BBL & BA Dr Baez-UK to Dominican Republic-Going for round 2!

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Hi ladies :) Like most i have been stalking...

Hi ladies :)

Like most i have been stalking realself for a long time. Im from Manchester in the UK. I perviously had surgery i wasnt happy with which left me £9000 out of pocket and unhappy! I looked into getting my implants exchanged as iv had 2 children and toyed with the idea of lipo as i have always hated my love handles. I went to a UK surgeon who advertised liposculpting and said he could do this with the implant exchange for £7500. As i am slightly impulsive i said yes and was about to pay my money when i recieved a message from the coordinator saying the doctor will only do it if i understand it is not permenant. i started asking questions and was told it would last between 3 and 6 months. There was no talk of cc's or size at all & i was told sitting is fine post op. This is when i brought up the term 'brazilian butt lift' with the coordinator. She laughed and said 'girls see these women on tv and think that its possible'. I never once mentioned any person i wanted to look like or cc's i wanted, i just said i have seen the BBL on the internet. She claimed these were all fake profiles and the look never lasts on anyone. After seeing pictures of peoples genuine results i realised this women was just trying to get my money. I also realised most UK surgeons are unable to perform a BBL and if they do the results are temporary or with very little difference. I began stalking realself and saw that the closest surgeon with excellent results was Dr Aslani in spain. I spoke to Jenny who told me every detail of the procedure, she put my mind at rest and i no longer felt like a crazy lady as the previous coordinator in the UK had made me feel. She also confirmed it was common for the UK surgeons to talk that way. Lovely lovely lady and a credit to cirumed! She answered every question i had and booked me a phone consultation with Dr Aslani (I had already sent Jenny my pictures at the beginning). Talking to Dr A made me feel even better! I have spoken to my fair share of surgeons and Dr A is a lovely man! He is realistic and looks at every patient as an individual, i spent around an hour talking to him. He explained the procedure in fine detail and i understood it. I decided on having a BBL with lipo from my abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, arms and neck. I will have additional fat transferred to my lips and obviously my bum. I came off the phone with a huge smile on my face. I then paid my deposit a few days after. I had an initial date but i had to change the date to the 2/4/14. 16 days away, scary! Jenny has been a god send to me, i have had so many questions and she has always been there any time of day or night to answer them.
I am always worried about surgery after being so disappointed with my previous surgery it is very nerve racking. I read the bad review on here which again set me into panic mode. Then thinking about it, there isnt a surgeon alive without a bad review because every person is different, with different expectations and different results which arent because of a surgeons work but the persons body. Jenny put me at ease once again and the girl even stated that they didnt want to do the surgery on her because her expectations werent realistic. I am still 100% confident and expect to share some great pictures of my before and after with you once i have had my surgery.
I wanted to do this review to help people seeking the information i have been looking for since deciding to go for the procedure. I will put up pictures after surgery but i am 5ft5, medium build (not been on scales in years) and im 24 years old. I have had 2 children they are aged 3 and 1. I was uncredibly lucky not to have saggy skin or stretch marks from either pregnancy. I have always been a bit of a gym freak so i definitely think that has helped by abs. I am having a BBL with lip of back, flanks, abs, thighs, arms, chin and extra fat transferred to lips. I BRIEFLY touched on size with Dr A and he said around about 1000cc's per cheek. An important thing to mention is for people to not be hung up on how many cc's. Every person is different. 1000cc's on 2 people could look completely different. Also we all start with a different canvass, i have a bum, not big but not small its average sized i guess. But 1000cc's on me compared to someone with no bum will have a different outcome. It is important for you to explain the look and size you personally want, ultimately the surgeon will decide in theatre when enough is enough. I still want my breast implants exchanged which i have booked with a UK surgeon for 6 weeks post op as advised by both surgeons. Dr A explained it would be too much to do in one operation (once again a lovely man he could of taken my money and compromised my results but he didnt).
I am having surgery in the Malaga hospital an i am staying in the vincci (not booked yet), Jenny advised we also recieve 10% discount the as being cirumed patients. i have looked online and it is very close to the hospital. It's also near the beach so when i finally fancy a walk around im not in the middle of nowhere. the pictures of it look lovely. I think that may be all i have to update for now. Any questions please ask, i cant praise the staff enough at Cirumed!

Danielle :)


So its taken a lot for me to post a pic but i know thats what i looked for when researching.. My op is 2 weeks tomorrow so hopefully i will have some good pics to update you with soon


Before of lips.. Mainly the top lip at the sides i would like to be fuller.. Probably add a little in other areas also (might as well lol) will post more after surgery

Change of plan..

I had to change dates due to something out of my control but i was unable to do this as dr a is very booked up.. I am now booked in with Dr Baez in the Dominican republic on April 25th to have my bbl and ba done together.. I also want a tiny waist and i am not certain that i would be able to achieve this through one bbl with dr a.. I still think he is an amazing surgeon and in the future i will look at him if i want any other nips or tucks... Good luck to all you lovely ladies booked in, happy healing and a special good luck to my wonderful friend goldi gurly who will have her bbl with dr a in may.. I will start another review with dr baez if any of you want to have a look at my experience.. Before you ask yes im going alone and yes im scared but god works in mysterious ways and if its not meant to be then sumhow it wont...much love and special thanks to dr a and his team xx

3 weeks to go

3 weeks to go, getting a little stressed but booked almost everything.. booking my flight tomorrow and I'm good to go.. feels just how i felt at the end of my pregnancies, like time is moving so slowwwwwwwww... impatient i guess :) i am staying at the serenity RH and Liz has been lovely!

DR here i come....

I have paid for my flights and paid the balance for my RH today....suddenly feels very real..... :D

2 weeks tomorrow...

I have almost finished my packing.. i have got almost all of my supplies i just need some loose trousers or bigger ones.. i always were leggings that are kinda tight anyway so thats on my to do list.. i had a hepatitis c and typhoid injection today.. my arm is quite numb and hurting hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.. i have vacuum packed some large pillows for sleeping after sx.. i tested and 2/3 pillows under thighs and behind bum keeps me off the bed but also allows me to sit up so I'm not affecting my boobs.. iv taken extra as I'm sure pillows are in demand in the RH. I have also printed all confirmation and quotes etc to avoid any confusion once i am there. I applied for my ESTA visa (13 dollars) for the us and the other visa for DR from the embassy in London (£13) and that should arrive in the next couple of days. I have got travel insurance i just need to double check what it includes. Changing currency is my only other important job and i am still unsure as to how many dollars/peso's to take, suggestions welcome ladies! hope you are all well :)


I have just realised i haven't explained exactly what I'm having done... I will be having a BBL with lipo from stomach, back, flanks, chin, arms and thighs. I am having currently implants removed and replaced with silimed implants which i have researched and more than happy with. I am unsure as to what size just yet.. I decided i don't really need my lips done although i may mention it to Dr Baez when i have my consultation ... I fly from manchester on the 23rd i have a 9 hr flight to atlanta, i will stay overnight there and have a 3 hr flight the following morning (24th) to DR. I arrive there at 1pm so i will go straight to Dr Baez' office for my consult and tests. My sx is scheduled for the following morning of the 25th. I will stay in Serenity RH until the 3rd May. I ave a 3hr flight to atlanta then a 3 hr wait and then an 8 hr flight to manchester and i arrive there at 8:20am on sunday the 4th


current implants*

A week to go ...

Hi all,

This time next week il be on my first flight.. Scary thought! However i have taken some of the 'pre op with weight gain' pics that made me want to hide for the next week !! All for a good cause i guess ! I will post my pre op with my post op pics after the surgery.. My tourist card for DR came yeaterday which is good so i am pretty much sorted.. I do need lipo foam and a waist clincher but i am hoping to get those from the faja store in DR as their arent many options that coukd deliver in less than a week that arent super expensive for delivery.. I figured i will go and see what they have.. If they dont have what i need i can order for when i arrive home.. Lets hope this week goes as fast as next week .. Im getting excited! I had abit of a panic moment a few days ago and got scared and upset because of the goings on.. I chose Dr Baez because of her work and reviews, medical background and any history i could find, i know im in safe hands with her .. I think i let all the people posting negative comments on RS get into my head.. Truth is ur taking a risk anywhere and i know baez might not do the biggest bums or the smallest waists but for me i think she is the right surgeon .. Good luck to girls having surgery this week !


As fast as last week**

Various other typos.. Updating on my phone sorry xx

Recent pics

Literally disgusted in myself.. I wanted to put on a few pounds for bbl but these pics make me feel as though i have gone way overboard.. In the name of a good cause but no more eating crap for meeee ! There is more than enough junk in my belly trunk right now ... Ps not always in pjs lool usually take pics before bed!

This time next week

It feels like christmas is coming!! this time next week i should of had my surgery.. i will enjoy being to sit down for the next week coz its gona be a long time until i feel comfortable again! I will repack my case tomorrow when i have got the last few bits i need to add..


For those asking what il be taking.. This is the medical/washing supplies

my list

i will try my best to remember everything i have put in and why.. any questions please ask :)
Disposable bed mats-toddler section-for any drainage/bleeding/leaking onto bed
baby wipes as not allowed to shower whilst in DR due to water
face wipes
flannel and sponge for wiping down
antibacterial handwash
antibacterial hand sanitizer
shampoo and conditioner
toothpaste and toothbrush
P-ez as its difficult to use the toilet
flight socks-nesessary as travelling long haul and having surgery
plenty of gauze for drain/lipo sites
antibacterial wipes to prevent infection
arnica gel to help bruising
ibuprofen gel
medicated body powder-cools and relieves any itching under garment (avoid stitches)
hydrogen peroxide-cleaning closed wounds & remove stains from faja
savlon antiseptic spray
germolene antiseptic cream
microporus tape for gauze
antibacterial soap for washing pre and post op
body butter
baby oil-just incase for massages
allergy tablets
constipation tablets just in case
water pills (will get on monday) for fluid balance
strong painkillers (will get monday)

clothes wise i have brought a few maxi dresses/skirts, lots of vest tops for under faja loose clothes, 2 pairs of flip flops, sandals, boppy pillow £25 toys r us (nice and firm), lots of attractive big pants lol, socks and a few post op bras.

i have also got copies of
my quote from baez
e-ticket for flights
info for RH
confirmation for hotel in atlanta
confirmation email from ESTA vis (USA)
my tourist card from the embassy
any other documentation i have regarding the surgery and travel, better to be safe than sorry

i have decided i will exchange money into dollars as i have been advised you can pay in dollars so its easier for me. i think thanks about all i have to update.. getting close!

Tomorrow is the day

Hi guys,

just wanted to update you, i got my first flight to atlanta yesterday and stayed overnight. i stayed at the holiday inn express in college park. They have a shuttle bus service to and from the airport with a free breakfast. My service there was great and the staff were very helpful. I flew to santo domingo today. The flight was great.. All 4 of my flights are with Delta and i thoroughly recommend to anyone coming from the UK, i will be using Delta in the future for sure. I had already purchased my tourist card from the dominican embassy in london i think it cost £13 and they posted it to me. This was a life saver as there was a huuuuuge queue that i didnt have to wait in, this is a must. I got my bag and walked down the ramp (liz from the RH emailed me with info and details about being picked up, very informative) and conrad was in the exact spot like Liz said with a sign for me. He is lovely and made me feel so welcome, he even gave me the hotspot on his phone so i had internet on the trip. It was about 20 mins to Serenity and i saw the pics that were put up on their website and they dont do it justice. It is beautiful, so clean, fresh and modern. Sisi answered the door and took my to my room (conrad put my bags in my room for me) and she gave me information about telephone numbers and wifi etc. She had to go to the supermarket but introduced me to rosie the nurse who was also nice and friendly. Conrad gave me his and sisi's number for whenever i might need them. He had spoke to Dr Baez' assistant before picking me up and she said she was in theatre and they would call him when he should take me.. so currently im still waiting, hopefully it wont be too much longer im so tired im still running on uk time i think! thats where i am upto now.. the staff here and the place itself get a 10/10 from me i couldnt ask for better. Any questions feel free to ask and i will post pictures of the RH when i dont feel cheeky just photographing the place 10 mins after iv come in lol

2 days po

hey girls,

just wanted a quick update to let u all know im safe.. im in alot of pain right now. my surgery was supposed to b 4 hours but ended up taking 11 hours.. my family in england kept calling as they were worried, the doctor was taking her time is what i was told but 11 hours is a very long time.. i felt it as soon as i went to my room have been in alot of pain since.. my bum is rock hard and my boobs look good.. they are big! i am struggling wth recovery but i knew the first few days would be hard.. i am very swollen on my arms which i didnt have lipo'd my whole body is swollen.. hopefull i can update with some good news in a few days.. love to u all and happy healing xx


just a quick mention without the help from the staff at serenity i dont know what i would of done.. they have looked after me so well and i am so very greatfull these kind people are looking after me

Finally feeling abit better

Hey ladies,

so i can finally update now i feel abit better.. i am 3 days post op now, the first 3 days were hell! i am starting to feel more normal however the pain medicines out here are not good, didnt touch my pain. i didnt bring any of my own but that is a must! i saw the surgeon today she is happy with everything but said i am very swollen and i need to start massages which i am glad about. i am so swollen i just hope it will release some extra fluid, the massuse is actually on her way.. my boobs have been great and no pain, i got an uplift and 500cc implants. They are high at the moment and need to settle.. i will post pics of everything when i can. Im feeling very sick all of the time especially when i smell food but the doctor said it could be a reaction to the anesthetic. i am lying on my bum with a pillow under my thighs to try and support it as i cannot lie on my front. Dr Baez also advised to get a stage 2 faja which the good lady at the RH has been to fetch for me. Dr Baez is an absolute sweetheart, she calls and texts all the time to see how i am. She really knows what she is doing and on a patient care level i couldnt ask for better.. As with the staff at the RH, im so lucky to of been with such kind people when i have no family or friends around. this would have been so much harder without their help. i will update after my massage, wish me luckkk. Also thank you for all of your well wishes i was in such a bad place for the first few days and it really did help.

1st massage

Omg i feel so much better! It is abit uncomfortable at first but by the end i didnt want her to stop.. I feel much better and now i am having 2 per day i will update u tomorrow

waiting for 2nd massgae

i just had my first nights sleep, i was sleeping maybe and hour at a time tops but last night i slept from 12 untill 7 i woke up for the toilet (water pill before bed isnt a good idea ) but i feel goos this morning, i have had no pain meds for a day and just feel mild discomfort, again no issues with my boobs... the stage 2 faja that the lady here brought me wouldnt get over my bum and it was a size XL!!! i think maybe i am still quite swollen but i am not a big girl so i dont really knw why.. they are gona change it today, also it had nowhere for my drain to come out from which i need. i have had the support bra on my boobs from baez its so tight but my new boobs r well supported! on the whole im feeling good but still feeling sick so not been able to eat breakfast :( x

Before massage

I will try n get a pic of my tiny waist

Before massage 3

Still swollen

Day 5

Bye bye dr

Hey ladies,

I went to see baez today, i got my drain out which was in no way painful at all! I was really scared but it was nothing to worry about .. She pulled shut my stitch gave me a big hug with post op instructions and in the morning il be on my 15hour flight home.. Wish ne luck! Cant wait to get back to my family.. Oh and the faja i couldnt fasten 2 days ago is now too loose so i had to get another new one.. Im gona take in my current garment in the uk the one i brought today is a thong and for daytime wear once i dont need the full legs support .. Will start taking pics when im home.. Went to the supermarket earlier n couldnt help but notics my new booty in the shop windows ;)


Hey ladies, im home.. Thank goodness! Still in pain but getting better each day.. Flight was awful i wont dress it up, never been so uncomfortable in my life.. But that was to be expected.. Added a few pics.. Still super swollen tho.. Hoping it subsides.. Managed to go food shopping today


A few pics of serenity

Chin lipo

I only had a tiny but of fat .. The dr removed this and i got the faja for it but it makes me feel abit clostrphobic and sick so i dont wear it at all really and my chin has swelling .. I am trying to wear as much as poss and i will send pictures as soon as the swelling subsides x


can i also note i HAVE been sitting since day 1.. i have noticed no reduction, since i have had my boobs done also i had no choice but i would urge you ladies not to put so much pressure on urselves not to sit.. i occasionally use the boppy pillow however if im sitting on something softer than the boppy eg my bed or a sofa i wont use it.. i find the boppy quite hard.. my memory foam mattress at home is perfect. i just want to show you that it wont all disappear if you sit however it is advised not too. in my case it was unavoidable but im still more than happy with my results x

Questions below

As per the questions below.. My surgery took so long as the doctor only does 1 patient per day (occasionally 2 small cases) she wanted to do her best and she took all the time she needed which i am grateful for.. I had lipo on my inner thighs and had fat injected to the outer thighs/hips. I didnt have my arms lipo'd as i had excess skin. The doc said it would leave ne with sagging if she lipod abd advised me that exercise would benefit me more.. I am happy with this.. I put more weight on before the op so my arms are bigger than before but i can fix that in the gym at 12 weeks due to my breast implants. Xx


Excuse the mess



Hi ladies,
Sorry for the delay with my update.. It has been a long hard recovery.. I had a really lumpy tummy which was so swollen for ages.. Im STILL swollen now but sooooo much better! I will upload a few pics of now.. Im still wearing a garment but so happy with my results.. I got my boobs measured which are a 32H (uk sizes) .. I love them! Will do my best to get back to u all in the next few days xx


My waist seems to be so much smaller n my bum seems much bigger now my swelling has gone

Few pics

Im so rubbish at taking pics here are a few that iv taken .. Iv been back at the gym everyday for 2 weeks and iv found that my swelling is much worse on my belly when i exercise.. Im not waist training but i am still wearing my garment as much as poss.. I swell up as soon as its off.. My previous implants were 190cc and my new ones are 500cc xx


Updated pics

I still have a very hard lumpy tummy which is really annoying.. Overall im happy, its just such a long recovery.. I still swell up without my garment.. Its getting better but i still need it on xx


Im healing well.. Still some tummy swelling but i went to a wedding yesterday and felt quite jessica rabbit :) baez is amazing !


Decided on round 2...

Hey ladies,
just a quick update for you all.. i am totally happy with the results from my first bbl.. i have however decided i want round 2. This is not because im crazy but because i have still got lumps in my abdomen which havent gone with massage, i also want my bum to match my curvy hips, i feel as though it needs to be a little bigger to look how i wanted it to look. I havent taken this decision lightly but i just want to be totally happy. I think i will go back to Dr Baez however i will get quotes from yilly and duran. I will use the same airlines/RH as previously as they were fantastic. I will hopefully go just after xmas provided i can save quick enough. I will post you pictures soon so you can see what i mean :)


Since my decision i have spoken to Baez, i have one breast which hasn't dropped into the brest pocket and have some lumps in the belly which havent gone away with massage. She has agreed to do a revision of the breasts and lipo of stomach. She is going to get me a quote for the hospital costs. Im going to check but i think il be able to pay some extra and have the fat from lipo put into my bum.. which means im going to need to try and gain weight... i got a quote from Duran for $3900 for a bbl. That is excluding the breast revision. I think il go with Baez and just try to gain enough weight to have some put into my bum. Family members are now saying my bum doesnt look as big, i hadnt noticed but if they are saying it then im pretty sure its true....


So i am currently searching for a doctor. Although i love the results in DR the lipo is very basic and often leaves with lumps and/or sagging skin... i now have loose skin, not sagging but i know if i have anymore of the lipo then its likely i will need the skin sorting too... im not wanting to have multiple surgeries so this is not what i want. I feel a little like i was so obsessed with getting it done last time i didn't really consider the type of lipo.. I heard Baez did aggressive lipo which sounded great.. now im thinking hmmmm maybe not so great. I wasnt a big girl before and iv seen many ladies bigger with no loose skin after lipo. So i am currently on my search for a doctor that gives a good bbl result whilst using vaser lipo as this reduces sagging. I got a quote from comfort zone in Istanbul and they provide everything im asking for. The only issue is they dont share any patient pictures so you cant see results?? A tad crazy? Anyway i spoke to a man called Engin who seemed great at first for a quote but then when i was asking questions he started not replying. Im not the kind of annoying patient that asks 100 questions, just 2 reasonable ones which he left unanswered the last time i spoke to him. Whether hes now not understanding what im trying to ask, i have no idea. I am not gullable though and i will not be parting with a significant amount of money and handing over my body to someone that can't answer my questions. There are 2 great butt implant reviews which he directed me to, unfortunately i never wanted butt implants so they are of little help. I was considering Aslani for a brief moment but his lipo doesnt particularly help tighten loose skin either. Whats a girl to do ?? Engin did promise that the vaser would remove the lumps in my tummy which im really happy about though, just wish he would reply!

Hoping i get good results with round 2

Hi all,

Been super busy lately. I am hoping to have a round 2. I think i will be going with Dr mete aksu in turkey as her is closer for me.. Im trying to gain a little weight in the hope that he can give me a fuller bum.. I will update with anything useful. All garments were brought on ebay from marboston store :)

Still running every day

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor and so caring, the aftercare is wonderful and she looks after her patients like they are her family. She is there 24 hours a day for any problems no matter how big or small they are and she keeps in check with the RH also to check up on patient recovery

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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