25yo. Having Breast Implants with Fat Transfer and Smart-lipo to Stomach, Love Handles, Waist & Inner Thighs - Spain, ES

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I have dramatically gained and then lost weight...

I have dramatically gained and then lost weight over a short space of time- gained approx 3/4 stone over 3 months and then lost it again over 3 months! This has left the girls lacking volume, sagging and all squishy! They look fine in a bra, it's when I take it off it all goes to s@$t!! I'm booked for Dec 3rd with Dr Aslani at the Marbella Quiron hospital and am staying at San Cristobal hotel as reviews on here said it's close to both the hospital and the clinic. It also apparently has WiFi in the rooms and big balconies (not that I'll be doing any sunbathing in Dec!) I'm having anatomical implants under the muscle with fat injected into the skin envelope to help restore volume and into the clevage area. I just want full, round, perky breasts! As they're doing fat transfer I thought may as well get some extra lipo to tummy, love handles, inner thighs and waist. I've good some good old-fashioned wide child bearing hips so the lipo to waist should give me a better hourglass shape. It's liposculpture they're doing so they also do laser lipo to tighten the skin as the weight loss has also left me quite flabby especially on thighs despite being slim. I'm nervous about travelling to Spain and having to do the recovery alone but I've seen on here plenty of women manage it. However if anyone is looking for a travel buddy feel free to message me! I don't have a boyfriend or anything so it's not like anyone sees me without a bra but it's upsetting and I avoid mirrors like the plague when e.g getting out the shower! My Skype consultation isn't until Nov 17th so I'll update then.

had the surgery!!

So I had the surgery on 3rd Dec, here's what happened so far... I landed on 2nd and went straight for sizing with Dr Aslani's assistant Noella, all went well and we decided 365cc fit best but would leave to doctors discretion. I'd sent wish pics of a girl on here (anna1989) but said in the email a slightly smaller version of them. I think the smaller part got lost in translation because I woke up with 405cc, I don't think there's much difference in the 40cc though and was assured they go down 10-20% after swelling so not worried about size too much. On the day of the surgery I was shown to room with sea views and then made to feel at ease by the surgery team. One of the women in theatre was stroking my face while they tried to get the IV in which was surprisingly comforting and I did get chance to talk to Dr Aslani before the surgery so if you have last min questions or anything you do get a chance. I mainly slept after the surgery and was quickly given more painkiller whenever woke up in pain. Weren't too keen on the nurses at the hospital, they kinda had a irritated demeanor so felt like bothering them whenever asked for anything e.g they bought the dinner in but left out of reach so I couldn't get self up and I couldn't pull trolley towards me and got exasperated look when rang bell for help! Also got tutted at when needed help adjusting the compression shorts to go toilet, it's embarrassing enough needing help for this without the attitude. In short don't expect any sympathy from the nurses, I think the general attitude is you did this to yourself I have no sympathy! But it's also worth mentioning there were 2 nice girls as I was leaving and 1 when first signed in. I also read reviews on here saying they wish had learnt some Spanish first to help. Well I spent 2 months learning every day and got up to 51% fluent on my Duolingo app but after the surgery in that much pain I couldn't have said a single word in Spanish! It has helped with taxi drivers and hotel staff though. So anyway, results... It hard to say so far, my boobs are rock hard and swollen so can't say yet but I am a little worried that one looks bigger and lower than the other. You'll see on the photos but I'm hoping this will even out and will ask at first follow up on 9th. Also the lipo... my love handles look lot better even swollen. My stomach and waist is too swollen and bloated to judge yet. And my legs, which were my biggest issue as weight gain/ loss left the skin loose, they definitely look better but I was hoping the smart lipo would have tightened skin more. It a def improvement and maybe my expectations weren't realistic but I had hoped for a tighter look and am worried how will look after swelling goes down. All in all so far assuming my boobs even out while healing I'd def vote worth it. I have my first follow up and a lymphatic massage (50€) booked at the clinic on Wed so will update then.

more before and after pix...

Did write an update but it's disappeared twice after adding pix so will just let pix do the talking...

lipo pix...

Love handles look much better. Like said before had hoped for tighter skin on thighs but they do look better. And stomach looks worse so with all the swelling and bruising it hard to say, it def most swollen area also.

Quick update

Not much to report except stomach still really swollen. Boobs seem to be dropping and evening out. And...saw legs today for first time in couple days and as suspected now the swelling going the skin looks looser and awful, all crepey like has fine layer of wrinkled tissue paper on top. Will discuss with PS at review tomo, maybe they can laser or do something I don't know. Also finally get drains out tomorrow thank god!


Hey so I've not updated for a while as been lot going on. In the week after op my right foot and leg kept going numb but now can't move it from knee down. They saying it temp nerve damage and nothing to worry about but obviously as can't even walk normal (having to lifg knee too high cause foot hanging down) it hard not to worry. Also not so sure my stomach looking the same is due to swelling cause after asking them 4 times theyve finally told me how much fat was taken during lipo... 150cc!!! So I paid the extra money for lipo for them to take extra 50cc of fat! (They would have taken 100cc for boobs anyway) so the reason it looks like my belly is still there is cause it is! They claiming that was all the fat there was to take but can still grab roll of fat on stomach. One of my main wishes was a flat stomach so I'm not very impressed!

Realised my review says not sure for worth it. Def WORTH IT!

I just saw I put not sure, think cause wasn't thrilled at first but i love my boobs now! They're perfect! Also I said the doc went bigger than decided at sizing so weren't happy but glad he did now! My "swelling" from lipo still hasn't gone down but another doc said taking 150cc over 3 areas wouldn't make a difference so accepted that now and actually thinking about returning to Aslani for butt implants so I am happy overall. I'll post new pics soon.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Waiting to see more final results before judge but happy so far... Ive not had the aftercare yet so cant say. His staff have seemed lovely, Jenny has answered all questions via email and noella was nice and professional. The hospital staff were disgusting and should find new attitudes or vocations.

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