20 Years Old, No Kids, Completly Flat AA, Atheltic, Wish D, Waiting 450-500cc - Spain, ES

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Hiii to every boob wisher :) I'ven always waiting...

Hiii to every boob wisher :)
I'ven always waiting my boobs to grow up but it simply never happed, it is because i've been so obsesed with it all my intered life. I'm 20 year old girl, i'm soo active, i workout like 5 time a week and i also work and study to be a nurse at university.
I starded to work 2 years ago and it is because i'm going to ger my BA done 1st of july, now i have the money!!!! :)
At fist it was something than my mom didn't agree with, but after talking with her and also with my father they realise that is something really important to me.
I really really love my body, but my boobs are the only part that i just don't like, not only because of the nonexistance lf breast tissue but also because of their same (i have an asimetry). I think that a women have to have boobs it makes a girl more cury and feminin, and i will feel womanly that way. I love my self don't catch me wrong i feel so confortable with my body, but is something that i think i need.
i'm really really exited i and can't wait to have boobs.
Curretly i'm a A cup i'm completly flat chested i want to be a full C of hopefully a D. I talked with my PS and after showing wish pics he told me that he would put on my 450cc-500cc HP under the muscle.
I have my pre op 21th of june and my surgery is the 1st of july.
I'm soooooo exited.


As you can see no breast tissue

Wish boobs

Preop doneee!

I've had my preop today with my PS!!
Finally we have decided to go with 500-550 HP he is going to put 50cc more in my smaller boob due to my asimetry, so hopefully that amount of cc is going to bring me a D cup.
He's going to use EUROSILICONE high profile implants and they are going to be placed under the muscle. the incision will be under the boob ('submammary incision)
He's asistant also warned me about the postop 'depresion'. Just because you are waiting like a lot of time to have your surgery when it happen it's common to feel a little down, but it's normal and part of the proces.
I'm sooo exited!! Only 10 days left to have boobs!

More BEFORES pics

As you can see completly flat! My right breast is a lot smaller than my left.

More BEFORES pics!!!

Tomorrow is the day!

Just 1 day left!!!! I can't talk about anything more than boobs, I just hope everhing goes well! I'm extremly nervous!

1 day post op!!!

Finally I have my girls!!!

Final cc's and 1 day post op update!

Finally the doctor diceded to put on my (based on my wish pics) 520 hp in the bigger boob and 560 UHP in the tiniest. I'm soo happy with the size they sare.
I huuurts a lot, more than i expected!
My doctor said that its rormal becuade i had nothing to start.

Scars (day 2 postop)

Today i've made the first cure of the scars. My PS recommeded me just to wet the steris with betadine once a day.

Day 2 postop

In a loooot of pain and so bloated. But extremly happy ????,

5 days postop

My left breast (your right) looks bigger and more projected than my right (it also hurts more than my right), it is because of the defirmation of my chest wall (since i was born), still very bloated.

11 days postop

I'm bleding from one of the extrems of my right scar, my ps gave me a healing ointment to help my scar to heal.
Today is my last rest day so i have to go back to my work, fortunatelly i work in an office so it's a quite job. I'm still in some pain but nothing compared to the first 5 days, i really think this discomfort is due to going from nothing to 520/560 cc's, but now i love my new look.

12 days postop, back to work

First day at work

This is how the girls look with clothes on

2 weeks postop :)

18 days postop SCARS

I had a consultation with my PS and he told me that i have to start massaging my breast.

3 weeks postop

Bra size!!

I've been mesured as a 32DD but 34D (H&M) also fits perfect. :)

1 month postop!!!

More squishyyy!

Feeling over the moon with my boobies!!

I feel so sexy and so confident with myself. Bikini shopping is not like a nightmare any more.

5 weeks post op

Soo happy, little assimetry due to deformity in my chest wall (preop, pectus carinatum) but i love mu results, i think the look good on me.
These lines on my girls are because of a too tight bra.

7 months update

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