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Hello ladies Im new to this site but have been...

Hello ladies
Im new to this site but have been looking at the site for over a year. I have been trying to find a doctor but they all seemed so far in america (i am from London) But i found a lovely doctor in Spain who seems to have good work. So im so excited ill be putting my deposit down very very soon.

My Little background story
I was always a skinny girl, But a year ago i got really unhappy and put on a lot of weight. I went from a size 6 to a size 18 and im 5ft.2 so i looked like a big round ball lol. So after a very long year in the gym with zumba classes!!And less takeaways lol I lost over two stone and got back down to a size 12/10. But i was still unhappy with my body, ive always wanted that hour glass figure with a big booty! So i thought about lipo at first.........But it was so expensive in the uk but with a BBL it was like two in one! perfect idea :))

BOOKED!!! Deposit put down for July 21st!!!!! :)

Hello Ladies
Im so excited to say that i put my deposit down for my BBL surgery :)! All booked for july 21st. Communication with jenny has been great, she replies very quickly to emails.some times within minutes. I have to be honest that put me at ease as i have seen alot of reviews where people cant get in contact with their surgeons team. So im glad i Have been lucky in this case. I will hopefully be having a skype consultation as soon as possible with the Dr. I just cant wait. Only thing i have to do is think of loads of questions to ask him....... Any suggestions ?

Wish Pic :)

In the end will always be MY choice

Hello ladies
After a crazy few days of finding out about these fake profiles, i was completely shocked by all of it. I don't know who is really behind them and who ever it is, Its horrible and extremely dishonest. Personally i don't think it has anything to do with Dr Aslani But that's just my opinion.(GUT feeling) I feel his credentials are good enough where he doesn't need to be apart of something like this. However it did put a bad taste in my mind. I went from so excited to very worried.............

Even so , I contacted the clinic straight away and even though jenny was out of the office. She offered to call me straight away. Unfortunately i was at college so couldn't take her call. But gave her a chance to call me tomorrow or the weekend. Now when it comes to the Dr's team they are great at communicating and it something that means a lot to me.

Even though a lot of realself ladies feel let down by the fake profiles (me including) I feel that i am my own person, Realself has only been around for a few years and people have been having cosmetic surgery for much longer then that ! So even though its lovely to have such a great platform, I am my own person and will be making my choice on my own. I feel its always good to be informed and check CV's and pictures. But in the end such personal journey only you can really decided.

Just my thoughts. I will keep updating and i have my Skype consultation next week and after that i will make my final choice.


wish picts


Hello ladies
Hope all is well with everyone :)
I had my skype consultation with Dr Aslani, I must say i was very interested in what he had to say to me about the fake profiles. First we spoke about me and the results i wanted and what to expect. I have to be fair he is a very very charming man but also serious. He gave me a lot of information about the surgery. My main question was if i could have general anaesthesia instead of local. He said of course, which was a huge weight off my shoulder as im a big baby when it comes to pain or blood!! So i would prefer to be asleep lol

He also wanted to ask if he could achieve the results i wanted. As i want a really nice booty not a huge one but for sure not a small one. He was very clear to me that its not a supermarket where he would inject a stupid amount into my bum because it would just be a waste. But he did grantee me that i would be extremely happy with my results. He said he would concentrate on taking my fat from my belly/flanks/ back and thighs. He also asked how i would feel about taking fat from my thighs , for me i was like sure and found the question a little odd lol. But he explained that some of his patients simply object to him even touching the thighs or even to putting to much fat into the bum. I think he gets a lot of European patients , and if your from Europe a lot of women don't like the idea of a big bum lol. I am from a Caribbean back ground where we feel the bigger the better LOL!

we finally got to the fake profiles , i have to say i didn't want to waste my time talking about it in the consultation as i had a phone conversation with jenny a few days before and also got an email from Him before hand. He claims he had nothing to do with them and doesn't even spend a lot of time on the site. He feels that who ever has done this was out to cause trouble and he is investigating it. All i could do is listen to his points. He also made an offer of a result insurance. which means if im not happy with my results i can get my money back. Which to be fair is a pretty good deal. Because fake profiles are no laughing matter and very unsettling !

I feel he answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Believe me i needed some reassuring !!

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask:)

Moved date forward :)................... April 9th 2014 !! uk-spain

Hello Ladies

Its been a long time............. Hope everyone is well

I have decided to move my date forward.................. The wait before was killing me and i just wanted to get it done. When changing my date i was very easy thanks to jenny being so understanding. I was so happy that it could be moved sooner!! :) Jenny actually is amazing she answers every silly question i have! And of course all the important ones aswell!

I will be booking hotels and flights soon also ! i will be going for 10days and be staying in a hotel close to the clinic. My surgery will be taking place marbella not malaga as that's the date i choose. My price includes full back lipo, thigh , flanks and abdomen and then fat transfer to the buttocks. as said before all my weight is in my flanks and abdomen so i'm looking forward to the Dr sucking out most of my fat from there! But more i get closer to my surgery date the more i feel lipo is important from all of the other places! Im looking forward to my thigh lipo because my legs are inbetween a size 12/10 jeans... And i would love for them to fit into size 10uk jeans! And my bra roll is very important to me as it looks soooo horrible! Don't get me wrong i want a bigger bum at least 1000ccs but my main issue is the overall hour glass look ! I want a new body !

Any questions please ask im here to help others :)

I have noticed a lot of people in america having their bbl but there isn't alot of support for us British girls! Lets support everyone in their experience. we all have things to offer eachother.

love this bbl !!

Lovely team ..................Sure i made the right choice

Hello all
Hope everyone is well, sorry i have been quiet lately been super busy with life in general! But surgery is coming up which im extremely excited about.

I know that the clinic had a meet and greet at a bar in London. Unfortunately i was unable to make it as i already made plans . But lucky jenny said i could come to dinner with them the night after. Which i thought was nice as it was there personal time as they were also taking there trip as a short holiday. As i went they answered alot of my questions. even the silly ones! i also got to feel my FIRST Brazilian butt lift! lol Jenny was happy to let me feel and squeeze! now after 2 months she looks amazing. One of my main concerns was that i never seen any one with the surgery or felt one lol and i must say it felt real lol (which is a silly comment) But it felt nice and soft but also firm like a gym bum! its much bigger in person aswell then the ones of her on the website. she told me thoose are taken a few weeks after. so your body changes alot in two months.

But yh im glad i went and the whole team was very nice! i also found out that Dr aslani actually use to work in MYA in London. which makes me feel a little better that hes actually worked in this country aswell.


Less Then one month away :).............Realistic exceptions

Hello ladies

Im getting very excited as my surgery date is very very soon:)! I haven't actually brought anything yet. I feel i wont be buying much anyway....... Just a lot of comfy clothes i think.
As normal communication with jenny and the team have been amazing. Booked my flight and hotel. I arrive on the 8th and will be having a appointment with Dr Aslani at 6pm on that day. His clinic stays open late most nights, so i was so glad that i could see him before my op.

Bad and Good reviews..... Now i feel with everything there will be good and bad. Im sure we all read the latest bad review on Dr aslani.... Now im not going to dispute what happened as i wasn't there. But i do believe that if a Dr says he doesn't want to operate on you because you have unrealistic views which he cant give you . But then you beg him to operate on you then i feel you can only blame yourself. I think a lot of girls want DR and american results. When i had my consultation he told me this is not a supermarket where you just pick and ass. You have to be realistic and work with him. I do feel bad for this girl because its a lot of money. Now for me my main goal is the overall look. I do want a bigger bum but also want all areas lipo'd well. especially my back and belly.

Also people have been asking me for pre op pictures. I will not be posting any untill after my surgery as i don't want my pictures on the internet for a long period of time. I appreciate others that do. But for me i feel uncomfortable.

hope everyone is excited for their surgery :)

pre op pictures !

It has taken alot to upload these pictures!! I hate my body atm. Even though a year ago i lost a lot of weight to get here so i have to be proud of that! I weight 10st13lbs but because ive got a bigger chest it makes my back and belly fat look bigger! i will be telling doctor aslani that i want aggressive lipo where ever he can without making lumps

I will keep these pictures up for a week
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