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I have been thinking about bbl for many years...

I have been thinking about bbl for many years before it was even a big thing! But seeing how it's grown in popularity has suprised me and convinced me more to do something about my apple shape as working out will never stop my booty being flat. Sure it's rounder in some places but not from side & no projection :(
I want to do it ASAP as I am currently dieting and exercising to lose the baby Wright. Already lost over a stone and a half. My problem is I can eat clean, workout and get skinny but I still have back fat & a pooch. I don't want to get skinny I want curves.
I sent my pics over to Cirumed in Spain who think I'm a good candidate for bbl and later tummy tuck. However, I'm wouldn't do tummy tuck until I'm older or know for sure I won't have any more kids. If money was no object wod probably have the bbl, tummy tuck, something for the breast and maybe a small nose job just to remove some cartilage lol!!
Travelling abroad for surgery worries me, especially as my youngest is under a year though...

Bbl dr Aslani

This is such a big step and decision. I really feel like I want to go for this but keep worrying too much. Is anyone else planning to do to dr Aslani?
How do you pay for the procedure? Because it would need to be changed to Euros and don't you get charged a fee for that? I'm really confused!!

Swap days?

I would like to do the procedure around the 8th August but it is not available. There's some availibity at the end of August. If I booked that would anyone be willing to swap? Just putting it out there... Lol

Looks like im really doing this??!!

Had a Skype consultation with Aslani. Seems like a nice guy. Was wearing shades don't know if that was for effect...lol but he seemed to answer most of my questions etc. So I decided to stop obsessing about everything that could go wrong and I've paid my deposit 2day. Arrgh!!

Has anyone gone to Aslani is Spain and avoided the tax?

I have seen some people say that you can avoid paying the Spanish tax...is this true? I.e. If you pay in cash?? That tax puts the price up a great deal :(


I have been struggling to find childcare for my almost fiv and almost one year old as I am a single mother. I've been let down by their dad so I have had to get creative and asked the girls' babysitter to watch them but this also means I have had to cut my trip down to six days as a) I've never left the baby overnight before and b) I will have to PAY her plus c) she works full time. This is all working out really expensive and sometimes I wonder if this is all worth it or I am just being vain and stupid with money or if I should just stay here in the u.k to do th procedure but I truly feel if I'm putting myself through this and financing this through any means necessary than I want the best results possible and Aslani seems to give those results! Also, I focus on my kids all the time. Surely a few days early on in their life isn't too selfish?? Anyways leaving early means I will be leaving four days post op. This does worry me as obviously my health is of utmost important but my kids have to come firs as much as possible too. Dr Aslani did say in our Skype consultation than he's had patients leave after four days and that he doesn't like it but it's not usually a problem as it's one of the less invasive procedures. Also, the patient coordinators asked him if I could leave on the morning of day five and he said that was ok and that I could take out stiches on day four if everything was ok, otherwise I would have to get my gp to take them out back home.
I'm hoping there shouldn't be any problems for me leaving on night four as opposed to morning five (this also saves me like £80 in flights and €100 for hotel so makes sense) and have emailed them to notify them. Not much I can do as I've already booked the flight lol. Hopefully, health wise and pain wise I'll be ok. Fingers crossed!!
Also, my periods have suddenly become irregular as in much shorter cycle and I'm afraid I'll be on, on surgery day or soon after. Read on here it's not a problem and also emailed, so am waiting for their reply. Anyone had this problem? That would just be another inconvenience especially if I'm in pain and restricted in a tight garment!

Weird trying not to lose weight for first time in life. Feel yucky :(

Since my consultation when dr Aslani said not to lose any weight I feel like I'm letting myself go abit :( I want to have loads of fat for butt but don't want the rest of me to look huge lol. As surgery is this month and I have a really hectic month I cancelled my gym membership...I usually go at least three times a week & do quite high intensity workouts so with lack of excercise & being a bit lax with diet I am quite concerned. Think I will try & eat a bit less and still keep active as much as I can & go from there.


Oh and have given up smoking for this. Two days so far. Hard! And not helping with eating lol

Playing around with plastic surgery app

3 more sleeps!!! Omg :0

Shxt is getting real...so much to do...

Safely on the other side!!

So yesterday was the day. I can't believe it's done. This is crazy.
The day started well until the taxi took me and newera to the wrong part of the hospital. This pushed our surgery times back as we were then late. The lady from cirumed who was greeting us, Lucy had a really lovely booty. I told her this and she said Aslani done it & he's the best!! I was still pretty nervous but Dr Aslani really does make you feel really comfortable. I told him what I wanted and showed some wish pics and he explained what he could and couldn't do.
When I woke up I was in recovery in a lot of pain and was given morphine and something else.
Later I was taken back up to my room. The first nurse was really nice and she and two men! Helped me to the toilet. The first time I nearly fainted so we tried again later. Other nurses I've had don't speak English. They don't always come when you call and nobody checks on you unless you ring the buzzer. I'm now going to the toilet by myself as it seems quicker. Caught a glimpse of my body in the mirror and I can see I have hips. Aslani came to see me and said he's really pleased as didn't think he'd be able to get much on my hips due to tight skin but he managed to pit around 400cc on each and 1400 each cheek and even had to throw some fat away lol. Just sore at the moment.

First post op pics

Without garment

Dreaded before lol


Last night was by far the worse for me. Aslani said the first night would be the worst and that I would swell etc but last night (the second night) was awful. I didn't sleep a wink. I was in pain about 6/7 out of 10 and really uncomfortable. Also, have had a pounding headache for a couple of days but that could be down to lack of sleep or dehydration. I feel not too bad atm. It's really hard not sitting on my bum. I feel like I would be more relaxed if I could sit down. I'm just trying to stretch, walk etc as much as possible today.

First massage

Today's been much better. Feeling a little more like myself. Had my first lymphatic massage. Was really relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. I will only get the one as I am flying home to my kids tomorrow night and the guy only comes on certain days. I managed to put on a bit of make up. Still a bit tired and sore. And keep getting headaches (prob from tiredness).Also, I realise if I go too long without eating I start to become nauseous, this may be down to all the medication. There is loads! I was given my stage two garment and pillow today, so at least I can attempt to sit! Lol

Home time!!!

Had a follow up with Aslani yesterday as was leaving today. He's pleased with how much he got on to my hips. Was not concerned with bum as said he feels the fat will stick to the muscle whereas need 2b very careful with hips. Said if any probs we can put more later but there shouldn't be any problems. Cirumed had advised they would take out my stitches today but then yesterday said I have to do it at my G.Ps next week.
Went out to the beach for lunch and dipped my feet in the sea was really lovely. I feel quite good in the day but just get tired quickly and binders are very uncomfortable! Night time is where I have the most problems. Once I'm sleeping through, I know I'll feel right as rain. Am home now. Feels great to be home and cannot wait to see my kids!!
Flight home was not too bad tbh. Stood up for whole journey only sat for take off and landing, as sitting on the pillow in the tiny seats next to others, is a myth. Felt like everyone was staring and was just uncomfortable. Much easier to stand and flight was quite quick


Oh yes and he stressed the importance of compression, compression, compression to try and avoid needing a tummy tuck! Fingers crossed

9 days post

Was a bit upset that he didn't do my hips and bum bigger but when I compare to before there is a definite improvement and I hope it will continue to improve as waist goes down!?!


Waist trainer & garment

6 weeks post

One year anniversary

Overall, I am pleased with my results as my shape is completely different from before (I actually have a shape now) & love the shape of my bum. However, I can't lie. I wish my bum and hips were bigger and that he'd taken more fat from my back and belly. Will defo be having a tummy tuck in the future but most likely in London.
Also, I still have the marks from the incisions.
Dr Aslani

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