26 Y/O BBL in Turkey

I have been considering this surgery for years now...

I have been considering this surgery for years now. my weight fluctuates every so often but even when I am at a lower weight my stomach is never flat. I want to feel confident in swimwear and comfortably wear the clothes I like. After finishing university I have decided that this will be the perfect gift from myself to me :-). I have read several reviews after lurking on this website for months and have considered yily in the DR but after stumbling upon Aslani I love his work just as much and he is much easier for me to get to.

Almost 1 year since I made my first post.

I've been researching different procedures for quite some time even prior to joining real self. I've now become uncertain if I actually want a BBL as I already have a booty but it could do with a lift and shaping. I don't want to body shame anyone but I'm not a fan of the extremely huge butt on very thin legs look and would prefer a more natural looking change. I have gained about 20lbs since I last posted too which has made me research even more to decide on the procedure I want. I've posted wish pics and myself a few weeks ago.

I have also decided I no longer want to go with Dr Aslani as I received a quote from him and feel I could achieve better results in a central or South American country which brings me to my new doctor, Luis Plazas. I've looked through his results and read several reviews on here and I am very impressed by his work. I'll continue to do my research but think that if I were to go to Columbia I would get a BA also as I know the price will be worth it.


So I've booked with Cosmetica Travel in Tunisia, anyone else had experience with this clinic? I've been finding it extremely difficult to find all the information I want about the doctors and the clinic and i'm beginning to have 2nd thoughts.

I initially chose them because I know a friend of a friend who went there but now i'm struggling to contact her.

I've wanted this for years and would hate to regret my decision after. There are two surgeons however the gallery available is limited and i'm unable to tell which surgeon has completed either surgery in order to assess which surgeon I would like to go with. Please message me or comment if you have or plan on having surgery with either Dr Taher Djemal or Dr Karim Yacoub in Tunis, Tunisia. I've also added a BA and my surgery date is set for March 2017.

Somebody help please!

Mediface or Comfort Zone

I'm moving like I have money to waste.

So in less than a week i've changed my mind about Cosmetica Travels, something just doesn't sit well with me and the idea of going to the clinic. I feel as though Nozha was not giving me genuine advice from the surgeons and was more concerned about money.

I always knew about elite after care but feel that their price is too expensive and will be increasing to 5k for unlimited lipo and bbl in 2017, might as well go to Aslani *side eye*.

I found Mediface Aesthetic by chance and saw a plethora of positive reviews got excited after speaking to Meltham and now that my flight is booked I find the bad reviews on here *insert side eye*. Mind you, I just lost money because I cancelled my flight to Tunisia.

Upon searching further I stumble upon reviews for Comfort Zone and I was having serious regrets about booking with Mediface until I came across that review of the girls butt implant coming out and it allegedly being a silicone breast implant and the other ladies stomach having a dent in it. Although some of the reviews for Comfort Zone after that seem genuine I feel as though some have been made by their team in order to overshadow the negative reviews (that is purely speculation).

I can't seem to get over how many people have said they lost all volume within months at Mediface...is that the reason Lateysha switched to Elite? Somebody help please? I need help making this decision preferably within the next few hours as I believe I can still change my flight without incurring extra costs.

Keep in mind my booty is already a good size (or so i'd like to think) I just need a little extra and my waist to be snatched.

so tell me Mediface or Comfort Zone?

European Dolls travelling for BBLs

I'm so glad that more women on Real Self have ventured to places closer to home. I remember when I first joined it was so difficult to find information anywhere other than the US or DR. Thanks y'all.

Happy New Year

So I've decided to go with Comfort Zone. Booked in for March 1st, and as much as I can't wait I got a lot of work to do so I can be prepared.

I've started back at the gym as I have gained weight since my last personal pic and want to at least be back at that size.

I've ordered a lot of vitamins to ensure my bloods are all good. I want my GP to do a full blood test before I travel just to make sure all is well.

I've also been searching for a bbl pillow, why doesn't anyone in the UK sell these? Can I have suggestions on the best places to buy from please? Where is a good place to purchase a faja in the uk? I really want to start putting my travel package together from now so I won't feel pressured at the last minute.

I also want to know where in London is good to go for lymphatic drain massages?

Thanks in advance x

20 days til sx

Everything I've ordered is slowly but surely beginning to arrive. Lipo foams, female urinal, body pillow and my make shift bbl pillow (memory foam pillow).

I purchased wipes from Tesco on offer and went to primark to buy comfortable clothes to wear.

I didn't continue going to the gym but I've cut back on my eating haven't lost much weight but I'm hoping Dr. Ilker can remove this fat from my stomach and waist ????????????????????????. I'm considering lipoing my neck as I don't want to look slimmer everywhere and have a big head, just worried about how I will sleep ????.

Overall I'm excited as well as apprehensive about the procedure because another girl on here who is similar in size to me isn't quite happy with her results at the same time I think her wishes are different to mine so I still have hope that I'll be satisfied.

I've made my own BBL Pillow!

After searching for a BBL pillow in the UK and speaking to other UK dolls I realised that there is no way to purchase one already in the UK. I was tempted to buy one from shaped_curvy on Instagram as they stock the non branded happy booty pillow which is great for work and nosey colleagues but could not justify parting with so much money for a pillow I won't use for more than 3 weeks. After speaking to another Comfort Zone lady I purchased a memory foam pillow from eBay for £9 and was going to just use that until I came across an orthopaedic leg cushion at Aldi for £6.99. I'll add photos for y'all to see.

The leg cushion is shaped like the top of the happy booty pillow and is perfect for recovery sitting. I plan on seeing them together or putting a pillow cover and sewing in order to keep them in place. A
Whole bbl pillow for less than £20, I'm so happy!
Ilker Manavbasi

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