second round bbl with implants dr. Aslani

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I am 28 years old and I live in the Netherlands....

I am 28 years old and I live in the Netherlands. After searching online for a suitable doctor who does the BBL I found Dr. Aslani. I was very excited that there was a doctor in Europe who did the BBL. The other doctors i found interesting were all too far away from me.

I' saw some videos on youtube and also some before and after pictures of patients of Dr. Aslani, and I was very excited about his work.

since I did not wanted to spend one more summer with my present body i kindley asked Jenny ( the assitant of Dr. Alani) to arrange a appointment asap. And thank god she did help me out!! The big day is on 30th of july, 2014. And I CAN NOT WAIT!!!
I am very scared but at the same time very happy that I'm going to do what I have been waiting for a very long time.

I am very confident about myself but when it comes to buttock, I am very dissatisfied. I have a very flat bottom, deformed hips and lower back. My fat is obviously on the wrong places on my body and i want this to be fixed so i can ware anything i want without beeing embarresd with my behind :(

And I dream of a narrow-waist wide hips and big round buttock WOW!!

Hope Dr. Aslani can make my dream come true!! I trust him with my body and i hope i will not have to much scares that is my biggest fear :( :( i hate scars!!!

9 days left

hello to all the BBL lovers

I had the surgery today

Hi everyone i had the surgery this morning!! I m still in the hospital and i m not doing bAd! Back pain Because of lying on my back ...feel dissy when i want to stand And a little bit pain but iTS better than expected...but iTS not painless ???? i can't see the result yet Because i m swollen and Because of the garement but tmr i will see it..

And the DR. Is great And a bit crazy i love him hope to be as positieve as he was about the result when i see it tmr

1 And 2nd day after surgery

I love you dr Aslani for the great work i m still very very swollen but i love my swollen big round butt so far pain is ok and worth it!!

Forgot my pictures of the 1st and second day after surgery

Cant sleep Because of lying on my belly :( back hurts allot iTS so hard to sleep like this but i know iTS worth it

More pictures

WiFi doesn't upload my pictures

I love my New bummm

Love dr Aslani and what he did to my body


Feeling no pain just swolen like hell but who caresssss?!??




4 days after surgery


So today iTS the 7th day after surgery: i had the tape and the stiches removed today! And got a really good massage!! Which was very plesant!!

Untill now EVRYTHING was better than expected..and i mean everything

1. I was afraid of pain--> the worse pain i felt was not even pain it was discomfort!!
2. I read a bad review on RS about dr Aslani which made me doubt so badley!! But omg i m so happy i followed my heart, and stayed with the dr i choose in the first place!! Because dr Aslani is even better than al Those good reviews i have read about him...Dr. Aslani and his sweet and loving team who i will miss...
THIS IS To THOSE WHO HAVE DOUBTS about dr Aslani.. I m a very picky girl, i m a perfectionist And i m almost never satiesfied enough: but i m so happy with the result and EVRYTHING else around my surgery that i want to help you girls out there and promissss you wont be sorry about your Dr!!
3. I was afraid of scars: they are so Tinny after 1 week so i'm sure after a while the will be unoticable!!
4.and last i was afraid about the result not beeing as i really wanted!! But about this last fear of mine i still can not say if iTS better than expected because: iTS perfect now...iTS exactley what i dreamed of but iTS still swolen so after a few months i will let u know howwww happy i m about the end result!! Let's prau it does'nt shrink to much LOL!!

Back Home after 10 days malaga

So i was afraid of sitting in the airplane i didn't want to sit but i had to for about 15 min for take off and landing on a pillow it was ok...i feel great took a shower by myself today and took Some pictures for u again :) swolen en bruised butttttt iTS getting better Every day!

Before and after

2 weeks after the surgery

Hello everyone!! i have not been able to update my review since the last time because of some personal circumstances!! I have lost my phone so i have to find another option to post pictures..which i will today or tomorrow. But i can tell you guys how i feel 2 weeks after the surgery:

I feel better every day..the bruising gets less aswel, i feel no pain at all and ofcourse: the swelling takes off which makes me happy and sad at the same time :(
I wanted to have an huge huge butt and after the surgery it was exactely what i wanted but since the swelling takes off it gets smaller every time i check but i was aware of this and the dr. told me it would go down so i m not supprised but i just don't want it to go down more!! i still love the change and the new shape allot and i m thankful to dr. Aslani evrytime i look in the mirror. i will post photo's as soon as i can find a way to do it asap.

Some new pictures after 17 days

I feel that my butt is getting les harder everyday which is a good thing it was way to hard at the beginning her some pictures for u guys

5 weeks after surfers

Love it even tho the swelling took off

OMG! Can't belive i have butt implants!!!

Ok well, i wanted to go for a second round of bbl, i was verry verry flat before so my result after the first bbl were ok but ofcourse i want a BIGGG behind, so i needed a second round. Than Dr. Aslani recommended me to have butt implants because i wanted a dramtaic change!

And to be hounest with you i had my doubts about the implants untill the day of the surgery after reading all the horror stories i was afraid!!!!!!!

But i did it! I have my surgery done and i m still alive thank god and thank dr. Aslani..

The recovery is HARD ITS HARDDDDD!

i was expecting the worse and its even worse than i thought it could be. But like dr Aslani told me after the surgery: the pain goes away, but the results stay!!

So i just have to make sure i get through this days

Me before 2nd round

Here some pic of me 2 years after the bbl and before the second round of supercharged bbl

Right after surgery bbl plus 335 oval implants

I have so much more pain on my left buttock and it's so strange i dont feel anything on the right sight hope nothing to worry about! But the tecovery is hard! Much harder than the bbl! But i think i love the result once the swelling goed down and this killer pain stops i can enjoy my result!

Today 4 days after surgery

I feel dissy and i have to throw up because of all the medicine, eating sleeping going to the wc everything sucksssss so badly! I fee BAD! And belive me i was expecting a hard recovery but i m really having a hard time... Good thing is i m used to sleep on my belly so that is better than the bbl time 2 years ago.

I love bigggggg butttts and i can not lie

Hope the projection stays like this after the swelling goes down
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