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Hi everywoman! First I want to apologize for not...

Hi everywoman!
First I want to apologize for not writing correctly, sorry, English is not my language and I didn´t want to ask for the mistakes to my teacher of English! hahahha Oooh my god this has always been my shameful secret!! :D so with my few English knowledge and with the useful google uncle I have written my own review ( I have to confess that at the begginig I thought to paste and copy different sentences of you since I felt completely identified with most of you!) haha but not, I did not do it, I did the effort to write with my own words!! I know this is like a therapy and I wish to be able to help and encourage many woman as many of you have helped me sharing yours most deep feelings :D

I am a woman from Spain who as many of us commited a big mistake to get breast implants, it was in 1999.
The reason was I lost weight and and my breasts got a bit smaller and they became flaccid.
At first it didn´t bother me so much, I was 1,57 cm and my weight at about was 47 kg so I liked my 85B size, but I didn´t like them because they got flabby.
Firstly I tryed some treatment with creams etc but they didn´t work so I went to consult to a relative of mine who was a beauty culture specialist.
She told me about the breast augmentation and she told me she knew a good surgeon.
I got a date with him and as many of them told me what all women want to listen to, that the intervention was going to be very simple, that it would not give me any health problem, that I would get the best results, blah, blah.. and It was 1999 and I didn´t have internet and besides I was 25 and I look for the perfect body, I was naive and very trusting so few weeks later I got bigger boobs. They were subglandular implants, and they were 270 cc or something like that.

At the begining I was satisfied, I liked my major volume and besides in those days they seemed quite natural,but I was not really glad because I have never really liked fake boobs.
But the months went by and my right breast became tough and I began to suffer “capsulitis”. I tryed many things, creams, treatments but it didn´t improve at all, my surgeon didn´t give it importance but I got worse and I began to worry about it because the aspect of it changed and the worst it hurt me a lot.
At about 4 years later I visited another surgeon and he told me it was not a problem that I could live with that and even to breastfeed. So I got a bit of peace, but the problem got worse I suffered capsulitis level 5, I think the worst level, but fortunately and by chance I discovered macrobiotic diet, I changed completely my way to eat and cook and in a few months all the pain dissapeared completely, so this way I was be able to live with it until 2010 when I decided to renounce the breastfeed (when my daughter was 3) and replace my implants since I didn´t suffer pain but the aspect was very ugly, in those days I didn´t think about removed them, I don´t know why, simply I thought to replace the old protesis and I wanted to a beautiful breast, not deformed, I couldn´t imagine myself flat, I don´t know why, it was something unconceivable, :( I think simply I was not prepared for it so I searched a good surgeon in my area, Valencia and in Juny of 2010 I suffered my second surgery.
Just when I woke up I realized I had commited a great mistake, I felt terrible with myself, It was like a violent terrorist attack to my own body, I thought what do I do to my body? my temple should be sacred :( I should never have begun this lamentable game, it is a terrible trap!.
This time they were submuscular and the surgeon practiced me a pexia areolar and put me 325 cc, besides my right implant was broken and he had to clean my breast so when I woke up he told me that I had lost part of my tissue because of the cleaning.
I felt so culprit of have had to leave the lactation before I would have liked to do it and I felt I caused myself so much pain and suffer that from that moment I promised me that the next time I went to an operating room would be for explanting my implants and it would be the last time!!.
Time passed, I got divorced 2 years later, and now I share my life with a great boy who support me with it, and I have to say that has helped me a lot and as well to read many women´s reviews has been for me the last push to do it!
So finally now I feel confident, determined and I am looking forward to living free of worries, I am looking forward to holding tightly, without feeling shame, touch my own tiny titties, not to a pair of hard and cold plastic balls I don´t want to hide them, I dont want to feel shame!!.
I felt a deep regret and I have wished for a long time to heal the big mistake of my life and I didn´t know how to do it but now I have discovered it and this is the way, saying bye to my fake boobs finally I face my fears and I am going to accept myself as I am now.
The rest is past.
Bye bye plastic boobs!! :D
All my love for all of you, your help has been unmeasurable, without you my decision would have not been possible, you are brave women and you have given me the strength I needed, and this is marvellous!!

Getting the strength to do it!!

Add some pics of my fake boobs!
Soon I hope to be able to get the olds pics!

My last fake boobs!

Better pics of my scars and about my posible tissue

I hope this pics can help another woman to imagine and compare the results after my explantación ;)

I have already my date, 14th of May!!

I am excited and glad but at the same time I am very scared, this morning a nightmare about all of this woke me up, and later I had to face my shame and I had to tell to my boss about my problem and my date, I was shaking :(
Yesterday the surgeon told me that first of all he was going to practice me an interior lift, (something that I didn't know exist) and If he didn't see a good result he will practice me a lollipop pexia.
We were talking a lot, I told him my expectations, show him several pics and finally I decided to let him to take the last decision, I have to say that I trust in him very much and I hope to get satisfied with the results. I am calm about this, I know he is an exceptional surgeon and the result will be perfect, (talking about his job). What scares me so much is the quantity, I have really little little tissue and besides one even smaller than the another and he told me that the only one solution in this case was extract part part of the biggest, and leave both "small' :(
Well, today I am a bit worry, I am very scared to see my chest so flat as a wall.
Maybe the hormones of my period are influencing much more I would like it :/
Anyway I am looking forward to arriving 14th of May!!
Thanks a lot to everyone!

My date has been changed!

My day will be 21th of May, this week now is like one year later! :( I am waking up very early and at mid night and I am thinking about it mostly of the hours of the day and I don't know if I will arrive at this week alive. I wish it could be tomorrow! :/

Less than 12 hours!!

Tomorrow I will be at the other side, I will not be a woman with plastic boobs, I will be free, at least free of silicone!! Hehee Thanks a lot to all you!! _/I\_

Friends my surgery has been cancelled!!

It's long to tell, I am exahausted and my batery is getting over... After a long wait, all morning at the room!! Oohhh my god!! I love you girls! Thanks to be next to me! <3

I am calm and happy girls! :)

Hello everyone! I am going to tell you what happened from the last minute before going to the operating room. My surgeon came into the room, sat down in front of me with all of his operating clothes and a little bit worried. He told me he had been thinking of my case during his last intervention (a mastectomy I think so), and he thought that the process in my case should be another because he wanted the best results and the best for me, he told me I needed increase 3 kgrs. to build a small bed with my own fat (fat transfer) in order to avoid a concave chest. Not for getting major volumen just for avoiding tissue sticks to the muscle. ( because in some cases similar to mine it happens) and the appearance is really ugly and the worst, afterwards there is not any possible intervention to improve that. Well first of all I didn't realize he wanted to postpone the intervention. Obviously I didn't want to accept the change. Later I asked him about the process and because I had red It could give health problems. And He told me he has recently done a scientific research and the relation between cancer and fat transfer has been ruled out totally. ( He is leader in fat transfer and mastectomies in Spain and one of the best in Europe). Well, he convinced me because I even tell you he forced me to accept his purpose. But as well one of his sentences was at the middle of the chat, -if you want we can go to the operating room now, the (first) intervention is much more easier for me, but I want the best for you-. So I got dress and my partner and I left the hospital 5 hours later but quite convinced. On sunday obviously I searched about transfer here and I found horrible reviews and not very good opinions and answers from different surgeons so I had a really bad sunday thinking I had to choose between a possible concave chest or a possible necrosis, lumps etc. But fortunately yestarday I went again to talk to him. And he undertook every of my doubts and fears. The most important I could heard is that he had performed 514 fat transfers between mastectomies (most of them) and other, and he had had only One case of necrosis, so it is quite dificult to suffer it and besides that it has an easy sollution. So He gave me a lot of strength and peace!! He told me that he is only to put a very small quantity of fat, at about 60cc in each breast and that surely in a few weeks all of this fat will have been re-absorbed but it will prevent from sticking the tissue to the muscle and in this way we will avoid a concave chest. Anyway first of all he needs to remove the implants and check my tissue, muscle etc and afterwards he will decide if to perform the fat transfer or not. And even he told me that he thinks that probably I will not need it. But he wants to be ready and to have the possibility to add a little of fat if he considers it to be opportune. That's all!! :D And I can say as Beyouty told me, now I am sure there was some bigger reason why the universe did not want me to have my procedure on sunday.. That next day will be better for me for some magical reason! :) Thanks a lo t for all your support! <3

My new date, 18th of Juny

Yesterday I visited my surgeon again and he was checking my bottom! it could sound funny but it's not :/ I don't have enough fat, I have gained 3k but all this weight has been very well distributed so he says that I don't have enough fat in spite of he would need only 0'5l. We had a long talk, the case is that I can not gain more. It's really dificult for me.. Even I would say it's imposible, in summer I have always weight between 46/47k now I have reached 52k and I have had to do a huge effort to reach it, and although I was weighing 10 k more I would not have sufficient fat. Because I would need projections and yesterday we could check it possibly would be imposible for my body. But there was a good new which was my breasts seem to have been refilled a little bit, now there seems to be something more than hide! Lol!! So probably I thought finally I will go out the operating room without the fat transfer. Now I am trying to gain a little more of weight and cross my fingers! I can not do anything else!. Thanks to all of you! _/I\_

Finally my date will be the next 21th, less than a week!

On Monday I had my pre op appoinment, we were again checking the fat of my belly and bottom. I have really little in spite of I have gained almost 4kgrs. Firstly my doc will remove my implants and capsules and later he will decide what to do, because he doesn't reject the fat transfer neither in order to avoid future tissue adhesions. So when I awake I will know what he performed me. I am a bit worry about the doubt but quite calm because I know I am at the best hands. Thanks a lot for all the support that all of women are giving me without you this path would have been much more difficult! _/I\_

Finally I am at the other side!!! And the best I am alive!!! Weee lol!!

Hello everyone! They are out!! Weeee! Finally my doc didn't performed me the fat transfer, but he told me that I have a bit of tissue, and he rebuilt it. I am still a bit groggy and I will spend the night at the hospital because since tomorrow in less than 17 hours I will have to stay in valencia again so finally I will not go back home ( which is one hour and a half by car far from here) until tomorrow, in this way they will check my drains etc. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart for your support and for sharing with me this long and hard trip, without all of you my decision had been much more difficult, or maybe imposible!! I am happy!! :) Much love and warm hugs!! <3

Happy to be at the other side!

I am going to tell you a bit how my surgery was and I am so sorry not be able to show you yet some pics of my tiny titties, I know you are looking forward to seeing them!! :P hahaha well I suppose it..Hehehe that was what I have felt when you got to cross to the other side!! ;) I feel little pain, so I am just taking paracetamol for it and antibiotics but my doc told me I must be very careful, I don't have to use my arms, maximum to take a glass of water or scratch my nose, I can't open the doors for example or cooking...I need help for going to bed and getting up etc etc. It's a bit difficult because I am feel good and sometimes I forget I am recently operated. He told me that a little effort could unstick my pectorals and it would provoke a bled which could increase the risk of tissue adhesions. And it would mess up all his job. He told me he did as a interior cone joining my tissue and fat in order to get a better shape and besides to avoid inverted nipples. Yesterday I took a peak at them when he replaced the ace bandage, I have to confese I was very scared! I was almost shaking and I had to muster my courage to look at them! I saw them just a few seconds, they are very tiny, I am almost flat and I have as most of women over here the high pole concave but the good thing is I do not have scarcely extra skin, I think It is like a magic fact! Where are all extra skin? O.o terrific!! :D So I am very glad I didn't perform me the pexia and not to have more scars!!! Weee My doc congratulated me!! He told me that his best expectation (which he was quite unsure to get it) was quite worse than what we have got!! And he told me as well that my skin has had a really superb response! So although I am very flat I am happy! And again I want to say you thanks a lot for your support and for sharing all your deep feelings and experiences because without you I am afraid I couldn't have to make this decision, and it will be every the best decision! _/I\_ Hugs and love for all of you brave women! :)

My tiny but natural titties!

Hi everybody! This evening I had a date with my doctor and I thought I was going to go back home with my new sport bra but when my breasts were unwrapped we had a not very good surprise because I have a seroma in my left breats, so he scolded me a bit and asked me no to do anything with my arms. I have been wrapped again and more tight this time and I will go there again on Monday to check it. My friend could took some pics to them, they are a bit swollen and they seem quite more bigger at the pics. Anyway I am very happy because they are not saggy and at least they seem to have a bit of shape. Just now my deep and dearest desire is to have a good healing! That's all! Kisses for all of you! Thanks a lot!

15 days post-op

Hi I am here again! :)
First of all I want to say thanks again to all these brave women who gave me the strengh to cross to the other side, the side free of artificiality, worries, shame and superficialness!
Side that I was dreaming to reach some day but I thought about it as something imposible to get for me due to my scarce tissue, my capsulitis and my fears.
I met myself again with my naturalness, I can recognize my breasts in spite of them are much more smaller than when I was 17 and besides because my areolas are smaller than they were because of the pexia my surgeon performed me 6 years ago.
It is as a miracle, I really love my tiny titties, I love touch them, they are so hot in comparing to the cold fake boobs!!.
I never thought to be living without implants on my 42.
The good new is from yesterday I am wearing a sport bra with thin pads and over it a bandage again, but this is thinner than what I was wearing during the two last weeks.
Finally my surgeon let me have showers so I have been able to see and touch them peacefully and taking some pics of them.
They are already not swolen at all so they are smaller in comparing to 12 days ago.
My surgeon told me for the moment everything is going very good but anyway told me I can't do any effort yet with my arms to prevent problems and adhesions.
Muy right breast is quite smaller than the left, firstly I think because it was always the smallest, it was which suffered a severe "capsulitis" and besides because 6 years ago when I replaced my firts implants, the right one was broken so my surgeon had to remove part of my own fat. My right breast has been the most punished of them so as you can see it is a bit deformed too.
But anyway I am happy and of course I will be even more if both of them change and improve a bit! And if a bit of fluff appears then I will be the happiest!! :)
I will post more pics when I realize of some change. ;)
Gracias! _/I\_

One month post-op

Hello everybody!
Before yesterday I had a follow-up appointment and my PS told me everything was going well.
I have still to wear an ace bandage over my sport bra and I can't do any effort with my arms yet.
I have not noticed hardly changes, any fluffing neither.. (maybe due to the compression?)
On the contrary last week I had my period and I lost a bit of volumen.
Anyway I am very happy of not having hard and cold balls on my chest and above all for thinking I will never have worries related to this.
I love to think as well I will never feel ashamed at the beach for having fake and horrendous boobs, I prefer tiny, flaccid or even with scars than a pair of plastic boobs, my scars will always say I committed a mistake but as well I got the strength to cure my wounds, they will say I grow up and I love and respect myself more than I did.
Today I post some pics I adopted some postures where my breasts are a bit weird or wrinkled. I hope all of this improve in the future.
Thanks a lot for giving the strength to do it and for supporting me in all of this long process.
Love and hugs! :)

11 weeks post-op (after my period)

Hi everybody!
Today I share some pics with you although my breasts have not changed so much.
I am using fenugreek oil I prepared myself with seeds (it's really cheap), E oil and besides I am taking fenugreek and E vitamin pills, as well I took pills which had pueraria mirifica but the I think the quantity of it was too small.
Well I have to say the volumen of my titties is very changeable depending on the day of the month.
So I decided to measure my contour several times a month. Insisting the previous days of my period and after it and above all I am very careful measuring them.
And obviously there is a considerable difference so I have to take it into account in order not to be wrong.
Last month when my period finished my contour was 84 cm and today is 86 cm so although I would say the appearance is the same it's not.
I trying to keep my weight and for the moment I have lost only less than one kgrs from my explant.
I have to say too, the hollow nipple scars are getting better as my surgeon told me.
So I am a bit hopeful about the improvement although the changes are really smal.
I have to say as well I am really happy to have my natural and tiny breasts even if they would keep as now forever, since I know they are not really beautiful, they have imperfections (pretuberances and weird shape depending on the posture), they are asymmetric because my right breast is quite smaller than the left ibut they are mine and I will prefer this than a pair of ugly and hard balloons.
Kisses and hugs for all of you!! ;)

8 months after explantation

Hi everybody! :)
I am here again after a long time, I didn't post because I have not had appreciable changes, even I would say to you the small changes I realized were a bit 'bad', because I lost part of the kilograms I increased before my explantation, I lost 3 kilograms.
So my breasts become even smaller..but the good think is my scars and dents have improved.
As I told you I was taking fenugreek pills and massaging them everyday with E and fenugreek oils for 2 months but I was not lucky and I didn't realized of any change (it was September & October).
In November I traveled abroad and I gave it up.
I continued as always, when my period was near my breasts got enlarged and firm and after it they got terribly soft and almost nonexistent, above all my right tittie, which is the smallest.
But fortunately I have not had too much time to contemplate them and If I am honest it didn't matter to me, because nowadays I don't care to have small breasts, (obviously I would prefer to have bigger natural boobs, but I assumed my body is like is and besides I didn't take of them as they deserved, 17 years living with implants and 3 surgeries) so for me to take the implants out of my body has been the best decision I have ever taken in my life as to put them was the worst.
Now I love my body, it is my temple.
So I am really happy because to touch and see my breasts is for me marvelous, they are hot and soft and It reminder me the hard and cold balls are not inside my body, and it is something that I believed impossible for a long time.
But Just now when I had assumed that I was going to have tiny breasts forever I bought a noogleberry system in order to try to improve them a bit, my goal is just to increase 1/2 size and above all to get them firmer.
I am pumping them twice a day and I am going to say for the moment I am impressed for the early good results!.
Just 5 days has been enough to see a bit of difference.
The system on my body seems to work. So now I am full of hope on getting a beautiful breasts for next summer.
All of this is like a dream, my best dream, as a miracle. Since as most of you I thought of the possibility to live without breasts almost as a lot women who suffered mastectomies because in my case the surgeon extirpated part of my tissue on my second surgery due to the rupture of the implant.
I was already really happy but now I am even more! Because I never believed to get beautiful natural breasts was going to be possible and now I am starting to believe it.
I am even thinking to micro pigment my areoles scars, because they are the only thing reminds me I walked so sad path, but fortunately all worries left behind, now I am free and the most happy women!
Thanks for everyone who gave me the strength to take them out. It will always be the most clever decision on my life!
Love you!
My best wishes for all of you! <3

Starting Noogleberry system

I have been pumping my breasts for about 1 hour per day for the last week.
I got really surprised about the system. For the first hour I saw how different can get the breasts, they enlarge really fast while you use it, and although when you stop it they became after a pair of hours as they were before you can feel them much more firmer. Now I understand women said the system gets hooked on!
I hope at least to increase 1/2 size before summer arrive Spain! :)
I will post soon.
Dr. Carlos Tejerina

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