Dr Duran or Dr Aslani? Can't Deciede

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Ive been wanting a bigger butt all my life. I...

Ive been wanting a bigger butt all my life. I never had problem with my hips infzct i have massive hips but not much projection in my butt. My ideal body shape is skinny look with big heart shape butt like the famous weather girl. Lol when i put on wieght my butt goes a bit bigger but then i also get love handles nd belly so i cant achieve both at the same time. Im stuck between dr aslani and dr duran. Dr aslani recommended butt implant even though i have good amount of fat. I refused implants and he then said i have to put on 4-8 kg which is toooo much im already a chunky girl right now. Also his proce is much more than dr duran almost double.
On the other hand dr duran didnt ask me to put on wieght she thought i was fine.
i really like dr aslani's before and after pics they are exactly the shape i want. But ive read on here that dr aslani cant give you the smallest waist as he is restricted to what he can do. One of the good thing about him is that he uses laser after lipo to retract the skin.
i knw dr duran is a very famous lady but her before and after pics arent exactly what i want. She makes massive butts nd hips but the small waist that i like. Nd she doesnt use laser after lipo.
now my bbl sisters on here please help me. Has any of you done bbl with these two dr and which was do you think is better?

finally made up my mind

I've finally decided to go with dr duran. I paid my deposite a few days ago and book the op date for sep 14th. Before i book the operation i had friends who used to encourage me they used to say go on girl you can do it. But since i booked it and its all comfirmed they are like why you being crazy why do you wanna mess with your body. They also scared me by saying DR is not a safe place. I know dr duran is a very famous person i only wish she was somewhere else i dont feel very good about the country. Also after my mum heard this she gone mad. She called me stupid as there is nothing wrong with my body now and i am just killing myself slowly slowly. All of these sometimes makes me think have i made the right choice. This is sooo hard. Has any of you dolls ever heard about any problems with operations in dominican republic?

Things are not going the way i want them to

After reading my sisters comments here and also finding out about all the fb pages about DR i changed my mind i contacted dr aslani but i realised the price they gave me doesnt even include spanish tax so after adding the spanish tX and also the extra cost for the extra areas that i want lipoed plus the tavelling and staying it will cost me about £9500 and thats just wayyy too much if i had that money i would go to usa. So im back at square one with dr duran. Sometimes i think i should just forget about it but i want this so bad. I contacted dr durans co ord and explained my concerns about being safe, she said she can give dr durans office no so i can speak to her assistance directly. And i said ok. I dont really know what yo do. At the end of the day i only read one bad review about dr duran. But no one has ever died under her op. Im going mad pleaseee someone help

Finally duran

I've finally made up my mind. It was a hard decision but im going with duran. I had some problems with getting a passport. I was refused one but i finally recieved it last week. Im super scared already. I will be taking all my antibiotics and medications from uk so hopefully that will make me feel a bit better. Dr duran is now putting some videos of her operation and cipla on snapchat and after seeing all of those i think shecis great. I booked 3 weeks off work if im still not feeling well after 3 weeks i may ask for a sick note from a dr in uk. I will be going with my cousin, i told her if anything happens to me and im not feeling well after the op dont listen to them bd take me straight bk to uk. Duran is a great dr its just tge after care in there thats not good. Hopefully ill be fine. Is there anything else you guys think i can do to make this a safer journey?

I cant believe its happening in a month time

Hey all my sisters. I know i havnt posted in a long time. I wasnt even sure myself till last week but ive finally booked my flights and paid a fortune for it. My op is going to take place on 14th of sep( 2 dayz after my bday) with dr duran. I will be travelling with my cousin and i will be taking my antibiotics from uk. Im soooo scared. Sometimes i still think shall i just go there for a holiday and forget everything but i really want the dream body i got in my head. So i am going to man up and be brave. Its all gonna be fine. Plz pray fir me. If there is anyo e else going same sorta time let me know. Love u all xx

Surgery is tmro

Plz all my bbl sisters pray for me. I cant believe im here and i still cant believe i am doing this. Im not feeling tbe greatest at the moment. I got to my recovery house today (armonia) i brought my cousin with me since i could even do one day alone. The house is very old. All the stuff are old and dirty the fooooood is so rubbish.
They brought me lunch and dinner and i could even touch thsm. I paid half of the money already but i wanna go from here. Only if i new someone here who could help me to rent a house and hire a nurse for one week. I asked them if my cousin can cook for me and they said yh. So i dont see the point of paying $2000 for this place but now i have no choice.
Im so scared of getting infection here i have to be super carefull.
I gavnt seen dr duran yet i will meet her tmro but so far im regretting everything.
But im here now so i have to think positive. Plz pray for me i just wanna finish everything and go home but thats in 2 weeks :(

I am on the other side

Hello girls.
I here all ok nd alive. I had a few problems after my op but i am all ok now
But a bit upset as im not happy with my results. My butt is way smaller than i expected nd not the heart shape i asked the doctor to give me. She gave me a square shape butt i just hope when all the swelling goes down it looks more like the butt i want
dr duran or aslani

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