Today is the Day London BBL in Spain

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Hi all, I did a post couple weeks ago but didn't...

Hi all, I did a post couple weeks ago but didn't submit properly, so I'll give a brief now.
Found Dr Aslani after much research. Within a week I had my consultation, paid my deposit and got a date. Which surprise is today, I'm nervous but excited I know that I'll be in pain, hoping the pain is worth it for a more contoured shape an a him that isn't a shelf but natural looking round and ample. Before my surgery this morning I'll get some before pics taken an post up for you guys.

BBL Done Friday Review

So had my BBL done on Wednesday was in surgery longer than anticipated, but I saw my butt N was very pleased, Dr Aslani came round an saw me told me how the surgery went and what to expect.Best thing I can say is I was dizzy and hot the day of the surgery now it's 2days later I was able to eat lunch at my hotel restaurant and walk even run a little nothing major (as in walk fast) but def huge improvements to yday. Took off my garment for a wash today as it smelt disgusting and wasn't helping the healing process, my friend washed it for me an she wanted to hurl lol. So was out my garment to have a shower and get it cleaned. Feeling fresh an better hoping the weekend brings more healing as I'm back to London next week. So far so good will post pics ASAP.

So Sunday made it through the the weekend

So I've got some pics for you today, I'm still in a bit of discomfort but I can manage to shower and dress myself properly after 3days, I'm waiting to be 3months post op to say if how my final feelings are. For now I'm good and just excited about getting 3 months post op.
Dr Aslani from Cirumerd as you know did my surgery an I thought it'd be 100times worse, I wasn't begging to die after my surgery cause the pain was immense, I simply did a lot of sleeping to start with, it's unusual to not sit your ass at dinner or just generally but I suggest taking 2-3weeks off work if sitting is what you do for a living. Still really bruised not as bad as initially thought, on my leg mostly an small bruises around the back an the butt area. Best thing to bring is a urinal and a American memory foam doughnut maybe even bring a cheap one for using the toilet for number 2 if you can't stoop over the toilet.

Trying on a new outfit

Just a pic to show the progress so I love my shape in my clothes an can't wait to see final results

No ass before

Pre op pic

stitches out

So had my stitches out this morning, was dreading it thought its be painful turns out taking off the plasters were the worst part lol. (she says this after having surgery lol) got my change of garment today this one will be worn for a further 5 weeks an my triangle in the back a further week.

Consultation Dr Aslani was humerus an comforting, he explained everything for me in much detail which was very good. Might add he speaks English which is something you want with your consultant is to understand.

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