25 Year Old with a Lack of Bum - Spain, ES

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Well after considering this procedure since 2014 I...

Well after considering this procedure since 2014 I have finally booked my surgery! I had researched Dr Aslani when I first considered the procedure as he had some amazing reviews and before/after pictures, I want a significant change and most UK doctors dont seem to do this to the extent i want (nor have the extensive experience like Dr Aslani does!). So I got in touch with the Cirumed clinic and told them that I want the procedure asap as i suddenly one day made my decision....sod it im going for it! and mentioned that i want to know costs of the surgery and if there are any deals with hotels etc, I was messaged back within the same day from a lovely and helpful lady named Marina that asked for some before pictures to review as well as my stats like height and weight, I sent them (theyre attached to this review), she then got back to me and said that I would need to put on some more weight for a bbl as my bmi is very average and they may not be able to graft as much fat as i would like, she said that i can still have lipo and a graft but it may not be considered a bbl, just depending on how much weight i can gain prior to surgery. I was really pleased with this as she wasnt giving me any promises that cant be forfilled and let me know the estimate bmi i need to be to ensure id be happy. She also said that with my height/weight ratio i may have better results with implants, however i really am not sure about implants as i know over the years they need to be replaced, and id just much rather prefer the natural approach. I was initially surprised with this response as I know I am not by any means lacking fat but i understand that not all the grafted fat survives and i do want a significant graft and not just a bit of fat shifting. I then got back to her and said id put on the weight no problem, a tub of ice cream in bed daily it is! she then gave me available dates and I chose the 21st of March 2016 in Malaga! I booked my flights and hotel which was great, i was able to compare times/dates/board/location and speak to someone over the phone when booking too. I booked to stay in the Tryp Guadalmar hotel which seems like a good option as its about a 10 minute drive from the airport as well as a 10 minute drive from the hospital lol one thing i am concerned about is breakfast and dinner.....ive booked half board so morning and evening meals are included but how on earth am i meant to SIT on a chair in the restaurant area after the op? do i get it sent to the room i suppose? or maybe lay on a deck chair outside with my grub! ha ha anyhow, Ive also opted to have the necktite, well i have said i would like it but will confirm nearer the time as i would like to see how much weight ends up on my chin! I really dont want to be loosing weight post op obviously so i want to make sure the rest of my body looks good too, so thats the chin sorted but ive also rejoined my local gym in hopes of toning the arms and legs in the meantime. Anyhow, I have paid my deposit to hold the surgery date and will pay the total within a week or two. I have also booked for the 15th of March (6 days before my surgery date) to have my consultation with Dr Aslani to go over everything, we are having this over skype as ill still be in the UK.

So all in all im very happy with my communication with Cirumed so far, the lady that i have been conversing with (Marina) is very quick to respond, she is thorough, friendly and very helpful. I am so, so very excited for my surgery with Dr Aslani! oh also ive decided that i want around 1100-1200cc in each cheek, i think its important personally to pre-decide this before talking to a surgeon, obviously i dont know what im talking about but after going through all the before and after pictures ive looked at patients that i can relate to and seen how much theyve had grafted and their results. As i havent discussed with Dr Aslani yet i dont have an amount set but im sure he'll agree.....i bloody hope he will lol Also i want to mention that i really want a small waist and a nice size bum....a significant size bum! lol

Well I shall keep you all updated, the pictures that I am posting now were taken on the 1st of feb, I will add more of the same angles mid march just before i leave so you can see how much ive gained for the surgery, then of course Ill post my post op pics! AH EXCITING! I cant believe im finally doing it! :)

Thanks for listening guys! I wish you the best on your journeys and I hope watching mine over the next 2 months or so will help someone make their decision :) x

4 Days prior to surgery!

Wow what a journey so far! Ive been doing everything I can to gain significant weight (and that includes doing nothing lol) no exercise, 500ml ice cream EVERY night, full fat milk, full fat everything! chocolate, sweeties, chips, all the naughties! It actually was harder than i thought at first because im very strict with my diet normal, I do eat treats but im very conscience of what goes in my mouth and how much of it too! I did struggle with guilt at first but after gaining weight I was getting excited seeing results! My thighs are seriously rubbing together....success! lol! Anyhow long-story-short im now just over 13 stone and my target was 13 and a quarter so im very pleased! Marina has been very on the ball with sending me documents and info, and I had my consultation with Dr Aslani 2 days ago and I am absolutely over-the-moon, he spent time to explain the procedure and go over any questions I had and I am so excited! I also have accumulated lots of baggy and long clothes that will hide everything well! I got them mostly second-hand from ebay and charity shops as I only plan to be using these clothes for a breif period (6-8 weeks i assume) for comfort and privacy! Im a little concerned as to how I will be eating my breakfast and dinners at the hotel? I obviously cant sit down so will i be able to have my meals delivered to the room i wonder? or at least get my mum to go get me my meals and bring them to the room? lol anyhow I have litterally just taken a break from my packing to write this as I am leaving tomorrow :) So here I go back to packing! I will be taking my computer with me so I will write a review as soon as I get the chance after surgery :) also ill upload some more before pics later today as i am quite a bit larger now! Take care guys! x

Night before!

Well I am well and truly sick of being his weight! Ive put on so much weight for this surgery I cant stand it, I took the before pictures as well and oh wow do I hate them! I havent put on weight well lol It really doesnt look good! Anyhow I am so beyond excited for tomorrow I just want to get it over with but I have a few questions at the moment like how am i going to get a cab back to the hotel if i cant sit down? and are they going to get rid of all this fat because im not used to it and i hate it and if they dont ill have to loose weight afterwards and then my bum will go down and probably before my tummy because the bum fat is new and unstable! ahh im panicing a bit i think! well, dont get me wrong; im beyond excited but im so nervous about the results its crazy, i feel sick! :( anyhow i will send you all updates when i get back to the hotel on tuesday after the op on monday (tomorrow) Wish me luck! x


Well the worst is over! I regretted it the moment I woke up a haha its now been 3 days since the surgery and only today am I feeling like I'm not going to die lol I am still so very swollen but I see a shape forming nicely which I'm so so pleased with, I know I'm swollen but my waist is tiny which is a huge bonus! I've definitely had trouble sleeping, the bandages they strap you up in for the first week are very uncomfortable and are sticking in my ribs which are bruised, I don't remember this kind of pain when I had my breasts done but my mum's reminded me that this is a big op that I had, I had fat taken from my upper and lower back, ribs, abdomen, public mound, upper arms and inner thighs then had it stuck back in my booty and hips! As well as the necktite which I'm already very impressed with even though it's still got plasters on it I can see no more double chin! I have to mention that I would not have been able to do this without my mum here helping me with picking things up and dressing and taking pills and getting food etc you definitely do need someone to help you after surgery! Well I am a happy yet swollen bunny at the moment, I can't wait until the pain subsides because it is a huge amount of pain! I told Dr Aslani after the surgery when he came to have a quick chat, he said "are you still my friend?" And I said "I feel like I've been hit by a train!" He said that it's unusual to have as much pain in my tummy as I described but every patient is different lol anyhow all in all so far I'm extremely happy, I will write some more in a few days to let you know my progress with pain etc! Take care x


I will update my review over the next few days with pictures and my story continued with my ups and downs lol but this picture is for sweetyuk I hope you see it! X

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