BBL and Liposuction Goodbye Love Handles Hello Flat Tummy and Perky Butt!! Dr Aslani - Spain, ES

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Ive been thinking about having this procedure done...

Ive been thinking about having this procedure done for years after reading review upon reviews upon reviews Im finally ready. I have stubborn fat on my tummy and love handles that i just wanna get rid of. I have always really wanted an hourglass figure and now I can have it.

I had my consultation via Skype with Dr Aslani who seems very nice and reassuring.

on the 8th Aug 2016 Im having Liposuction from my tummy and the fat will be transferred to my butt I contemplated just having lipo on it's own but if I'm having surgery may as well just get the banging body I want.

I'm thinking about doing my arms and calves as well has anyone done these areas as the calves are very rare but I want to get them done, if so, do you see a major difference is it worth it?

Im anxious but at the same time excited nit sure what to expect. Just want the day to come already!! Ive bought a few things like Bromelain, arnica need to buy some other things on my list this week.

I'm gonna put pics up soon!!

If you have had this surgery on a scale of 1 to 10 what was the pain like, can you describe it and how long did it last for?


So i have 2 weeks til the big op.. I feel super excited I don't know why I don"t feel nervous anymore I'm more excited than nervous I hope i don't start freaking out on the day as I'm so calm now anyway we will see.

I'm so grateful to have found realself as without all the reviews I probably would have never booked it.

I'm starting to think about what I will tell my friends and family as I don't want anyone to know but I feel like they will notice I have only told 2 ppl. What have you guys told your friends and family? I just dont want any judgements from ppl. I just wanna tell ppl Ive been working out hard and eating healthy.

Started taking my Bromelain today which you have to take 2 weeks before the surgery to help with inflammation. heres the link: its £12.99

Need to shop for clothes im a size 12 so wanna buy some maxi dresses in size 14 to 16 so the clothes are loose. I wanna shop for pre op clothes but I have no clue what size I will be my waist will prob be a 10 then my butt will be a 14 don't know what size jeans I will wear.

Asked if I could get my calves done but Dr Aslani can't do them so will just leave them as is. still can't believe Ive been thinking about this for 3 years and now I'm finally doing it no more ppl asking me if I'm pregnant cos of my pop belly lol. I really wonder how I'm gonna feel after the surgery and how painful it really is as everyones pain threshold is different some ppl on here say it didnt hurt some ppl say it was excruciating.

I will keep you guys updated need to put pics up real soon.

wish pics

another wish pic

BBL surgery tomorrow BIG DAY IS HERE!!

so i slept for like 1 hour last night I couldn't sleep at all got my flight in the morning now I'm in malaga at the Hilton hotel. I will definitely have to take a sleeping pill as I'm not able to sleep I will be up all night hopefully it helps me to sleep and Dr Aslani recommended that we take it anyway. its defo needed.

Im so nervous now keep going over so many things in my head and once you read and sign the consent forms it dawns on you that this could be dangerous am I willing to take the risk well.. Hell yeah if I can have a body like beyonce why not lol I just keep praying and being on real self really helps to see other peoples stories and know that they made it through. I just keep thinking about being under anaesthesia what is it going to feel like and how am I going to feel when I wake up? will I look like my wish pics or will my butt look too fake n big? what will i tell my mum my friends and family anyway the list goes on I'm getting ready to take my sleeping tablet and go to bed otherwise my brain will not stop.

I took some before pictures for you guys to see i'll post them on tuesday when i get to marbs.

does anyone have any tips for relaxing?

So nervous wish me luck guys xx

My before pics *covers face*

4 days post op

Was going to update sooner but I've been in a lot of pain the first night was the worst I hardly slept I kept calling the doctor for more pain killers. I really didn't think it would hurt this much. Day 2 and 3 were okay but getting up and out of bed was painful.

I am still swollen although it's gone done had the massage today and I felt a lot better the massage was very gentle didn't hurt just felt a little tender.

I have fluid that has gathered in my vagina area not sure what to do any advice? Will this go in time? How do I get rid of it? Has anyone else had this?

After pics

4 days post op pic.. I'm loving my new bod.. tummy is flat can't wait for the swelling to go down for it to be even flatter Dr A put in 1300 cc in my butt I wanted it quite natural but he said this will be a good amount so I went with it. It's now day 5 days post op I am feeling a lot better pain has gone down just still have tenderness in my tummy and back and butt still feelsome stiff but the worse part is over. Getting used to sleeping on my front it's not that bad but can't wait to actually sit down you have to stand to eat and drink and lay on your tummy all day it can get annoying. I never had so many naps in my life lol the Meds put me to sleep everytime. I'm glad I've got the rest as it's straight back to work when I get back which is fine cos I work from home. I can't wait to show of my new bod.

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