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Hello ladies So.....it appears that I'm actually...

Hello ladies
So.....it appears that I'm actually going to do it...I can't believe it!! After extensive research, I have decided to go with Dr Aslani in Spain for my lipo and brazilian butt lift. Unfortunately there are very few doctors who are proficient in this procedure so I really don't want to waste money getting it done here only to find that I require revision surgery at a later date.

So a little about me- I turned 40 this year, have two children aged 7 and 2 and I'm finding it difficult to get back to my previous baby weight of 190 pounds. I almost achieved it last year (only 7 pounds off target) with some hard work and heavy weight lifting in the gym, but due to my recent separation and little help with childcare, I just don't get the opportunity to hit the gym as often as I would like. So with some lipo to my stomach flanks and inner thighs, my body will look more acceptable. I have noticed over the years that as soon as I lose weight, my butt disappears which I hate so i'll need a little help in that department too with a Brazilian butt lift.

I want to achieve a snatched waist, flat stomach with sloping out towards my hips and a beautiful pinch able upside down heart shaped butt.

I will be paying my deposit tomorrow so will hopefully get a date of 29th August....fingers crossed that date will still be available.
I desperately want to lose about 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks...any tips/ideas?
I also need an extensive list of supplements, products and equipment that I will require post surgery. If anyone could point me in the right direction that woulday be much appreciated.

No turning back now...

It's all done, deposit paid and surgery scheduled for Monday 29th August....WOO HOooooooooo

2nd bbl pillow

Is there anyone on here that has a bbl pillow they no longer require that I could purchase? 1 pillow will be supplied in the price of my package so I would like to have one for home use (for driving, sitting room eat with kids etc) but need one also for work as I work in an office and sit for approximately 8 hours a day.....yikes, I don't want my bbl to deflate!!!! Lol

Also how long are we supposed to use the bbl pillow before we can just sit normally without it?

What's this malarkey about your butt dropping??!!

Ladies has anyone else experienced this phenomenon??!! This lady said that her butt dropped so she started with a shelf butt and ended up with a heart shaped butt.....she looks amazing with both shapes but I definitely want an upside down heart shape where most of the volume and projection is in the mid and lower buttocks

Fate or an unbelievable coincidence??!!

So ladies I have a lil story for you.....

After writing my initial review I received a comment from Sophia9999 stating that I may see her in Spain as she too is going to have surgery by Aslani.

Anyway after much back and forth, can you believe:

We are having exactly the same surgery
By the same doctor
On the same day
Are booked on the same flight to Spain
She lives 15 minutes from me

I mean REALLY??!!! Isn't that just an amazing coincidence??!!! So we'recommend now going to complete our journey together. We booked an apartment together so that we can check in on each other....and compare butts on a daily basis lololol.

Shout out to my girl Sophia9999...only 10 days to go girl....WOOP WOOP!!!

THIS IS IT- today is the day

So...as I type at 2.15 pm on monday 29tg August 2016, I'm here in the Quirón in a room waiting to be called in....my gosh ladies, how nerves can really affect you!! I feel quite calm and quietly excited about it all to be honest but my body is showing major signs of anxiety- I've pooed like 5 times since I woke up, my tongue feels like a rat has been sleeping in my mouth- tongue is furry and dry but I guess that's the effects of the fasting since midnight.
So my surgery buddy Sophia9999 was scheduled first to go in at 8.30 am but because the taxi took us to the wrong hospital, we waited there like two plums from 7.15- 8.10 just wasting time. When we finally realised we were in the wrong place, we walked a mere 3 minutes around the corner to the correct place and had to wait for approximately 1 hour to be admitted. By the time we checked in and Sophia was assigned a room it was already 9am!
So we'recommend running a boutique an hour behind schedule. I was scheduled to go in at 12.30 so I know I will get a knock at the door any second now. Sophia was a bit emotional on the way down but I have her a hug and promised her a game of ' who has the biggest booty' when we both come around from surgery lolol

Wish me luck ladies


POST OP- day 1

So after HOURS of waiting ( I was scheduled at 12.30 and they didn't come for me until 8pm) in which time I emptied the entire contents of my bowels...the wait is finally over.

So....ladies honestly so far, I just feel like I've had a really tough workout out at the gym. My whole torso feels like I've been doing planks and sit ups for 5 days straight....and that's it- no pain whatsoever!!! The waist binder is a little uncomfortable of course because it's putting pressure on the incisions but seriously child birth is a million times worse. They do pump you full of morphine as soon as u come around then constantly top up with other painkillers maybe that's why I have not experienced pain only discomfort.

Don't be alarmed when u wake up and your sheets are full of blood, it's only the fluid they pump in you when they do the lipo coming back out.

would u believe I was actually scared to look in the mirror lololol!!! I just didn't know who I would see in the reflection.....but I can say ladies ....I'm already over the moon with my results!!!! My waist is tiny, booty is nice and round and projected, stomach is flat with no saggy skin and my hips.....well they look huge so I'm hoping they will go down somewhat but I know I'm still swollen.

Let me know what u all think ladies....

Day 4 post op

Hey hey hey!!!!
So it's 4 days since I had the procedure and honestly ladies....I don't feel like I had a procedure completed 4 days ago!
Today I went to the beach, sat (on my bbl pillow of course) and had lunch, soaked in some of the rays and returned to the apartment.
I can walk normally again, can go up and down stairs comfortably, it takes less effort when I have to get up from a laying down position.
I had my follow up with Aslani yesterday. I told him that I think the hips are just TOO much. He assured me that they WILL go down and that if I am still not happy with them in 3 months time, he will perform cool sculpting free of charge. He said in all his time performing this procedure, no one has ever had any follow up appointments to reduce the size of his work....so roll on 3 months time!!!
The bruising on my legs is quite bad but it doesn't hurt at all and I'm diligently popping my arnica pills.
I also had my massage yesterday with Peter....such a lovely guy with a warm aura. He was very gentle and said that the massage would assist with swelling reduction. I was passing so much urine after that massage so it obviously worked.
My back is sore like someone has been punching me in the ribs but again, it's just uncomfortable not painful.
My final follow up will be on Monday and I will be heading home on Tuesday

10 days post op

The whole experience seems like a distant memory.....getting to grips with my new tiny waist, just hope that butt and hips don't go down anymore.

Before and after

Nearly 7 weeks post op

The 6 weeks really have flown by. I'm back into my normal routine, started back at the gym today which was quite a funny experience coz I could feel my new butt jiggling behind me.....hee hee!!

I absolutely LOVE my results!!! My stomach could be a little flatter I guess but hey, I wasn't looking for perfection. I know that if I lose about half a stone, my stomach will get flatter
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Consultation was informative and he took the time to answer all my questions. The coordinator Jenny haso been really helpful too.

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