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Hello everyone! Finally I took the strength and...

Hello everyone! Finally I took the strength and push to write here my story.
I thank a lot to all the brave girls that share their story in this page, cause when I was on the other "fake and hard" side they were of lot of help. I believe the society fills you with lot of information and images about BA, like this is what any woman should dream to become, but they hide very carefully the other side, what about all the consequences of this procedure? what if you dont feel well with the implants? what if you develop any health problem afterwards related to them? what if THEY ARE NO FOR YOU? Cause, as I see it now, implants are for NOBODY. May be in cases of reconstruction and other special situations I dont know, but society try to make us believe they are a necessity.
'You wont have a full life if you dont have this big and SO perfect breast!' (SO with capital letters cause they seem so perfectly round cause of course they are no real!) But, come on! The real truth that nobody is telling you is that YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT AND YOU DONT NEED ANYTHING FAKE TO HAVE A FULL LIFE AND TO BE HAPPY.
I am 22 years old. Underwent to a BA in november 2015. 375cc extra high profile. My breast before BA was a 32B, 85B in Spain. So, after surgey I became 32D. I must say I am a very thin girl, so after surgery, I seemed a porn star with two big rounded balls. For long time I had had low self steem, also few boys I was with told me about my small size, this and other things didnt help me to feel better. So I thought BA was right for me cause I would feel better with my body. (Yeah, I thought changing outside was the solution, when the solution is change the INSIDE). I even had some arguments with my family because of this before surgery, as they were against me undergoing to the surgery but I didnt realize they were right, cause I firmly believed I NEEDED BA. It wasnt I wanted to have the surgery done, no, I thought it was something necessary for me.
My BA surgeon was a cold person. I knew it when I booked my surgery, but I chose him for the results I had seen of his other BAs. He didnt take into consideration a lot my frame and offered me such big side. I remember that when I looked at the mirror with my fake new boobs I started to perceive as if my bottom was even smaller because of the contrast with my new VERY BIG boobs. I tried on some dresses and as I have small hips, well, again I had a strange contrast. The thing is what I once imagined it was my goal and what I needed, it wasnt. I spent more than two years waiting for that moment, I always thought my 'real' and 'good' life would begin just after undergoing to a BA. So, the falling when you realize it is no this way, is big. Everything you thought it would be is no like that.
When you think about undergoing to BA I believe you appreciate just the stetic part (of course, you cannot feel what is to have something strange inside), and I was blind, not giving the truly importance to the possible bad things consequence of BA, just focusing on the 'amazing' result I could get.
The first night was terrible. I felt like if my breast was going to explode and like if I was bleeding behind the bandages. Thanks God I wasnt but the feeling was horrible. Nights were not same anymore. You always slept like you were wearing an armor or a helmet on your breast. The feeling of relief when you take off a bra dissapeared as you COULDNT take off the internal bra you were wearing. My skin started to break on breast part as a consequence of the big shape of the balls. And since december more or less I felt cold. Lot of cold on my breast, colder than the rest of my body. I remember I told about this cold feeling when I visited the nurse of my clinic were I went for my BA, and her answer was 'well, sometimes my bottom is cold, next time touch your bottom'. Very professional.
Its true sometimes it wasnt that bad, I tried on some clothes and I laughted with my family about my 'sexy' body with some shirts. But to be honest, even now, I couldnt really say or express what was my exact feeling since I had BA done. Neither good nor bad, some times I just didnt feel at all.
Nowadays I think its like since BA day some part of me was dead. Cause I am not same. But I reckon maybe all this journey was necessary to change, to be better and to appreciate everything from a different perspective.
I have to say my original surgeon, was the most coldest person when I talked about removing my implants. He wasnt willing to do it, like it would be an offence to his work. I went out of the clinic terribly annoyed, dissapointed and feeling like a piece of meat in a market because of the treatment I received.
I was lucky my mom found a very human doctor. He has been amazing and comprehensive since the very first moment. The surgery was by the end of january, 9 weeks after my BA, and it went well, much better than expected as I didnt have any pain at all. I had to wear drains but I didnt really feel them until the moment he took them out, ough.
I remember I enter the surgery room trembling. Part of me was still afraid of the look afterwards although I have tried to convince myself I would accept any result. When I woke up, I felt the most peaceful feeling I have ever felt with my body. I felt relieved, in peace, my body has been released of a huge weight. It is funny how you normally dont appreciate the feeling of being complete, but in that moment I felt it, and it was really great.
I couldnt see myself till the fourth day when doctor took of the bandages. I was scared that day thinking what would I see and if I would recognize myself, and I couldnt see myself when I was with the doctor cause he didnt have mirror in the room. My mum said I was looking same as before, but I had to see myself, so when we went out we went directly to the toilet and there I had a look. It was amazing that when I looked at the mirror I saw myself again!!!! Its true they were looking a bit sad and different somehow but come on! It was me!!!!!!
I started to take care of my breast following my doctor recommendations. I dont remember clearly when I started to put roship oil on my breast but doctor told me it was good for the skin. I didnt put any cream on the scars till one week or more I believe, but then I used to put some steril stripes and once per day for massaging with roship oil and after two months I began to use Mepiform on my scars, and nowadays I continue massaging the breast tissue with some creams to prevent stripes too.
I did a shock therapy and decided to go everywhere for some time without any bra on. I am learning to appreciate my own beauty and I believe all of us are beautiful the way we are naturally.
I must say nowadays, three months and bit more after the implant removal they look very nice, just like before :) I cannot still put my breast together in a push up bra exactly in the same way as before, but they look pretty well in this kind of bras anyway, I still use the same bras as before BA :)
All in all, now look at myself in the mirror with love. I realized I had a completely balanced figure before and now, small bottom, small breast, so what? They are all perfectly nice as it is me :)
Society is cruel. They will try to destroy you more than to help you. That way its easier to take advantage of the weakness of people to get something from them. Selfishness is everywhere and is easier to critize than to say a nice word. But we should be stronger than them. Whatever people say, you must be aware you are already perfect, and you dont need anything but your self love to feel beautiful. Look at yourself at the mirror and be proud of who you are. Mistakes allow us to grow when we realize of them, and beauty depends more on they way you look at things than the way things really are, so dont let this jouney push you down, and if you are in the middle of this path, afraid of what comes after implant removal, dont doubt, for me it has been worth it.

Updating about scars

Hi again ladies!! I wanted to post few pics of how my scars are going :) The right one is worse, cause it is a bit sunken. Anyway, I believe they are improving with the caring, and it is still soon to see how they will evolve :)
At beginning I wore all day steril stripes, I just took the stripes out once a day for massaging the scar with rosehip oil with circle movements on the scar. Some of the threads went out from both scars, but it wasnt something bad.
After two months I started using Mepiform stripes 24/7, but taking them off for having shower.
In my last visit to doctor last friday he told me I have to use mepiform till september, when I will have my next appointment, but he told me when I go to the beach or swimming pool is better to leave the Mepiform stripes at home cause under the water the stripes may fall. Also, I will have to put sun cream protection SPF 50 to prevent some pigmentation when in beach or swimming pool.
I also update a pic of my breast now, after 4 months of removal :)
Kisses, strenght and love to you all!!

After One Year

Hello beautiful ladies! It's going to be one year of my explant surgery in few days and so I feel like I wanted to post my feelings and my views so far so that may be they can help other women.
I would like to begin encouraging any girl and woman that may be in the same situation I was one year ago, when I still had my implants in. I would like to encourage them to take the strength of going for explant if they miss their natural body, if they feel bad because of their BA surgery and if they find any other reason to feel they need to get read of those toxic balls. I would say to all of you, go and do it, explant and feel your own freedom, free yourself of those burdens and feel how good it is to love your own natural and beautiful body.
In this year I have learnt some things due to all the breast issue:
- We are our worst judge. The ideas and misconceptions we have about ourselves are the consequence of insecurities we have created, developed (may be because of many factors and influencies), and what is worse, we have believed these misconceptions and taken them as if they were real. We should change our mindset from our inner, and start to focus on looking for our beautiful details, because we are all beautiful if we just believe it.
I read one comment of a girl few days ago that says something like she hadn't learnt to love her flaws, because simply she didn't see them as flaws, so she loved herself, as simple as that. We believe we have something wrong, that may be we have been bad-built and that therefore we need to change it at any cost for being accepted by others. That's really sad. I believe each of us has a particular beauty, that everyone has something nice and that we don't need to change anything if we are able to see and appreciate our body and love it as it is our fountain of life. We just have to try our best to feel comfortable in our own bodies, and so, if you like that top of that dress but then you think you cannot wear that because you have small boobs or some kind of body, you are wrong, you can wear whatever you want and I'm sure you will look perfectly gorgeous if you don't forget to wear your confidence as well.
- Life is better not depending on foreign objects. Health is many times taked for granted. When we have it we don't realize how lucky we are and we just appreciate it once we are sick or have some health issue. Depending every single day of two plastic balls inside your body trust me, is not going to help your health. All the possible symptoms you can develop with the time, and the risks for your body are not worth two cups more of bra. In my case, I choose a happy natural and healthy body.
- There are things that cannot be undone. Yes, I sometimes wish I had never undergone to the BA in first place (I say sometimes because other times I believe that wrong decision at least made me see some things of life differently and I learnt to love myself as I am). We are not aware of this but a simple decision can change your whole life, or at least, your mindset.
I have changed a lot since I had the surgeries done. I sometimes remember my old life, as I call my life before BA, because I feel like if a part of me died after my BA and that I will never be exactly the same again, and so, I miss my old self in the sense that leaving aside the fact of my stupid insecurity, I was really happy. Not all the time of course, but I remember some of those times as if I were happier. The period of time when I had the implants in for me now it's like it had never existed. My mind has deleted those times more or less like if that was the proccess where my previous life ended and my second life began (right after the explant). Now I am very happy as well, don't missunderstand me please, but I feel different, I don't know how to explain it.
-For me the explant has been worth it. Of course. I do love my breast now, despite the fact that my scars are still noticeable (because of my kind of sink), I really love them, they are soft, natural, warm, and perfect for my body shape. I also appreciate and love myself more now. I have discovered the true and unique beauty that all of us have, and I hope you can find it as well.
So, on the whole, I keep with me the positive things of this journey. I wish you can find your natural love and beauty and don't let anyone destroy yourself with their comments. YOU ARE NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL.
Dr. Díaz

My doctor of implant removal is amazing. Very human person, he has worried everything was ok. I am very happy to have founded him.

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