Supercharged BBL with Silicone Implants. 26 Yr Old, UK - Spain, ES

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So after reading through many, MANY reviews, I...

So after reading through many, MANY reviews, I have decided that I will take you all along with me on my journey, should anyone be interested in following it.

For ever I have always said I have the smallest and emptiest butt on earth. Now, that might sound like an exaggeration, but I maintain that thought even now. I have wanted a BBL for years, but could never afford it. But now that I am a little older and have a good, steady income its finally realistic. I have often been shopping and the trip has ended in tears as I dont have the body shape that looks good in most clothes, it can really bring a woman down.

I have looked at many surgeons over the world and have now come across Dr Aslani in Spain. His work is beautiful and I think he is the right choice for me. I have been in contact with Jenny in the clinic and she has been extremely helpful. She showed Dr Aslani my photos and unsurprisingly he agreed I am a 'special candidate'. His recommendation is to have a 'Supercharged BBL' which would be silicone implants combined with a fat graft. I am 5'6" and 116 lbs (all of which is from the waist up!). Dr Aslani only recommends implants if there is not enough fat to get a good result. But in my case, I have plenty abdominal fat, but my butt and hips are so empty it still wouldnt be enough on its own! I'm not looking for a great big ass, im just want to look normal in my clothes! For me, this op will give me a whole new body shape, and I have waited a long time for this body!

I will update this throughout the various stages of my journey.

I have posted a few wish pics

Plastic Surgery App

Omg, I think im addicted! I have only ever imagined how I might look after surgery in my head. I seen some of the other girls on here talk about a surgery app and I found one online. I have been playing around with it all morning! Its only made me more determined to set my date.

Iv loaded some mock before and after pictures using the app. I really hope my final result is similar!!


Hi all!

Hope you are all welll :) Thought I best update this with the latest goings on!

So I paid my deposit today and confirmed my date with Dr Aslani for my butt implants and fat transfer. I will be a changed woman on the 14th of May...woohoo! I am so excited and can honestly say that my dealings with the clinic and patient coordinator, Jenny, have been second to none. She is so attentive and responds very quickly to any query I have had since our first contact. I hope this continues until I am fully recovered.

I will having my surgery in the Marbella clinic and thankfully my sister has agreed to look after me for two weeks after the operation at her place. She lives about 30 minutes outside Marbella so thats really handy!

I can't believe its so soon, only 7 weeks away. Oh my goodness! Now I just need to get all my questions together for my consultation with Dr Aslani on the 21st April.

I have listed my current measurements below. As you will see, I am massively out of proportion. I have no hips or bum and a big belly. I really hope Mr A can work his magic to bring me into proportion.

Waist - 29 inches
Hips - 31 inches
Thighs - 18.5 inches

If anyone like to leave me any hints, tips or words of wisdom they will be gratefully received.

Hazel x

Would this work?

I have had these two little decorative pillows on my bed for a while, but just had an idea! Do you think they will work to put under my thighs to keep weight off while sitting after the surgery? I'm particularly worried about the flight home but I think this might do the trick??

Photo didnt upload, try again


Hi all,

Question for anyone that has had any experience with drains...

The surgeon has said I need to have them in for at least a week after surgery and I'm worried about where they go and what clothing is best to keep them in the right position. Can anyone give me any advise on this or share their experience with drains?


Well I am sitting in the hospital waiting to go into theatre with Dr Aslani for my new booty!

I will update as soon as I am well enough to post :)

Wish me luck


2 days post op - pics

Hey ladies,

The first few days have been really rough and getting used to laying on your stomach all day and night is hard going! There have been a few tears I'll admit. My results are very minimal in comparison to a lot of the other girls as I had absolutely nothing to begin with. I'm sure I'll be delighted with my results as long as my little butt looks like a normal butt, and not what I had before!

6 days post op - Feeling fabulous

Hi ladies,

Well I'm 6 days post op now and although there is a long road ahead in terms of recovery, I am feeling wonderful. I know it is very early days but I am absolutely in love with my new look. I've wanted to just have a normal figure all of my life, and now I have it. I'm dreaming of jeans, hot pants, leggings, bodycon dresses & bikinis already lol

I really hope the rest of my journey goes this smooth, but having the body I've always wanted as a reward, Im ready take on just about anything.

I have updated my photos with before shots side by side to show the difference. I'm never going to have those big hour glass curves in the waist or hips but I am please with what I do have. My stomach doesn't look great in the photos but it's a big improvement on before and once I'm healed I'll be powering the gym to get that tummy flat as a pancake! :)

In terms of pain, there isn't much after the first 3 days, only extreme tightness and discomfort with no ability to sit or bend down. A shepee is essential!! I don't know what I'd have done without it. I also still have my drains in which are inconvenient, but I'm used to carrying them around now so even they arnt so bad. They come out on Friday and I can eventually shower...yippee!!

Catch up soon xxx

UPDATE: Implant size & photos

Hi ladies!

Hope you are all well. Just though I'd would update to answer a few ladies who have asked me what size of implants I got.

I seen Dr Aslani this evening who was delighted with my results so far as he informed me that I am one of the most difficult patients he has ever worked on as I had pretty much no gluteal muscles whatsoever which made fitting the implants in extremely challenging. I will explain the full details of that in a later review. I was informed he managed to get 250cc implants in and 300cc of fat grafted (mainly under the skin as opposed to into the muscle as I had no available muscle left to graft to once the implant was in).

I have updated a few photos. I am still bruised and you can see thw skin on my tummy has quite a bit of retracting to do over the months.

This surgeon has changed my life already, and the only way is up from here.

I will update again when I am fully recovered :)

Take care dolls xx

A couple more before and afters


Hi ladies,

Updating with a few pics at week 3. Everything still going well, healing nicely.

I am back at work and more or less back to myself. I am still aware of the implants and can feel them in there like I have stuffed my pants haha. However it's so early that this is normal and it can take months before they feel like they are part of me. Garment is being worn 24hrs a day until week 6 and although I need to sit for work, when I can avoid it I will. Another 3 weeks of sleeping on my tummy too!

4 Months Post Op - Pic Update!

Hey lovely ladies!

I hope you are all well! I havnt been on here much recently but thought I would give you an update now that quite a few months have passed since my op.

My recovery has been very smooth sailing, I have been extremely lucky and I feel very blessed that I've been so lucky to have such an easy time of it.

I am still over the moon with my results and still can't recommend Dr Aslani and his team highly enough. I am a new woman!

I am now working out regularly and can do anything I want to the exact same way as I could before.

I have to be honest, the only down side to my implants is that when I bend at the knees they are VERY visible so I need to make sure I don't wear any clothing that is too thin. That may be a deal breaker for some but given where I have come from to where I am now, it's a price I am happy to pay. My surgery was more reconstruction than aesthetic as I've said before.

Thanks for reading! X

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