27 Year Old Arranging BBL With Dr Aslani!!! So Excited - Spain

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Ok. So I'm from London and I've been looking into...

Ok. So I'm from London and I've been looking into getting BBL. I've wanted it for a few years now but never plucked up the courage to do it. After much consideration I've decided to go with Dr Aslani in Marbella as I've read he's the best in Europe. I always watch Dr Miami on Snapchat and I wish I could go to him but he is way too expensive and I heard he has a 2 year waiting list. I turn 28 next year so want to enjoy my new body for as long as possible before I have kids.

I'm Prone To Flaccid Skin --- It's Giving Me Cold Feet

Hey guys

So I was so excited and would still love to get it done but when I emailed Cirumed my photos, they said that my abdominal area is of high risk from getting flaccid skin (loose skin) so they can't take too much fat from that area. I'm a size 10/12 (more on the 12 side) so I was shocked and now I'm getting cold feet as I don't want flaccid skin, but also wanted a flat tummy from having this done as that my main problem area. I did email them back and ask if I lose some weight around my midsection would that help, but they said nothing can be done. Bit worrying as I do have a big stomach, not I'm not particularly obese and when I lose weight my tummy looks flat in clothes.

If anyone has had experience of this i'd love to hear from you!
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