Implants Removal After 15 Years. No Kids. 33 Years Old - Spain

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Hi there girls. I think that after one year...

Hi there girls. I think that after one year looking through this website trying to find help and advice, It has arrived the moment to say a huge THANKS to you all and to write my history.
English isn't my first language so... sorry for the mistakes.
My history started 15 years ago when I was 18 years old. I was never interested in having a BA done at all. I grow happy in my body during the high school, and I don't remember to have problems with my little boobies, of course I would have appreciate a bit more breast but I was really happy with what I got.
After starting the university, I noticed an asymmetry in my breast that wasn't there before. I started to feel very uncomfortable with it and to even notice it through some of my thing shirts. I live in a beach area and I got uncomfortable quickly. By then, the bras wasn't as good as they are now, but anyway, probably some of it was just in my head.
As my family saw me feeling self concious, and as they thought the same that me regarding my boobies, they suggested to see a plastic doctor and see what it could be done. Thing that I though was a good idea, why not?.
By then I didn't know me as well as I know myself now and I wasn't concious of the impact of BA will have in my soul. Everything happen so quickly and I got BA to fix my asymmetrical problem.
Lucky me I was in the best hands that I could be. The doctor that treat me was and is great and I had fabulous results, they are very natural and I never had any complications regarding my breast. The only thing I always thought I would like to be better is my right scar that is more notable, but that is just the way that I heal as I had another operation in my pelvis when I was wee and it look very thick as well.
After I pass the ten years barrier I have a check every single year.
I should say that I feel that the BA was never something for me, I have always felt very very self concious to talk about it so I just keep it to myself. I only told about the operation to my closest friends, 3 or 4 people. Regarding the rest of the world I never mention anything and I have always felt very uncomfortable and fake to myself when somebody talk about BA and I lie, it make me feel so bad.
I have pass different internal stages. For example, I have tried to open up with more friends. I have battle with my interior and blame me for not being strong enough to assume the past and accepted it and to be open about it. I have also being supper happy, I have completely forgot about it. It has always been a wee roller coaster for me. I think it was just my interior shouting for freedom and complaining saying that it just don't match with my soul.
It was a year ago when I found out about realself and about the possibility of implant removal, I got so happy that I even cried. I saw a small light at the end of a long tunnel, the idea of a new beginning. I could not stop thinking about the possibility of being free and true to myself again. I always though I will be forever stuck in these situation.
Reading the last paragraph sounds very dramatic. I would like to clarify that I always have be very happy regarding my girls, but I think that under my survival cover my soul was feeling just like that.

Well, going back to the present... I have read loads of history of brave girls that have gave me the courage to move forward and to have a second look to my asymmetrical natural breast.
I have discussed it with my doctor, the same that perform my BA and he support me, he seems very surprise but very understanding at the same time.
I think the operation is expensive, 4600 euros. But I feel very confident with him, and he is very good and very professional. So I have not checked with another doctors to be honest. It will be done by block, removing the capsules. The incision will be in the original, peri areolar, around my nipples.

I need to phone the doctor tomorrow to confirm the date in just 2 weeks, to be honest I am freaking out a bit or a lot!!. I think that my parents support me as they always do, but they think that it is the worst idea in the world and that I will be completely deformed, thing that doesn't help me at all.... In the other hand I have the best boyfriend in the whole universe and he support me completely with all his heart

Pre BA picture

Hi ladies! Here is my pre BA picture. Do you see a big size difference? I feel a bit anxious about it.
I feel very nervous today, I have day for operation, in 2 weeks time. Feeling scare, excited and with some doubts now that the day is set.

Surgery booked!!! and so soon!!

Hello girls!! This is just a quick update. I will be having the surgery in 2 days!!!!! I am very nervous and really excited. Now that everything in settle and the decision is taken I feel more calm. I feel very happy because I have all the support from my family as well, even if they found it hard to understand it at the beginning and probably still.
In another hand my amazing doctor told me today, after seen the pre surgery test that anyway the implants seems to need an update, so this is good.
I am trying to hydrated with natural coconut at the moment, as well as drink water. I have bought a vit C, Vit e, zinc, collagen, haluronic acid supplement, just for 15 days. I bought it myself, it was not recommended by anyone.
I feel very happy, as I am almost in the other side, finishing this season in my live. It has been brilliant but now I am in another moment. I am trying to keep positive regarding my future results as well as motivated and prepared for anything. I am aware it will be a bad shock at the beginning, as after such a long time I will probable not recognize myself in the mirror. I dont know what to expect. I think I will look as I was as a teenager. But I am ready to afford what it cost to be natural, relaxed, free and 100% me. But I cant lie, I am shitting myself hahahaha. Now that the day is so close, I think that I will miss those girls, but NOT ENOUGH.
Wish me good luck.... Love to all of you. I dont know how I will be feeling when its done but I want to THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart as this website and all of you have gave me the possibility of "changes and progress", it has gave me loads of helpful information. If it wouldnt be for you I would never found the path of trying to life a healthier life.
We dont know how we will feel after, but what we know if that we have the strength to fight, try and be happier.

From the other side!!!

Hi girls. How could I say..... I am so very happy!!!!!!! Today is my second post operation day and I am feeling great!!!!!!!!. I can not believe that I did it and that everything is so great!!!!!! I saw myself flat chested and I loved it, I look good, strange but super good and healthy. It is like coming back to the true you. Even if I have spend more time with implant than without them, I feel more natural now. Regarding my results I am super happy. I will put some pics very soon.
I only have an amazing thank you to my doctor who has done again an amazing job!!!!!!! I did not though my breast would look so good already.
I can not stop smiling !!!!!!
Thank you to all of you girls!!!!!!! xxxxxx

5 months after explant

Hi girls, it has been 5 months since my explant. I want to say that i could not be happier. I feel great and I look great as well, I feel very lucky. It was hard to take the decision and to go for it, while feeling scared without knowing how I will look after the operation, any way I was sure that my inside will feel more free and definitely healthier.
I has been lucky enough in not developing a strong illness after 15 years old implant.
Girls if any of you if wondering if it is a good idea to be an explant warrior just do it, It all be worth it!!

Pre explant. 15 years implant

Pre explant

Post explant pics

5 months post explant. :)))

5 months free

sorry for taking so long in finishing my review girls, It has been a busy year so far.
I would like to say that i feel super happy for this decision that I took. My biggest fear was to have one breast so much better that the other and now see that the different is minimum, and even if it was more I would still feeling very happy. I feel me, I feel real.
My breast is smaller than it look in the pictures. I have a small 90B, but small. I had not miss my large breast not even for a second and not with any close or in bikini or nothing. it was like meeting a loving all friend, it was beautiful weak up safe in the other side and realise that things can change for the better.
Thanks for all your amazing histories that help me to go through to all of this. Forever thank you!!!

1 year today!!!

Hi beautiful women!
Today is my first free anniversary!! I'm super happy with the decision. I feel super free and relax. I have not missed my implants at all, not for a minute.
I love my body and I love how my mind is so much relaxed, I don't need to carry extra weight around :)) it was making me feel self conscious.
All of you that have doubts regarding having an explant or not, my advice is do it!!!!!!!! Since you are starting to doubt about it, that means that those implants dont match you any more. Give it a try. Be strong, be free, be an explant!!!!!!

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