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Hi all I am 3 months post op and had decided not...

Hi all

I am 3 months post op and had decided not to do a review until now so I could judge the final results. I had a previous facial surgery and reviewed it too early, initially being really happy with my results, but when the swelling went, I was unhappy and it was so disappointing to read all the comments on here I'd previously made, so I deleted that account and decided not to review things too soon!!

So... the basics... prior to surgery I weighed between 148 and 156 lbs and am 5'6" tall. At both weights, my back ran straight into my flat butt and I held fat at my flanks and on my tummy - my spare tyre as I called it! I felt insecure about my body and, in addition to cellulite, it was ruining my confidence.

I did some research into the procedure for a couple of months before booking Dr Aslani in September 2014. My surgery was on 10th November 2014. Being from the UK, I didn't really consider any other surgeon, just because I knew I hated standing up and the long flights elsewhere really put me off. At this time, I had seen a lot of good reviews for Dr Aslani and was impressed with all the communications from his team, so I felt confident with him and that I'd made the right choice.

I decided to write notes on each day of my BBL journey, so I didn't forget exactly how I felt, as any BBL lady will agree, you do just forget how rough the rough days were :-)

Hopefully this will end up being a realistic reflection of the BBL procedure and recovery and might offer others an idea of what they might experience.

Overall, at this point, I can say it was worth it xx

BBL with Dr Aslani, Spain from UK

So - my notes from before surgery... I began researching in August 2014 and got my price a few days after my first email. There were 40 emails exchanged up until I booked in September 2014 and then a further 57 between then and my surgery date. I emailed A LOT!!

I had a telephone consultation with Dr Aslani on 28th October. I wanted to do this mainly because I wanted to get an idea of what he was like, being that I was putting my life in his hands really. The call lasted 45 minutes. I felt that it was like information overload at first, like going through a script of sorts? However, when I asked questions, the Dr answered them fully and I felt he was realistic and not just after my money - for example, I asked about Cellulaze, which he could've sold me, but he didn't think I needed it. I left the call feeling positive . I liked the Dr and felt happy with my choice of surgeon. I remember being concerned he would make my butt too big and he made a deal with me that, if it was too big, after 3 months he would cool sculpt some off for free. He said no-one had ever taken him up on this deal yet - this made me feel happy that I would be happy, as my main worry was that it would be too big. At this consultation, I was 11stone exactly and the Dr said that an extra 1 or 2 KG would be welcome.

Throughout my research, my husband was very angry and upset with me. He refused to talk about it, so I just booked it all without consulting him. I think he was worried about all the horror stories you hear of people going abroad for surgery and thought I'd not researched things properly. He also didn't think I needed any surgery and was generally worried about me. Luckily, by the time I went, he was ok about it, but still not happy with me.

The day before surgery

09/11/14 - Today I flew out to Malaga on my own. I remember feeling nervous and not sleeping much the night before. I was fed up of eating so much by this point in order to gain the extra 1 or 2 KG. I was 11 stone 2 lbs on this day and felt very bloated. I was worried that I would pay for all the eating later on, gaining the weight after surgery.

On arriving at Malaga airport I tried to get something to eat, but regretted not learning any Spanish by this point. I was ignorant to think everyone would speak English. I didn't know what anything was and people just kept pushing in front of me, so I just forgot about it and tried to find the bus. I was staying the night at Holiday Inn Express Malaga Airport and was told to get on the 'A' line bus and they refund your ticket when you check in. Could I hall as find the bus though. After walking around aimlessly lugging all my bags about, I just decided to get a taxi. The driver warned me it was a 19 euro minimum charge, but I had no other choice, so this is what I paid for a 3 minute ride - GRR!! Ended up eating a pot noodle and cuppa soup alone in my room - how sad lol!!

Anyhow - I took most of my before pics and thought they were harrowing. I look and feel disgusting and out of shape. I hate my fatty middle tyre and podgey stomach. I feel nervous that I'm placing a lot of hope in this surgery and the results being good. I'm mainly scared of my bum being too big for me and lipo leaving saggy skin and being uneven. I want projection mainly and a naturally full look.

I was really tired after writing up my notes this day and went to sleep around 11pm, ready to get picked up at 0700 - EEK!

I said my prayers for great results and a boost in self confidence before zzzz...

The day of surgery

10/11/2014 - I was picked up at 7am and taken to the Hospital Quiron, Malaga. I got booked in OK, but struggle with the language barrier and also the same with the taxi driver. I then went straight up to my room and was asked to change into a gown. A nurse then came and took my bloods and put a canula in, all throughout, there was no English and just a lot of hand gestures and odd words. I really wish I'd tried to learn something, as I just felt overwhelmed and ended up crying in my room on my own.

Someone came up to take me down to theatre just before 8am. I was put into a waiting bay and left there for about 30 minutes with no-one who spoke English. I remember sat thinking, "What have I done?" I prayed and asked for a sign that I was doing the right thing...

By this time, Dr. Felipe Sánchez, a resident plastic surgeon at Quiron came to see me. He spoke English and it was honestly such a relief; he asked how I was and I just burst into tears again. he said this was normal, but I just felt really down and foolish that I was so emotional, having not worried at all until the day before. Dr Sanchez took my before photos at a variety of angles - CRINGE - before I was left on the bed alone again for a while.

Following this, I met Dr Aslani for the first time. This was literally for about 5 minutes. He drew on me what he thought needed to go and I asked about a lumpy bit at the top of my thighs to the bottom of each hip. He liked it, but I didn't and asked him to take as much away as possible, which he agreed to do. I have had previous Vaser liposuction to my upper arms and my previous Doctor had missed a lump of fat at the top of one arm. I asked Dr Aslani about this and he agreed to remove it, but said he couldn't do one arm without the other and removed excess remaining fat from both my upper arms for no extra charge! Of course I was so happy about this.

I also asked Dr Aslani about liposuction to my fatty pubis area. He told me that it is very difficult to do this, as it is full of blood vessels and nerves and that it is very painful for the patient. He said he would Laser this area rather than traditional lipo. I was happy to accept anything with regard to this anyhow.

I was so busy trying to cram everything into my few minutes with him that I really forgot to say how I wanted my hips. I wanted a gentle slope down to my hips rather than a round shape like most people want. I wanted aggressive lipo on my flanks, as I have always hated the round shape my flanks have given my hips.

Anyhow, I walked into theatre and there was my sign I'd prayed for... I'm a total Elvis fan and of all the things in the world that could be playing, it was him and the lyrics, "Don't, don't, baby don't say don't." Total sign I was doing the right thing I thought - I was happy and relaxed from then on.

So... I went in. There were around 8 people in the room, males and females and I had to get naked in front of them all. You quickly lose all your dignity with this procedure!! I was sprayed all over with Iodine solution, which was freezing and I was stood shivering listening to more Elvis. I then went and laid on the operating couch. I briefly saw the anaesthetist I'd met earlier, but did not realise I'd been given the anaesthetic until I felt myself drifting off. I remember beginning to cry again and that is it.

I don't know what time I woke up, but as they were waking me, I could feel myself being hoisted into a compression garment. This really hurt and I was groaning and dazed, unable to keep my eyes open.

I'm not really sure what happened next, but I kept stirring every few minutes feeling so, so cold and shivering madly. I had a heater blowing on me and was laid on my front. I kept feeling a blood pressure monitor on my leg and think I was there about 90 minutes before I began to warm up and was wheeled up to my room. I don't remember much of the day, but first looked at my phone at 3.50pm, but could not keep my eyes open long enough to text my husband. I woke every hour or two for a minute, but slept throughout really.

At about 7.30pm, the nurses came in to move me and get me to stand. A male nurse hoisted me up, pulling me up from my middle. It really hurt so much and when I stood I got really hot and felt sick. I walked a little around the bed, but then went light headed, so get laid back down myself and went straight back to sleep. I remember the binders being put back on and being in a lot of pain.

The nurses brought me my first food and drink of the day at around 8pm, but I felt too sick to eat. I got myself up and went for a wee. At this point, I realised why everyone said to practice with the SheWee before I needed it. Yes, it went wrong and I ended up weeing on the floor and on my feet and the garment a bit, OMG, gross! How embarrassing! Thank god I just got myself up and didn't have a nurse there! I ended up cleaning the floor and my feet using only my feet, as there was no way I could bend down. I had a drip attached and had just unhooked this and taken it with me, but the tube filled with blood due to all my movement. I managed to get a bra on and text my husband that I was ok before laying back down and sleeping some more before feeling well enough to eat. And when I ate, I ate! I was soooo hungry and couldn't eat fast enough before I just slept again.

I remember both Dr Sanchez and Dr Aslani coming to see me in my room, though I was so dozey, I don't remember really what was said. I recall Dr Aslani telling me everything had gone well and he'd injected 1100cc into each buttock. I was like, noooo, too much. I had gone in thinking I wanted 600-800cc.

I got myself up a couple more times in the night for the loo and also connected to the Wifi and used Google translate to speak to the nurses. I just drank tonnes of water overnight and slept loads.

Day 1 Post Op

11/11/2014 - I slept all through the night, only waking every couple of hours for a few minutes. At 8.30am, a nurse came in to get me out of the compression garment for the doctor to come and check me. OMFG - the pain!! I've never felt anything like it and thought I was going to faint. She said Dr Aslani would be with me in 20-30 minutes as I laid back down and went to sleep.

My breakfast came shortly after this and I felt so sick from the garment being removed, it too me three attempts to eat it.

The Dr did not come until around 1130 and saw me for a minute or so. He said he was pleased with everything and that it looked good. I had not see my body or butt at all at this point, due to being dazed and also having the binders on, disguising it all. Following this, a couple of nurses came in and helped me into a fresh garment and also some arm compression sleeves. I remember this hurting so much and fighting back the tears. I remember the male nurse saying I needed to take the garment off every time I needed the toilet - it hurt so much - I immediately went and cut a slit in the crotch of it. I stayed stood up for a while after the nurses left, just calming down and I took my medication, which I'd started the previous night.

I had a really swollen face, my eyes were like slits. I was still really, really sleepy and just needed to rest. I was having strange dreams and hallucinations when half awake and was also drooling a lot in my sleep. I just felt wiped out, like I couldn't sleep enough, despite being asleep for the best past of 28 or 29 hours. I got up and got ready around 1.30pm and got a taxi to Marbella at 1.45pm. Luckily, the taxi driver came to my room and took my bags for me.

I took my meds before we left and noticed that I hadn't leaked any fluids overnight at all. I was surprised, as other people had said they leaked absolutely loads from the incision sites. I did not have any drains fitted, which I was really pleased about.

I laid on the front seat of the taxi on my front. The drive to Marbella was around 45 minutes and I remember feeling really sick all the way. Anyhow, I just shut my eyes and hoped the journey would end. As soon as it did, I got out the car and was already beginning to be sick. I made it to a street bin and was sick in there. In brad daylight. In front of a salon full of people. Nice. Haha - not my finest moment!! I felt so much better after I was sick though and hobbled off back to the taxi. The driver helped me into the hotel with my bags. The fare was 75 Euros.

The reason I chose to stay in Marbella rather than Malaga (I did not have a choice on which hospital to have my surgery at at the time) was because I couldn't find any hotels within less than a km of the hospital in Malaga for check ups and massages etc. I also found they were expensive in Malaga and I would have to pay out for taxis back and forth to the hospital each time. I stayed at Hotel San Cristobal, which was literally a minute walk from the Cirumed Clinic - it was so handy having it so close. I also chose this, as it was £259 for 9 nights and it included a big balcony, a fridge and free Wifi - most of the places I looked into only had Wifi in the communal areas.

I got checked in and just laid down and went to sleep until around 7pm, when I got up and went for a walk to get something to eat from a local café. The walk really helped with the swelling in my face, but I was so tired and slow - it was hard work and really tired me out.

I went back to the hotel and just relaxed and took my medications. From then i had a horrible night's sleep with sickness and hallucinations. I then realised it must be the tramadol I had been prescribed, as it felt too strong for me. I did not drain/leak anything at all overnight and first saw my results (partly) this day, though I was very padded out with dressings under my garment. I saw my waist and thought it looked amazing and small :-)

Day 2 Post Op

12/11/2014 - I stopped taking my tramadol painkillers the previous night due to my hallucinations and sickness from them, but I woke up in so much pain and discomfort from not having any pain relief, I felt really low. I felt emotional, on the brink of tears and I was swollen and bloated all over, with my face being HUGE and my hands, arms and legs all very, very swollen to like double their size. I could barely open my eyes they were so swollen.

I emailed Cirumed clinic about how I was feeling and Jenna called me at the hotel within a couple of minutes and reassured me that everything I was feeling was normal and she promised I would later just forget how bad I felt. I was prescribed Diclofenac instead, which I went to collect and I felt so much better on this.

I didn't feel up to doing much that day and just walked on the balcony. One thing I would definitely recommend (other than the SheWee, which I could not live without) is stool softeners. The anaesthetic plays havoc with your body and most people said they couldn't 'go' for 4 or 5 days. I began taking softeners on the night of the op and managed to 'go' on day 2. It really makes such a difference in the bloated and sick feeling, but of course mean removing the garment - Nooo!! It hurt a lot taking it off, but putting it back on hurt so much more, but I had no choice and tried to do it as quickly as possible to get it over with.

Whilst the garment was off, I took the opportunity to check out my new figure and I was pleased with what I saw. I measured my waist to be 29". It was 31" when I went into surgery! 2 inches gone in 2 days. I also took the opportunity to take some pictures :-)

Day 3 Post Op

13/11/2014 - this was the most swelling and pain I had in the morning so far. I felt very stiff and sore and struggled to get moving.

Once I did, I managed to get a shower and did my make-up to make me feel better and I went to the clinic just down the road for my first massage. I got my dressings changed and got a glimpse of my butt in the mirror and remember thinking it looked HUGE. I felt really worried that it was too big.

The massage was relaxing, but the first touches were painful. I got a mega headache afterwards - maybe all the toxins moving around my body? I had to lay down when i got back to the hotel, but went out for a walk to the beach a little later on. My neck was hurting from all the laying in one position, so I bought some Volterol.

I really got my appetite back this day and got a pizza delivered from the Spanish Just Eat - it was great :-)

Day 4 Post Op

14/11/2014 - woke up in terrible back pain at 5am. I couldn't get back to sleep, so took off my binders and the god-awful foam triangle I was given for inside the garment for my lower back at about 7.30am, thinking they were causing the pain. It wasn't! I think it was just pure pain of being inactive. I gave in and got up at 10.30 - back pain was worse and my stomach so swollen and my full body felt rock hard. I paced around the room for 20 minutes or so and felt much better, though my legs were swollen like monsters. My knees were unbelievably swollen - at least double size!

I took more photos today having taken the garment off. I felt happy with the results, though was still worried I was too wide from front on/back view. I love my waist and projection, and accept I am very swollen and will lose some % of the size, which I looked forward to at the time. I felt I had a very sexy shape and that my figure was already better than before.

Day 5 Post Op

15/11/2014 - facial, leg and arms swelling still bad, but went away quicker today once I was up. Less pain and more flexible today.

I washed my hair finally and took more photos. I put on some of my leggings and a vest top and felt worried about how wide I looked across the front of my abdomen. I am trying to remember that I am still swollen and also that I felt the most swollen on my body so far today. i measured my waist and it was up to 30", so I was definitely more swollen.

I had half a day off the foam triangle, as it made a proper indent in my back with at least 1cm raised swollen fluid around it. I walked to the beach and marina today and my ankles, which had so far remained almost normal, doubled in size :-(

Love my projection and curve in my back.

Day 6 Post Op

16/11/2014 - not much to report. I feel like my swelling up has now stopped. My bruising is turning a deep purple and yellow and looks like it's starting to heal. Pain is becoming less.

Day 7 Post Op

17/11/2014 - Today I went for my second massage, which felt really good. I also had my stitches out. I was really dreading this and got quite anxious about it, but it was surprisingly fine. I also got my proper compression faja today (the first one was just like shorts shapewear and was actually from Primark. I think they must just give you a cheap one so you don't ruin the proper one when you're still draining.). The lady thought I looked like a small, but decided to get medium, as she said they're really tight fitting. Well... medium wouldn't go past half way up my thigh. The lady got another member of staff in to try and help her get it on me and they got it near the top of my thighs, but it was so painful, I was crying and knew it wasn't going to go on in a million years. They went and got a large, but it was the same problem - it got up to my thighs, but would not go over my giant swollen butt, so I ended up in an X-Large, which was still painful to get over my butt, but was do-able. I found it fitted well to my hips and abdomen, but it was a little large on the waist, as there was extra material that creased up. they said this was fine, as long as I continued to wear my binders.

The proper compression garment feels so much more supportive, like it was helping with the swelling. Due to the pressure getting the garment onto me, it opened up 3 incision points and I bled a little bit onto the garment, but nothing major.

Day 8 Post Op

18/11/2014 - swelling seems the same, but pain and bruising getting better.

I had my check up with Dr Aslani today and he commented that I was moving well. He was very happy with how I am looking and I said how much I loved the curve in my back and the projection and my waist, but that I was worried about the wideness of my hips, like across my abdomen and my flanks. He said it should go down a little, but not a lot and said my waist should go down a fair bit more... by this day, my waist was now 28" and my butt still 44" (my initial stats before surgery were 31 waist and 40 butt/hips). I have naturally wide hips, so I guess it's just a case of getting used to it. I have a much better shape - much more hourglass.

I ran out of my diclofenac this morning and was feeling in pain by the night. Will see how I go on paracetamol alone, as the strong pain killers meaning I still need the stool softeners. I stopped taking these for a couple of days and really suffered :-(

Took some more pictures today of me and my garment.

Day 9 Post Op

19/11/2014 - Ouch! Lots of pain from running out of diclofenac - back was in agony. On the plus side, much less facial swelling today and my hands and arms are swelling less - actually got my wedding ring back on today.

I went to the clinic for more pain killers today and they also took some more photos.

I did quite a long walk along the marina in Marbella and it is getting noticeably easier - I feel like I'm walking more normally instead of hunched, stiff tiny steps.

Day 10 Post Op

20/11/2014 - I left Marbella today back to UK. I used Malaga Shuttle bus to get me to the airport, so it was a lot cheaper than the taxi fare. There was only me on the bus, so the driver let me lay down on the back seat up to Malaga airport. The pick up time was really early, I guess to allow for other pick ups, but as there was just me, I got to the airport just as check in opened and was all checked in and through security with 3 hours to kill. BORINGGGG!!

Oh, and the worst thing... before I left the hotel, I'd washed my SheWee and I kept thinking, "Don't forget that"... and what did I forget? Of course the most useful thing to me throughout my full recovery!! I was panicking lol!!

I ended up going round every airport shop, which failed me, and then on the airport Wifi and ordering one. I had no choice but to pay £7 delivery to make sure I got it the next morning. I managed ok for the day, as the garment has a zip in, but it is hard not to have an accident in it unfortunately. The SheWee makes things so much cleaner and it's much more comfortable, as you don't have to hover and bend. I was totally gutted I'd left it. Something nice for the cleaner lol - good job I left her a nice tip in the room to make up for what she had to pick up!!!

Anyhow, my flight got delayed, so I was nearly 4 hours on my feet already by the time we got on the plane. I spoke to staff and told them I'd had an operation, asking if I could stand as much as possible. They said this was fine, but I could only stand inbetween the two toilets at the back of the plane.

I put my boppy pillow down ready and went to stand at the back until told to sit. I was absolutely dreading this, but realised I could put my feet far forwards and push my back up with them against the seat. I locked my arms on the arm rests and a just held my weight there, so I never actually sat on my butt. The seatbelt was just the right size to fit round me on its maximum setting.

I was like this for 10 or 15 mins until the seatbelt sign went off and then I was straight up and stood at the back. I was in the way, as it was suck a small plane, but nothing else I could do really.

The flight made me swell so much though. My full body swelled and felt rock hard. Even my trousers went half-mast due to how much extra my legs swelled. It was not a good look!! It was really uncomfortable and I remember thinking 'Thank god I didn't go to America.' I do think that, if I'd gone further afield, I would've just managed, as you have no choice but to manage.

Surprisingly, the flight went quickly for me, as a number of other passengers were asking questions why I was stood there and I ended up being a bit like toilet monitor lol. The staff also spoke to me a fair bit, so the time passed well.

Other than the swelling, the worst bit I found was lifting my cases. I'd packed far too much stuff and I really struggled to lift the cases and had to get people to help me. I took a hand luggage case, which was fine, and a checked luggage one at just below 20kg and couldn't lift it - it was very painful. So pack light ladies!! I just took a small bit of wash detergent and washed the garments and few clothes I did wear like that. I didn't use half the stuff I took.

Anyhow, after the flight, I needed to get a bus to meet my lift and then just put the front car seat down and laid with the boppy pillow under my hips on my front. It was like a 2 hour drive back home from the airport, so it was a very long day travelling and standing around. I was glad to be home in the end though :-)

Day 11 Post Op

21/11/2014 - I stopped writing my diary from here, so the rest is from memory really.

I forgot to add that, in addition to my medication from the hospital, I was also taking arnica pills and bromelain supplements to help with the swelling. I did this from day 1.

I really felt that the massive swelling on the flight actually helped and the swelling seemed less than normal by day 11. I was in noticeably less pain and was a lot more flexible. In fact, I was able to bend to the floor and swept, vacuumed and mopped my whole house. I reduced my pain medication and think I actually stopped it all together by day 14.

I feel like being home did me some good, as I was able to potter about and move more without it feeling like I was doing it because I had to.

What I told my friends and family...

Yes, I lied to my friends as family. I didn't want people to know. Most don't know that I had an operation at all and I explained the no sitting by saying I'd slipped and jarred my back. I had a trapped nerve and it was too painful to sit, but was ok to kneel, as it kept my back straight. No-one questioned it and they don't know to this day.

I disguised my new shape with baggy jumpers and hoodies.

One day I visited my mum and she tapped my butt as a joke telling off. I was crying inside lol!! Ouch!

Day 17 Post Op

I got up and took a few pictures today.

Still in love with my back curve, waist and projection. Only bit I dislike is that my hips are not symmetrical from the front and I don't like the roundness of the front of my flanks. This is why I was annoyed that I forgot to tell the Doctor when I met him on the morning of surgery how I wanted them to be a nice flat slope down to my hips. I still see a big difference in my shape and feel it's worth it so far. I still feel very swollen and a bit sore, so I'm hoping these areas go down more and flatten out.

I did more photos today and couple of collages.

4 Weeks Post Op

Today I returned to work and sat on my but for the very first time. It felt soooo weird. It doesn't hurt, but feels like it aches, I suppose and is uncomfortable. I was very fidgety!

Anyhow, from this point, I have continued as my normal life would and ended up spending about 8 hours on my butt, just moving to whatever was comfortable. Sitting for this amount of time was unavoidable for me unfortunately, but most surgeons say that you can pretty much do anything after 4 weeks and what fat is going to take to you will have already taken.

I disguised my butt with baggy clothes again, and no-one ever asked or noticed to my knowledge.

I continued wearing my compression garment 24/7, but did not wear my binders for my hours at work or when anyone visited me at home, as they made me seem very wide from the side - different from how I normally am. I always put my binders on all other times though.

I waited until now to weigh myself - I had read not to even bother until about 4 weeks post op. It was not too bad - I'd put on a few pounds and was 11 stone 4 or 5 - 158/159 lbs. I was 11 stone 2 - 156 pounds the day before surgery.

By this point I'd stopped with my vitamins and all medications - I think I stopped at about 3 weeks.

1 month 2 days post op

12/12/2014 - today I took my one month update pics Dr Aslani requested. I have been trying to eat less and weigh in at the same as before surgery - 156 pounds / 11st 2lbs. I made a couple of side by sides and the difference, considering I am exactly the same weight, is amazing at this point.

I had a Skype consultation with Dr Aslani - again, he said he was very happy with how I looked. I too was very happy. He was impressed with my photos and asked if they could use them on the Cirumed website before and afters and I agreed to this. I thought I must look good if I'm good enough for the website :-)

I received the Cirumed before and after shots. I am currently case 37 on page 8 of before and afters :-) this does change though, as I was first case 35, then 36. They made a mistake and put that I had 1200cc, but I had 1100cc. Anyhow, I feel very proud to be on there.

3 month update

So, I made it to 3 months post op on 10th February. I feel like most of my swelling has gone - just my ankles and calves seem bigger and harder than normal still and I have some fluid retention in the small of my back.

I wore my compression garment constantly up until 10 weeks post op and then just overnight until about 12 weeks. I have then had a couple of days off and, in fact, had not worn my garments for around 2 days when I took my 3 month pictures.

The last 2 weeks before my 3 month mark, I noticed a big change in my hips. The dents that had been filled in on my hips have begun to re-appear and my flanks to the sides and front still seem quite fatty and a bit pronounced. I wish more lipo had been done, but it did look smooth and amazing up until about 2 or 3 weeks before 3 months, so the slightly bumpy look I guess was unpredictable. Dr Aslani has done a good job of the liposuction I think - I look very natural and do not have a single line mark from the rod, which is a risk from more aggressive lipo.

I have gradually been going back to my normal weight of 10 st 10lbs (150 pounds) and on my pictures I am 10st 13lbs (153 pounds).

Apart from my hips, I have only really lost volume on the outside upper of each cheek, seen from a 45 degree angle.

I still like my projection, back curve and general better shape. You cannot see the slight bumpiness in clothing, but I can't help feeling disappointed to have lost volume from one angle and not have the smooth silhouette I had imagined.

I have emailed the clinic to see if anything can be done to improve this, as I really don't want to have round 2 if I can help it. I just hope I don't lose anymore volume. I have a Skype appointment with Dr Aslani on 26th Feb.

Despite losing weight, I have gained an inch on my waist on these pics - I am 29" waist and 43 - 43.5" butt. I have noticed that when I wear my compression and binders I do go back to my 28" waist or 28.5" and have a 43.5 - 44" butt when I take the compression off, so I think there must still be some fluid retention. The bumpiness is also not as bad and my figure is smoother, so hoping this is the case.

I'll be glad when everything settles down, but just hoping and praying I don't lose more volume. I do still think I look much better overall - my butt looks amazing in leggings!! I do still think it was worth it at this point.

Anyhow, please let me know what you think, good or bad! Xx

3 months collage

Despite being a little disappointed in my current bumpy silhouette from the front/back straight on and hoping so much that it smooths out again, the close up befores in this collage show how much better I look. I think you can also see the difference in my pubis area that the Dr laser lipo'd.

Skype consultation with Dr Aslani

So, tonight I had my three month skype consultation with Dr Aslani. He noticed I had lost volume from the sides of my butt, like I have said above really, though explained this is not uncommon, as there is no muscle there for the fat to really take to, so it does struggle to take. Another member on here said that to me also. Despite this he says he is very pleased with my results and said I have a very good hip to waist ratio. Dr Aslani also said he actually used my before and after photos at a conference to show his work! Eek! I'm feeling very pleased that he feels my results are good enough, but also feel strange... I think because I'm quite critial of myself and have been obsessing over the bumpy bits over all the good bits.

I asked about the bumpy bits. Dr Aslani was not concerned about these. He said they may settle, but he asked that I forget about them for now, enjoy my summer and then, if they still bother me and haven't settled, he will smart lipo those parts to smooth out my silhouette. He said the only way to solve the loss of fat at the sides of my butt is a little more fat grafting. He said he didn't think it would be worth it for me and would only make a little difference. I agree with this at the moment and think I will still feel the same.... I have kept my projection and love my new shape. I got mostly what I wanted when I set out on this journey and have to keep reminding myself of this when I become critical and begin to want more! Sooooo easy to forget your old body!

In fact, I have found some old 'wish' pics I did at my normal weight of 10 stone 8 lbs (148 pounds) against what I wanted on a plastic surgery app - I think my waist looks better than what I imagined. Any thoughts?

Booked to go back for minor adjustments

I waited until after the summer to see if my silhouette bumps settled down near my hips, but unfortunately they didn't. I've just booked to go back to Malaga; It sounds like I will be having smart lipo to smooth out the silhouette, which means wearing the garment again and some recovery period and swelling, but I am sure it will be worth it.

I still enjoy my new body a lot more and this is just some tiny adjustments that would make it perfect for me. I don't think I need round 2 just for the fat I lost at the outer sides of my butt, I feel like my figure and butt just look naturally curvy now and, for the first time, I feel good about myself most of the time. It's strange how this change has affected my whole perception of my body. I am more confident and care so much less about the little things that I used to obsess over.

Happy to say that, after 13 months, my measurements are still 28.5-29" waist and 43.5" butt.

My next surgery date is 10th February 2016 and I promise to do some more pictures before then xxx

Touch up lipo to flanks

As in my last post, I went back to see Dr Aslani in Malaga for on Wednesday (10/02/2016) and I can say I'm really pleased with it at this time.

I was awake during the procedure, which was laser lipo (aka Smartlipo). Parts of it hurt, but overall, it was just uncomfortable and I was squeamish. I'm glad I went and Dr Aslani was true to his word and the procedure was free. I tied it on to a fee days away with my friend, which was nice.

The actual procedure lasted about an hour start to finish and, honestly, the anaesthetic being inserted was the worst bit. Everything after that was fine.

I didn't need stitches, as the incisions were so small, so I had steristrips instead. I leaked a little overnight and then nothing since.

I woke up a little swollen all over, but this went off as I moved around. My swelling after that is just localised to my hips and abdomen area.

It's a little tender and hurts if I move too much or too quick, other than that, again, it's just a little uncomfortable and nothing more. And very very little bruising :-)

I've posted a few pictures, let me know what you think xx

Round 2 booked in

Hi all,

Haven't been on here for a while, but thought I'd update, as I'm booked in with Dr Aslani for a revision BBL on 15th May 2017.

I am still really happy with my butt and my figure overall. The confidence I have gained from round 1 is fantastic.

How round 2 came to be is that I recently enquired with Cirumed about liposuction to my calves. Technologies have advanced so much in the past few years, that calf lipo is now a possible thing. I really hate my calves. They are both muscly and fatty and I have been self conscious of them since I was at primary school. I did look into muscle reduction procedures in Korea alongside the lipo, but I think that procedure is just not for me. I was too concerned about the risks of removing healthy muscle and also surgery being in Korea itself after the horror stories you hear.

Anyhow, Dr Aslani was unable to really gauge what result he could get on my calves over photos and said he would much prefer to do BBL revision to replace the small amounts of fat I lost to the outer side of each buttock and do his best with my calves within that procedure.

I'm really hoping for a good result. I would love to go out in a skirt and not be self conscious of my legs or to actually be able to buy a pair of skinny jeans or normal knee high boots. Also really looking forward to having that bit of my butt back and some more projection if it is possible.

The surgery date has timed perfectly, as I have put on weight anyway just through a new job and a.couple of holidays. I was 11stone 2lbs. When I had round 1. I'm normally around 10.10, but am up to 12 stone anyway and have been asked to put on more. Honestly, I'm so sick of eating, can't remember the last time I was properly hungry lol. Not weighed in yet, but my stomach is bigger and my clothes are fitting very tightly, so I think it's working!!

Round 1 was very much worth it for me and I hope I will write another review soon saying the same of round 2.
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Overall, I was happy I chose Dr Aslani and the Cirumed team. All my emails were answered fully and quickly before the procedure and the whole process was easy. There was no selling by the staff, they just answered my numerous questions and I was left to make my own choices. This was a plus point for me. I felt that I didn't really get enough time with Dr Aslani before surgery - I saw him for maybe 5 to 10 minutes before I went into theatre. I was so nervous and my mind was racing, so I forgot to say how I really wanted my hips. Despite this, I was happy with his manner and the aftercare and am happy that I made the right choice in doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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