottom of the drawer as it had no padding and hated the lack of cleavage, lack of boob and lack of anything.

So this year, I've been researching the procedure, the risks involved, the different types of implants and found this site along the way with all the beautiful results and happy women!

I'm hoping I can be a DD (apparently I shouldn't think of cup sizes!) after my operation but I'm worried my expectation is unrealistic. I'm planning to visit a surgeon in Madrid, Spain that I like the work of. I'll see after my consultation in a few weeks. I will add some before photos when I feel confident enough to show them. In the mean time, I'll upload some wish photos. :)

Consultation booked!

I have booked a consultation on Thursday with a surgeon a close family member's friend used, her results are fantastic! I have heard he's very professional, I'm hoping to book the operation for late December if I can book that far ahead.

Before image

These upset me to look at. Why did nature give me such uneven breasts?

First consultation done

I spent ages trying to find the place but eventually I turned up with a few minutes to go. The lobby was very fancy and professional, so first impressions good. I booked myself in and waited so nervously I was sweating!

Eventually he greeted me and discussed all the complications, prices and implants used. He eventually told me I'll be insured for the rest of my life should any problems occur, so all future surgeries will cost me nothing!

He measured my breasts and said I will have a perfect result with the cleavage I want. I have booked a second consultation where we discuss size and type of implant. He says I will have the Areola incision, under the muscle with cohesive silicone.

I find him to be very professional and friendly. I have found the surgeon who I trust will give me the result I want!

Communication problems!

its been very difficult to communicate with my surgeon in Spain when I live in the UK. I've been given instructions to book my own pre-op tests which include the usual blood work, an electrocardiogram and a breast ultrasound. I've never heard of a surgeon doing so many tests!

If all goes well I'll be scheduled for the start of January.
He seems to want to use textured implants under the muscle where I would prefer smooth. Hopefully he won't argue with my preference.

Surgery date set!

Surgery has been scheduled for January next year. Now it's starting to become real I'm getting increasingly nervous. Looking at some lovely results here eases my nerves!

Doing my own pre op tests has been... Interesting.

I got in contact with my doctors surgery to do my bloods and an ECG. I managed to get those done, got my results in paper.
For some reason my doctor wants an ultrasound on my breasts, I'm not quite sure why but I'm sure he's just being sure. This has been the hardest to book myself, even though I'm willing to pay for them myself and not on the NHS. I'll be happy when all these tests are out of the way.

On a plus side, I have found my ultimate wish boobs from a fellow realself member. Id love to have her results(if not bigger :P)

Will keep everyone posted.

Nervous yet excited

so only a few days to go now until I have my surgery. I sorted the size I wanted around a week ago, not sure what the numbers will be until afterwards. I've never had any sort of surgery before so I'm extremely nervous of what will happen. Not quite sure what to take either. I will post pictures once it's all done.

Surgery tomorrow!

So tomorrow is my big day. Today I am visiting my doctor for any last minute questions and to pay some money. I'm still not feeling overly nervous but I'm pretty sure it'll hit me as soon as I arrive at the hospital. The waiting time has gone past pretty fast and it feels odd that it's the last day of having weird boobs. I'll hope for some great results!

Made it!

Just got back home from a completely horrific night in hospital. I have 450cc silicone unders. In an awful lot of pain, any sort of movement is sore.

I was kept in overnight at doctors request. How do you girls manage to go home the same day?! When I was discharged this morning walking, standing, breathing was full of pain.

My father has gone to pick up my antibiotics and Valium. Was prescribed ibuprofen and paracetamol as my pain killers.

The surgery went okay except I started shaking as they put the anaesthetic through the IV, but I wouldn't go under! So they gassed me. I'll try to get a pic up of my swollen ladies. I get the bandage off tomorrow and to see them for the first time. Definitely picture time then!
Thanks for all your stories which helped me learn what to expect, the pain seems different in all of us, sadly.

Day three post op

today is the third day since my surgery and the pain isn't as brutal as the last few days. When I had the bandages on they were so tight I couldn't do anything without pain! I was crying and shaking. Do bear in mind I am a small framed girl with 450cc unders, so try not to let this put you off your goals.

I am wearing my surgical bra 24hrs a day, but my doctor has said if it becomes too uncomfortable I can take it off for short periods of time.

Yesterday my horrible compression bandages were removed and god that was painful! The sticky tape felt like my skin was being ripped off. My dressings were changed and I was helped into my bra and shirt.

I have been sleeping in a completely upright position as I get stuck if I'm leaning back. So I'm very very tired! So far they are looking very good. I'm allowed to shower but I'm feeling so groggy I just can't be bothered.

finally, a nights sleep!

The pain was tolerable enough to have a somewhat good nights sleep. Righty is doing well. Lots of movement on that side. Lefty has some catching up to do, larger implant in that side so the pain is worse. They're looking good and I'm hoping to shower today as the smell of my B.O is overpowering (lol)

Sorry I'm not removing my shirt im the photos, too much effort to get it back on.

day 5, feeling coming back

today is my 5th day post op. My boobies are tingly and my nipple sensation is already returning! I have my post op check up tomorrow to see if all is okay. Managed to have my first shower, shaving my armpits was... Interesting haha! I will upload a photo without a bra of my "torpedo tits". Already enjoying life as a big boobed lady.

9 days post op, can finally get myself up

ive finally been able to get back up from a lying position without pain or getting stuck. My results are already looking fantastic, bigger than I initially planned but they already feel like they're mine.

I have switched from my surgical bra to a front zip ultra high impact sports bra that I got from marks and Spencer for £22 before I came to spain. This bra is a 32E and still feels like it needs more room! This bra is allowing me to stand with posture because it stops the back pain! I have a couple of pics to post, the bra and the boobs.

4 weeks post op... dreaded boob greed.

Just like lots of other ladies who have undergone breast augmentation. You start to wish you went bigger. Had a fitting at Ann Summers into a 32G (Thanks mum for altering those loose straps) I shouldn't feel like I'm too small! My guess is, after all the padding and "boob job" bras, I only look slighty different in clothes. I think I just need to change my wardrobe slightly to compliment my new figure. It just feels so horrible to have 450CC implants and wanting more, when there was I time I wished I fit into a full C.

Hoping as they drop and fluff, they'll look and feel fuller.

4 weeks post op photos

These are my breasts at 4 weeks

3 Months post op update

it's been three months since I underwent breast augmentation and I'm pleased with the result so far. I still have some dropping to do, surgeon tells me I won't see my result until 6 months, but they're looking better as the weeks go by.

7 months update

It's now 7 months since I've had my 450cc implants placed.

They look fantastic, they feel fantastic so the painful process was worth it.
The scars look a little unruly from one left over stitch and a scab falling off too early. But I'm sure they'll fade in time.

I'm no longer scared about trying on bras, I no longer cry in the mirror if a push up doesn't work. My size is so big now they don't come in push up!

I will be posting updates about my scars as laser scar removal was part of the price.
Dr Moises Martin Anaya

I was recommended this doctor and haven't felt at all let down by him. He's friendly, caring and will listen to all concerns no matter how big or small. He even made a special trip to the hospital after my night there just to see if I was okay. On the day my bandages were coming off the sticky tape was so painful he held my hand as he took it off. Every appointment I've had I have felt comfortable with him. At first I was nervous that I wasn't choosing the type of implant but he prefers to analyse the body type and choose then. He is absolutely amazing, professional and friendly, even gave me his personal mobile number in case I need to call.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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