27 Yr Old, 5.4ft, , 117lb,420cc HP Nagor Implemo subfascial, areola incision.

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I am 27, 5,4ft and 117lbs. I am currently a...

I am 27, 5,4ft and 117lbs. I am currently a 34A/32B my breast base diameter is about 12cm. I am a mother of one. I breast fed for 9 months. I am planning to have breast augmentation in Madrid. I would like to know if there is anyone on this site who has had a BA in Madrid and what experience did they have there. Good or bad? I am planning to have my BA with Dr Alejandro Noguiera at Lowcostmetic in Madrid. I have sent pictures and had a phone consultation which went well. I would like to have around 300-340cc moderate plus profile round textured cohesive gel implants. Lowcostmetic use Nagor implants. I need projection to lift my deflated breasts but I don't want to go for high profile as I am worried they will look to high fake balloons and not look right on my slim frame. I have had a few surgeon consultations in England who have said The best placement for me is under the muscle for less rippling and reduced risk of contracture but when examined I have been told I can't go higher than a 270cc moderate plus profile because of my supposed narrow chest . But I have seen reviews of women smaller than myself who have gone a lot bigger than 270cc. Also the surgeon at Lowcostmetic seems to be more experienced and preferential towards the nipple incision whereas I would much prefer the crease incision. I am worried It will be a battle to get the size and incision I desire. And if I do that the surgeon will be experienced in this type of augmentation. I can imagine larger implants are harder to fit into a nipple incision and that such restrictions would also make it extra fiddly and difficult to place the implant under the muscle. Can anyone give me some feedback on there breast augmentation in Spain specifically with Dr Alejandro Noguiera.

Researching implant placement

I have been researching implant placements pros and cons. The surgeon I am considering using for my BA prefers to go subfacial (not under the actual muscle but under the muscles membrain/skin) I am quite slim and wanted to go under the muscle to prevent rippling and other benefits but subfacial seems to lessen rippling effects aswell and will be less painfull and less recovery time. Also I am very active and do a lot of dance and weight lifting and I have read that sub muscular puts pressure on implants and I am worried that my weight lifting will put pressure on my implants if I go sub muscular. Are there any doctors who can give me there opinion on a subfacial placement. Or are there any women who do weight training that have implants and how they find it.

Pre op photos

I am a 32A size bra and my chest is about 28-29 inches max. I have measured my breast width diameter after watching a how to video and I am 13cm on the left breast and 13.5 cm on the right I think. I am definitely not less than 12.5cm anyway.

Thank you

Thank you too all the doctors for your comments and advice. It is very much appreciated.

One month to go.

I have just under one month to go before I fly from the UK to Madrid in Spain. I am fairly confident about what I want. 300cc moderate plus profile, subfacial, high cohesive, textured silicone implants preferably crease incision. I have had two phone consultations with my surgeon who has received pictures of my breasts. And I have had many prompt replies to questions I have e-mailed to his team. I shall hopefully feel more confident once I have met my surgeon face to face and have had a tour around the hospital facility, which is happening the day before I pay and have my breast augmentation. This is really reassuring because I can change my mind if I am not happy with anything. My main concern now is if there are complications during or after surgery I will have to stay in Spain longer than intended. Also I am now worried about blood clots DVT from flying after surgery. I shall be waiting for seven days before flying two and a half hours back to the uk.

3 days to go.

I am flying to Spain tomorrow and will have my operation on the 11th Of August. I am feeling really excited now. I can't wait.

Op tomorrow

So here I am in sunny Madrid. In a lovely hotel called Arvaca village just around the corner from the hospital Nisa Pardo where I will be having my operation. My first face to face consultation with my surgeon and anethsetist is today at 1pm. I have been told to fast from 7am so I geuss they will be doing some pre op tests. I am going to be shown around the hospital aswell. I don't mind not eating but I am thirsty and can't wait to have a drink. Sitting in the outside lounge area of my hotel in the shade spread out on a sofa and about to read a book to take my mind off things not that I am nervous about the pre op. I am sure I will be nervous tomorrow.

First face to face consultation.

Yesterday I went to my first face consultation with my Surgeon Dr Alejandro Noguiera and my anethsetist Dr Salmones. They were both very friendly and attentive and took there time answering questions patiently and explaining in detail what they do and why, which is good for someone like me who expects an explanation and details about everything. I paid in cash for the operation and ISAPS and revision insurance. Then i signed the contract. The only thing I was not happy about was the contract was in Spanish and in my Opinion because the perform so many operations on English people they should have the contracts translated to English. But I signed it anyway because I had the instinct that they are people I can trust. The hospital was modern, tidy and very clean. Dr Alejandro Noguiera was very pleasant but is not like other surgeons I have met he does not use rice sizers or display implants or pictures of breasts to determine what size is best he prefers you to show him using your cupped hand over your breast and bringing it out to the profection you think you want. He asks you to do this a few times to make sur you are certain. Then before the surgery he draws on and measures your chest and breast pockets to determine the base width you need. With those two bits of information and depending on the breast tissue you already have he choses the correct cc implant for your body. I like his method.

Operation complete

So this is what happened. I fasted from midnight. I got to the hospital at 8am. I went to reception and waited 5 minets for them to make a few calls and do my paperwork. I was given a door card key and shown to my room. I had to put on a blue operation dress thing. And then I fell asleep on the bed whilst waiting. A nurse porter came at 9.30 and wheeled me on the bed down to the operation theater. I was greeted by my surgeon, anesthetist and two nurses. We went through the breast cupping to make sure I was sure about the projection I wanted and the Dr Noguiera drawled on my chest and made lots of measurements and then took pics on his phone. Which I did not mind as my face was clearly not in the shot and I guess he would like to have before and after photos. Then he went into anouther room and came back with implant boxes he sowed me the measurements of the implants on the side of the box which were the same as mine. I was surprised to know they were 420cc which is a lot bigger than the 300cc I planned on having. But I agreed because I trusted his judgment. I had seen reviews and before and after photos of his work and it was all great. Then I was led down on the table and they took my blood pressure and clipped an oxygen monitor onto my finger. A intravenous thing was put in my arm and I was given oxygen through a mask and then they started the anaesthetic through the drip. I was out cold after about 10 seconds. I woke up in a shared ward but screened off from neighbouring patients. I remember briefly seeing my surgeon and anesthetist standing by my bed asking if I was ok and I nodded and fell asleep again and when I woke up properly it was about 12.30. I was in a bit of aching pain and felt a bit of pressure on my chest but when I sat up the pressure lessened a lot. But the act of sitting up was very painful. A nurse came to check on me and I said it hurt and he have me painkillers. After an hour of being there they took me up to my own room. I was still on a drip. I was not allowed anything proper to eat or drink until 3.30 but the buses were kind enough to give me a wet cloth to suck on for a bit of relief. When I needed the toilet I took the catheter out of my arm because the drip was attached to my bed and it was empty anyway. I got a look in the mirror at my breasts in bandages. I was surprised I expected them to be a lot bigger because they were 420cc not the 300cc I had planned but I was happy with the size on me not to big not to small. I notice my right breast was bigger, swollen more painful and had some blessing coming from my areola incision. I did not panic but I was concerned and called a nurse into my room and I asked to see my surgeon or anesthetist came first and redressed my right breast with new bandages and put the intravenous in my arm again to give me more antibiotics and painkillers. Then my surgeon came to see me. He checked my breasts and bandages, helped me put on the surgical bra over my bandages and gave me my prescription. I felt very looked after and that they both genuinely cared and have compassion. I was released at 4.30pm I got my prescription of two types of painkillers, antibiotics and tummy medicine for the problems antibiotics can cause the tummy. from the pharmacy around the corner it all came to €21 which I thought was cheap. I am in my hotel now relaxing in bed. on a scale of 1-10 ten being the highest amount of pain I would say I am a 3 my ribs and back hurt the most but when I sit up or move around the pain literally shoots up to a 5/6 and that's while I have had my dose of painkillers. To be honest it hurts more than I expected but it is not unbearable and I think it is worth it. Also I am very bloated which I hate but I know it is because of a the water and antibiotics I have had pumped into me and that it is nothing more than water retention which will eventually go. I hope this review has been helpful to others.

One day post op.

The pain is easing off a bit. But even after painkillers i am in discomfort when I move. I had a flat stomach with a hint of a six pack but now I am very bloated around the stomach and hips which I am really self conscious about. I know it is fluid retention and will go but it really frustrates me. I have swelling at the side of my breasts under both arms and swelling and tenderness on my ribs and upper abdomen. When I touch it it feels squishy and makes bubbly noises but I can't tell if it is air or fluid. I definitely have trapped air above my breasts when is touch it is tender and sounds hollow. I have read that the air naturally dissolves into the body but also it can be dangerous in the chest cavity. I am not sure if my air is in the breast pocket or chest cavity. It rises up toward the collar bone. I have been putting Arnica gel on all my swollen tender areas it does sooth instantly and gives a slight short term relief of soreness. I have been taking my antibiotics , ,painkillers and tummy medicine regularly. I think I will take some laxatives today aswel because I haven't been to the toilet for three days except for a wee. I am slightly concerned with all the different medications going into my body. I usually avoid taking medication unless I am in great pain. But I shall continue to follow the doctors orders. The hardest one being to rest sat up in bed or on a sofa. I have a check up with my surgeon tomorrow afternoon. He will check my progress and change my dressings I expect. The left one definitely needs changing as my areola incision has been weeping a bit of blood and yellow discharge. But not much. I am hoping the squish unless under my breast is not a large collection of blood (seroma) it is not a hematoma because I have no visible blood bruising close to the surface of the skin. I am sure all my ailments are minor and common but I can't help researching and worrying. I think I will make a start on my next book to take my mind off it.

3 days post op

I had my post op check yesterday. My surgeon said it is healing very well and that I have hardly any swelling and bruising. I thought my bandages would be changed and the wounds cleaned especially as one breast had been weeping a little fluid. But my surgeon said it was very little and had not gone through the bandage and that he would not remove the bandage because it would cause a risk of infection before the wounds are properly healed. I was a bit frustrated by this because I wanted to see my nipples and check they were healing and looking alright. I have seen some horrible pictures of infected nipples and black dead nipples and was really intent on checking them. But my surgeon insisted the bandages stay on for at least another two weeks and to keep the surgical compression bra on for another two weeks. I shall follow his instructions despite my curiosity and concern because at the end of the day it is his professional field not mine although I can't help researching just to be sure. Sine my post op check yesterday I have had more bruising show up around the crease of my arm pits and in the middle of my chest between my breasts. It is a yellow colour and looks minor. I have added 1mg parecetamol between my regular doses of pain killers to stave off the pain in my niggely right breast and it is working. My stomach is still bloated and pregnant looking but I know it will go eventually.

1 week post op

Everything is slowly getting better. The severe pain I was getting in my left breast stopped on the 5th day post op. The painfully sore swelling at the sides of my breasts has greatly reduced and the trapped air around my left breast has gone and it feels like it is starting to firmly attach it has gone slightly bigger and more sore and seems to have got slightly more firm and rounded in shape. I am guessing it is starting to form it's capsular. The right breast that was giving me pain still has a bit of air left in the pocket but is less swollen now and the small bruise underneath it has almost faded. At the moment they are slightly unequal In shape and size but not worryingly so and I know I need to give them more time to heal. From my 5th day post op I started reducing my pain meds and as of today I shall stop taking them. I am still taking my antibiotics and am wondering if I should stop taking them aswell my surgeon said I needed to finish the course he prescribed but there is at least anouther weeks worth left. I would like to stop taking them as I am having sever bloating and discomfort, and they affect my sleep and I am getting heart palpitations all of which are known side affects. Antibiotics upset the bacterial balance in your gut so it is recommended to take probiotics after a course of antibiotics.

Replacing bandages and seeing my breasts for the first time.

So i could not wait the full two weeks before taking my bandages off. I had to see how well my areola incisions were healing. My pain has gone and the majour soreness I had at the sides of my breasts under the arms has greatly reduced. Nipple sensation has definetly come back as they tingle and come alive in cold weather. And the horrid bloated ness that made me gain 7lbs/half a stone has gone down. Which is a great relief. I have put on a couple of pounds due to lack of exersize and eating well for recovery but I am not going to worry about that il know I can lose it later. Well you can see buy the photos I have a bit of yellow bruising around the nipple which I am not worried about. The redness and marks are from having to peel the very adhesive bandages off. I used cooled boiled water to help. My dissolvable stitches have not entirely dissolved and I should trim off the string at the sides but I will do that next time. I think my breasts are healing well. The size is a bit bigger than I had intended on going but I am not complaining as I like my new boobs they are a big improvement and I am sure once they have fully healed and settled and I am used to them I will absolutely love them. They feel a little bit more like a part of me everyday. I have more mobility in my arms with less pain. I can drive but it's a bit awkward changing gear. I can't lift my arms above my head yet. I tried once and won't try again for a while. I am trying to be very careful not strain anything.

3 weeks post op

So I took my full 2 week course of anti biotics and have started taking probiotics to replace the good bacteria in my stomach. I am slightly worried about my left breast which is hard and swollen it suddenly became like that around the 7th day post op. I waited two weeks before contacting my surgeon because it was not painful just a little extra sore and I thought it might just be swelling. But It has been two weeks now and it has not gone down. I contacted my surgeon via e-mail with a description and photos and he called me straight away literally 2 minutes after I sent the message. He said it may be fluid/bleeding and to keep my left arm as immobile as possible and In a sling in the evening! He said it is to early to capsular contracture because the capsual has not formed properly yet. If it is fluid I would rather have it drained strait away to avoid the higher risk of capsular contracture fluid in the breast pocket can cause. I shall wait a bit longer, follow my surgeons advice. Does anyone no what I can take or do to reduce swelling, help soften my breasts and get rid of liquid/bleeding?

4 weeks post op

So maybe I was over reacting. My right breast is starting to get slightly rounder and higher to match the left so it could be just capsule formation. They are gradually feeling rounder and softer too. I tried on bras and I am now a 34DD uk size. I started off a 34 A. I am happy with breasts and the size but I would recommend to anyone with the same stats as me who is thinking of getting 410cc to consider these things; I would say my size is slightly more eye catching it is definitely a marked change that people will notice and also it is harder to get nice sexy bras in DD size and above in England I don't know about anywhere else. I am happy with them though and would not change anything if I could go back in time. I am now taking vitamin e and vitamin b6 and pro biotics to aid my recovery. Thanks to all the lovely ladies for there positive comments, tips and advice. It has really helped a lot and I really appreciate it. Xxxxx

One year post op

The swelling went completely after 5-6 months and they softened and dropped after 6-7 months. The scars are barely visible. I panicked a bit at first because one breast was more swollen than the other and even after the swelling went down and away it is still slightly bigger but looking back over past photos i have always had one breast slightly bugger than the other and even though they are a good shape they have never been perfectly symetrical and having implants just majes it more obviouse. I am really happy with them though. I originally intended on having 300cc medium profile but ended up getting 410cc hp on my surgons reccomendation. I went from a 34 A/32B to 34DD/34E it is harder to find sexy Bras and underwear for larger breasts especially when your also a slim uk size 8. But i am used to them now. I exersize and lift weights at the gym snd have had no problems with them. I make sure they are strapped down with a bra snd sports bra when working out.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Dr Alejandro Nogueira was a very friendly informative man. Completely professional with a caring compassionate manner. He talked through the whole process with me and always asked if I had any questions. I find him unconventional but only in the best way. His anesthetist Dr Salmones was also very professional and reassuring. I would certainly Use Dr Nogueira again with anything cosmetic I may require in the future. I highly recommend him.

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