Getting my Breasts Fixed After Breast Feeding - Spain, ES

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I am a French woman with one child, 32 years old....

I am a French woman with one child, 32 years old. When I did breastfeed to my baby my breast were like two cup sizes bigger than before and now back to normal they are saggy, look not nice anymore, have lost their shape completely…I am very sad about this, because I always found my breast very nice.
Also, now I am separate from my ex-husband and I feel like I cannot show myself to anybody new, I don’t like to go to the beach (I live in Spain on the coast) with nice bikinis or wear clothes without bra which I always loved.
I have been seeing several surgeons here in Malaga, Dr. De Grado, Dr. Kaye, Dr. Pizzamiglio and Dr. Sanchez Nebreda (I went to Granada to see him as a friend of mine had hers done there) I was very satisfied with Dr. Sanchez Nebredas advise to get an uplift with vertical scar and small implant, the other doctors had recommended me an anchor scar and I was a bit scared to have so much scaring on my breasts, I am so young :(
Initially I was asking only for an uplift but I think now after hearing lots of opinions I am better advised with implants too (and I start to like the idea of having slightly bigger breast too because they were so nice and full when I breastfed).
I was about to book a date with the surgeon in Granada when I found Dr. Aslani while researching in the internet, I saw some cases similar to mine where he achieved very nice results with only nipple lift!? Now, very confused I thought give it a last try and meet one more surgeon because one day I have to get through with this…I went to see Dr. Aslani and he advised I can have that technique which is an anatomic shape implant plus fat transfer plus nipple lift. I came from anchor scar over vertical/lollipop scar to nipple/donut scar lol, I have made myself kind of an expert now in different breast lift techniques. I saw this doctor in hospital Quiron in Malaga and his lovely assistant Noelia was so kind to send me all the information I need such as a quotation the day afterwards. She did also ask me to do this comment here and share my experience, I knew the page and I believe it’s a good one to find advise.
I had also seen the comment from bimba22 who had her breasts done with him too and our cases are similar. Also I thought that if they usually ask patients to share their experiences here they must be quite sure of the doctors results.
All in all I have to be honest I liked both doctors the same, but Dr. Sanchez does not do this technique and if I get any similar results to the ones shown by Dr. Aslani I would be more than satisfied. I have put my deposit down with him now so there is no way back, have my surgery at the end of July as I was explained that in summer is their lower demand time of the year and they gave me a bit better price when doing it in summer (I don’t care as I never go to the beach with these breasts I have anyway)
I have researched about the different implant brands too, he uses Nagor as anatomic shape ones and I am fine with those, I have to meet him one more time to discuss where exactly he will take the fat from to transfer, god now I am getting nervous!
Here some pictures just taken in the mirror, I can’t believe I am sharing these….so embarrassing…thank god this page is anonymous! lol

tomorrow is the day !

hi, wow tonight is the last night with my old breasts. this is so exciting i cant believe it. i have just taken pictures with some of my favourite pieces . years ago i loved to go without i cant look at this disaster :( my nipples point down and under any clothes i need bra because somebody could go blind looking at me lol. i just need this to be fixed, looking on these pics i get more and more excited and want nice full boobs with the nipple pointing to the front. please god let them be beautiful, i need this so bad to get myself-confidence back! also i hope the pain will be not too hard...i will update soon

last pictures!

already in the hospital last pictures before my surgery! bye bye old breasts!

First day after surgery...

First day after surgery…yesterday I threw up a lot (I suppose that was of the anesthesia) I had quite a lot of nauseas but as I stayed in bed most of the time and slept a lot it was bearable. When I woke up at like 4 am I had a lot of pain, but I rang the nurse and she immediately came and injected something, don’t remember very well if she said it was morphine…after that I slept the rest of the night till another nurse came to take my pressure.
They don’t really let you rest in a hospital, every minute somebody comes to take your pressure, or temperature or brings breakfast or lunch, ect…hard to rest so I am happy to leave today.
Just took these pictures in the bathroom of my hospital room now, I am very pleased with what I see so far, love the shape and size and my nipples not pointing down anymore!!!!!!! So happy about that!!! I am supposed to get me drainages out now and the doctor would discharge me. I will update from the Hotel later :)

Still loving what i can see so far !

hi there, i feel much better now, day by day...pain is going down and now i can start moving more my arms, this pictures are from my third day after surgery, i will update with some more details soon.

three days post op pictures

five days post i had a checkup today

5days post i had a checkup today and they said in the clinic that all looks good. scars are very fresh still and i didnt have a propper look at them yet
They changed my dressings now to a skin colour transparent plaster which i thought is the silicone tape which is put in scars but the nurse explained it is not. It is a plaster which dos not leave water through so i can shower propperly etc! I am very pleased Wirth shape so far and can see swelling going down.

already 10 days !

very pleased!

new boobs, new bra ;)

I bought another bra without the metal rings
The ones they gave me in the clinic are ok but it is visible with most of my clothes.
Thought this one is a bit nicer.

17 days post op

trying a dress without bra, i cant believe it!

officially excited!

hi again, i did some "before and after" home made photos to see the change, im soooo happy!

much and much better...

hi, i am already three weeks post op, i´m using silicone tape on the scars. i went out on saturday night without bra :) is a dream come true!

More one month post op pics !

im now selfie addict lol

i did some more"before-after" home made pictures to show you girls, soooo happy :)

hello again

hello hello ! back again here with some photos, i bought some new bras, i dont need the push up anymore wooohoooo ! did i say how happy i am ??? :)

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