25 Y/o and I Just Want the Perfect Body. London

I have been considering this surgery for years now...

I have been considering this surgery for years now. my weight fluctuates every so often but even when I am at a lower weight my stomach is never flat. I want to feel confident in swimwear and comfortably wear the clothes I like. After finishing university I have decided that this will be the perfect gift from myself to me :-). I have read several reviews after lurking on this website for months and have considered yily in the DR but after stumbling upon Aslani I love his work just as much and he is much easier for me to get to.

Almost 1 year since I made my first post.

I've been researching different procedures for quite some time even prior to joining real self. I've now become uncertain if I actually want a BBL as I already have a booty but it could do with a lift and shaping. I don't want to body shame anyone but I'm not a fan of the extremely huge butt on very thin legs look and would prefer a more natural looking change. I have gained about 20lbs since I last posted too which has made me research even more to decide on the procedure I want. I've posted wish pics and myself a few weeks ago.

I have also decided I no longer want to go with Dr Aslani as I received a quote from him and feel I could achieve better results in a central or South American country which brings me to my new doctor, Luis Plazas. I've looked through his results and read several reviews on here and I am very impressed by his work. I'll continue to do my research but think that if I were to go to Columbia I would get a BA also as I know the price will be worth it.
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