CANT WAIt!!!! Getting a BBL by Dr. Aslani in Spain OCTOBER 11th

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I've booked my BBL with doctor Aslani on October...

I've booked my BBL with doctor Aslani on October 11th 2016 in Quironsalùd Hospital in Malaga, Spain. I am not going to speak about the looking for a doctor process as we all go through the same things. I'm just writing this review to explain step by step how from now on things will go and all the exact information you need if you're thinking about having a BBL with doctor Aslani from Cirumed, Spain.

I've picked my doctor on realself after going through thousands of reviews worldwide, I was open to go anywhere to get my two surgeries (BBL and a breast lift) as long as it is done by the best. I don't play when it comes to me or my body so if I'm doing this I better look way better than before.

1step: contacted Cirumed clinic on their website, as well as on realself, I got a really quick answer from Aylen, one of Doctor Aslani personnal assistant. He is simply amazing, nothing to add. He answers to all the questions I have and the max he took to answer was 2 days. I will paste our conversations so y'all can go through every step with me.

FIRST EMAIL received after contacting them:

Thank you for considering us for your aesthetic surgery.
We are delighted to help you to get your dreamed body.

Our director Dr. Alexander Aslani is also Head of the Departments of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Quirón Malaga as well as of Quiron Marbella.

The Quiron Hospitals are Spain’s top private healthcare providers with high end maximum care level centers in all major Spanish metropolises.
Quiron is the hospital of choice for Spain’s elite, celebrities and sport stars, including even the Spanish royal family.
Dr. Aslani has 20 years’ experience as a surgeon and looks back at more than 12000 operations.

He owes his academic appointments to a surgical career at cutting edge level spanning over two decades with an extraordinary success and patient satisfaction rate.
His position as director of the Plastic surgery unit in Spain’s elite hospital reflects his status as one of the top Plastic surgeons in Spain.

This assures our patients to have both maximum safety as well as best possible results.
For a more detailed insight into Dr.Aslani’s academic credentials

Our surgeons are leaders in large volume fat transfer and have special clinical interest in Brazilian butt lift surgery.
At present we are the only department in Europe specializing in the Brazilian butt lift surgery. Our surgeons perform hundreds of Brazilian butt lift surgeries, including large volumes.
This has made us the most popular option for patients looking for safe Brazilian butt lift surgery with constant top results and without the need for risky and uncertain long distance travel.

We have specialized in Water Jetstream assisted fat harvest technology, which is currently the cutting edge modality in large volume fat grafting.
Our extensive experience and consistent refinements in this procedure have made us a natural reference center for fat grafting both for aesthetic as well as reconstructive indications.

For a more detailed overview on our unique protocol for Brazilian butt lift surgery including case examples of our standard of results.

Most of our patients also enjoy seeing clinical examples with explanations of our clinical decision making.

We have also included a video with the single steps of our fat grafting and body contouring technique, which you may see

Our patients usually find this very helpful, and we hope that this information is valuable to you.
We understand that costs are very important to patients, but we kindly ask you to understand that for a detailed quote we would need the assessment of one of our surgeons.
The cost for Brazilian butt lift surgery with large volume fat grafting usually oscillates around, subject to individual preconditions.
This will depend on amount of fat to be removed, donor sites and other individual preconditions.
Our prices do not include 21% IVA (Spanish taxes)
We also regularly have special prices with various resorts in Marbella, on offer, depending on season.
For out of town patients, we recommend for them to stay for 7-10 days.

Please send us your height, weight and three pictures of your body (no face) from front, side and back view (Please consider our before and after gallery for the correct angles).
I will then arrange for our surgeons to assess your case on the basis of the pictures provided, and advise whether a Brazilian butt lift is a good option for you or not.

Our surgeons offer various options to patients requesting breast augmentation surgery.
For patients preferring silicone implants, our preference is to use Natrelle, Nagor or B-Lite implants. These implants are currently seen as the high end of established brands for breast implants.
Apart from breast implants, our surgeons have special interest in fat transfer.
Our surgeons are leaders in Waterjetstream assisted fat transfer technology and have extensive experience with this technology.

The most popular and advanced option amongst our patients is “supercharged” breast augmentation. This is a protocol that our surgeons have developed and perfected over recent years.
Here, breast augmentation is achieved by combining a silicone gel implant with superficial microdroplet fat grafting. This gives a more natural appearance, results in less implant palpability and enables our surgeons to mold and shape especially the cleavage area.
Results are superior to silicone implants only, since the addition of fatgrafting is a very effective supplement to achieve superior, more natural results.

I can't believe this is me after BBL I'm getting a breast lift!!!!!!!!

Here are the pictures I sent and based on this, here is the doctor's conclusion on my body.

1. Water Jetstream liposculpture of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
2. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting. This entails workup with the extracted fat with the Humanmed lipocollector technique and multiplane microinjection technique
3. Laser liposuction for skin retraction on the donor sites to tighten the skin and accentuate your waistline

Also included in the quote total are the following:
1. One compression garment
2. Anesthesia fee (depending on your preference local with sedation or general anesthesia)
3. Hospital fees (your suite, theatre, nursing, IV lines, meals, on premise medication etc).
4. Surgery Fees
5. Materials: Body Jet single use fat harvest cannula, lipocollector, laser fibers, plasma enrichment, Serofil microcannulas etc.
6. Your postoperative medication, which is handed out to you on discharge
7. Your postoperative reviews

All this for 5990 plus the spanish tax.

My consultation with doctor Aslani

So I'm going to get my surgery on the 11th of October 2016, I paid my 500 euros deposit and I just can't wait. I keep on going back and forth as I think that sport is very important but then I'm like it can only better my shape can make it worse and I'll do heavyweight training on the lower part of my body once I'm done. I feel guilty sometimes but I had 2 kids back to back and literally destroyed my body. The doctor's assistant keeps telling me I will be able to do as much sports as I want without losing that much of my butt (not so sure about that) but he is right on one thing if I do sports now I won't have ANY chance of having a bootyyy!!
So here are the final info on my surgery:

My consultation with doctor Aslani (Part 2)

Anyways updated without explaining what happened with the doctor because my computer's battery was dead so I was scared to lose it all.
I love this website, it is so helpful!
So My convo with doctor Aslani went very well I weight 70kgs,165cm (154lbs, 5'5) right now and he told me not to lose one gram, the problem is I have cellulite when Im this weight which disappear when I'm 66 kgs so I'm going to try and keep the weight but it is very uncomfortable and my wish is to have a nice booty but nice legs also I dont want to be fat just to have a big booty. I will have to settle to a weight that is enough for him to make me look amazing. The other thing is that he can't take that much off of my inner thighs and my abdomen not to have saggy skin.
Anyways the doctor was very nice, my main questions were about my weight and the fact that I didn't want to gain more. He answered all my questions during 30 minutes and he talked about his wife and how he will give me a second round for free when i come for my breast. He looked tired but he was very nice although a little bit late but I got a proposition to re-scheduled and I said no because I had time so I waited.


So these are the areas were I'm getting lipo and then I added the arms but that is going to be lipolaser and I might asked them to do cellulaze but I have to think about it as it is another 600 euros and I can do it when I get my breast done. Im getting my breast done around january-february as I have to re-gain weight to put in my boobs. i might get implants I will discuss it with the doctor when I'm in Marbella as I dont care about the scar or the implants I just want the best result.

My journey

Leaving on the 10th of October spending the night in marbella (Ibis agenda velasquez,43 euros one night)
-SPENDING 6 DAYS IN NH HOTEL MALAGA (412 euros with breakfast 6 nights)

PS: I got a package for post-op transportation that costs 180 euros. MY FLIGHT TICKETS WERE 80EUROS ROUND TRIP.


Final decision

So I am going to get Lipolaser on my arms, a bbl(lipo on my back, waist, abdomen, flanks, inner thighs , inner knees and armpits) and Cellulaze on my butt and back thighs, which is a laser treatment that treats cellulite. I'm in the process of losing weight because I look too deform and no surgery can arrange that. I am 1m64 and I'm about to be 66.5 for the surgery so when it's done I look perfect.

My dream before after

I used an app!

My dream before and after!

I used an app for surgery!

Even better

I wish!!!!

J-5 can't believe it!!!!

OMG I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING IN LESS THAN A WEEK! I have suffered for like the past 10 years over my butt that I used to love and this is about to change everything in who I am, I am scared as I already love myself what if it doesn't come out as I thought it would?!


SO I went to make my payment but I was surprised to meet the doctor which was a great surprise since I wasn't supposed to meet him until tomorrow. Im happy but so excited and a bit scared!!!

I did it! Aslani put 1600cc in each cheek!!!!

It's so hard to sleep on my belly! The worst part!!!

Getting my massage with Peter

I don't really like my body right now but I guess I have to be patient and to realize what really happened!!


what can I say?

Doctor Aslani

Amazing so far so great!!!

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