23 Y/o BBL by Dr Aslani Malaga - Spain, ES

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Hi It's now one and a half months left until my...


It's now one and a half months left until my BBL sugery with Dr Aslani.

I have been thinking alot about if I should do this surgery. But after a lot of thinking and finding the right Dr I have now decided that it's right for me.

On the 8 of April I'll be doing doing my BBL.
Can somebody give me some tips on what i should bring with me to Malaga that can help after the surgery ? Tell me about youre experience with Dr Aslani and Cirumed, but also what did you do when you came back to the hotel? Giv me all youre tips.

I hope that I can help Other that is thinkinh about to do a BBL with my experience and story.

xoxo Nerves girl

Befor pics

Here is some befor pics.

OMG i´m so nervous!

Hi Girls!!

I´m so damn nervous. It´s 1 month and one week until it´s my turn. The only thing i´m thinking about is the surgery. My Shewee just arrived so I have tried it a couple of times, and it just so COOL haha. I´m going to make all my shopping next week. I have a lite list on what I should bring with me.

- Shewee
- Arnoca Oil
- Hibiscrub
- Maxidresses
- Jogging shoes
- Flippflopps
- sweat suit
- comfi underwear

It´s 2 things I´m so nervous about. 1 is the anesthesia, I'm afraid that I 'll wake up during surgery or I'll get too much anesthesia. And the 2 is the result. I do not want a big butt. I want to get my fet off my the back, get a flat stomach and that my lovehandels will disappear , and that my butt becomes rounder and I get a little bigger hips. I want a nice hourglass shape.

Thx for now and I´ll update next week ;D

3,5 week left!

So the time is flying so fast. I´m starting to get stressed out and excited.

I´m thinking that I´ll make most of my shopping in Malaga ( we are going 2 days before the OP day ). So to kill some time I think shopping and eating nice food is the best way to go. I Love the shopping in the old town in Malaga, so I think that I´ll find everything I need and more.

So for the last 4-5 weeks I have gained weight ( Jenny told me to go up 2-3 kg ), so I can really see that my body is so big and disgusting. My stomach is big, my lovehandels have just escalated so fast, so this don´t make me want to do the BBL less haha.

I have my Skype consult with Dr Aslani on the 19, and I can´t wait to hear what he as to say about what he thinks he can do with my body. I really want a smaller back, a flat stomach och a nice lite but. I´m holding my fingers crossed that he can achieve that.

I will update som more before pics of my bigger body next week.


Consult with Dr Aslani

Oh oh oh !

It´s now 3 weeks left until my BBL. I had my consult with Dr Aslani. He is a very funny guy, he gets out his points through humor which I like. So we is very right on point that he is not a baker or that he is not working with sculpting wax. He is working with human bodys and real fat.

I have been very realistic throughout the process so I know that I´m not going to be perfect. But what I also know is that I´m going to look so much better than I do today.

Somebody thats going to Malaga in April ?

Me Today!

It is not a big difference from my pict that I mosted one month ago. But I can feel the difference inside my body haha.

Dr Aslani told me yesterday that he didn't w


Dr Aslani told me yesterday that he didn't want to take to much fat from my stomach because the skin there is not that elastic, so if he takes to much I can end up with lose skin and I don´t want that.

He also told me that he want to take a bit of my inner thighs, but my legs are so skinny so I don´t want them to be even skinnier, but we´ll see :) I just can´t wait any longer.

2 weeks left Girls!

Omg, It´s 2 weeks left until my Op day. This is stressing me out. But one thing that makes this whole process so much easier it that my big sister is going with me, but thats not all! She is going to do a BBL just like me, so we are going to have each other there. I´m so grateful that I will have her by my side.

So I went shopping today ( I will post the pics in a on update ). I think that I have got all I need until we land in Malaga and do buy the rest there.

who is going to have a BBL in Malaga in April ?

Things i'll take with me!

I got some SPF, Shewee, Arnica massage oil, baby wipes, travel socks, PJ:s, Big panties and I'll buy the rest in Malaga :)

1 week!

It is now one week left until we are flying to Malaga. I´m just so exited now and the best part is that it´s easter now so we are going away for a mini vacation, so the days are going to fly. I´m going to start packing today, make sure that I don´t forget all the documents that we need to take with us to the hospital, I´m going to do the payment for the rest of the money och pack all clothes and oils.

I can´t wait to see the new me, and to walk in a bikini for the first time in 4 years. I´m holding my fingers crossed that Dr Aslani is going to give me what I want and that the results is going to be FINE ;D

Xoxo Girls

In Malaga!

Hi Girls.

We just landed in Malaga. The Apartment is very nice, two big rooms and a medium size living room.
So we are going out for dinner and enjoy before we do the surgery. I Can´t believe that we are here after so many moths of waiting. But the big day is on Wednesday, the taxi is picking us up att 07:00.

The internet is so slow here, but I´ll update you on the day of the surgery, and I´ll see how often I can update after, but I´ll try my best.

Bye Dolls

2 weeks today!

So my dear friends.

Today I´m 14 days post op. I´m felling good and I LOVE the new me. BUT This is going to be a LONG review. I´m going to write EVERYTHING that we went through.

Day of the surgery !

So the taxi came and picked us up at our apartment at 07;00 in the morning. We went to the Admin, sign all the papers. The Negativ thing was that the lady did not speak ANY english, when you are going to sign so important papers you want to understand and ask if its something. My sister asked for the wifi code so we could use translate.

After this we went to our rooms, we paid the last money and then a nurse came and tok some blood test and put a needle in my arm. After that I kissed my sister good bye and a male nurse came to take me done to the teater. He gave me a op hatt and toke some picutures, so when I was done withe the pics Dr Aslani came to talk to me and looked at my body, I told him what I wanted ant he told me what he could do. He started to mark me up and when he was done another nurse toke me to the op room, they sprayed me with some cold brown spray. The helped me to the op bed and gave me my general anesthesia.

I woke up crying of the pain and that the compression garment was so tajt. I wanted a big glas of water but they told me that i have to wait for 3 hours, so I started to cry again haha. I Called my family to say that I made it and I was fine. I slept for 2 hours and then I finely got some water. So after 4-5 hours after a woke up I wanted to go to the toilet, that was horrible I felt so light headed and the pain was so bad. I was asking after my sister that stayed in the room next to me, and they told me that she was fine. So in the night wen I was starting to feel better I toke my painkillers and walked to see my sister, but I managed to be there for 3-4 minutes before I felt dizzy and had to go back to my bed. The night was ruff, and I felt sick of the thought that we were going home the next day and going to bee alone with no nurse to take care of us. So I woke up in the morning, could not eat. One of Cirumeds nurse came to help me take a shower, toke some pics, gave me my medications and helped me to pack my things.

Now it´s time to take the taxi home to our apartment. Me and my sister are in such pain. we came home and I felt asleep.

Day 3!

The night is the worst, the pain is killing us. I sleept for 20-30 min then I woke up and started to walk around the apartment like a crazy, my eyes were so tired I could barley hold them open. We went to The hospital for our first check up. Everything was perfect but I was so swollen, I was swollen in my face, hands yes ALL over my body.

Day 4!

The night is getting worse, it feels like someone just kicked me and broke my rib cage. I could not breathe when I was on my belly or standing straight. We went to the drugstore to by some more painkillers and that really helped me, I could sleep for hours after taking that pill. But the best thing was that our sister came to malaga to help us.

Day 5!

Now it´s check up nr 2. We got our massage by a lady that was not so god. I didn´t feel anything afterwards, the cirumed nurses took out the plasters from the stitches, and the swelling was still there, but it had went down a lot. We are starting to get a little better, we are drinking a lot of water and walking around a lot. This night our mother and my daughter came to Malaga to be with us.

Day 6!

we are starting to sleep like 3 hours in a raw at night and filling much better now.

Day 7!

we went to the hospital for our 3 check up. we got our 2 massage and this time it was a man, and damn he was good. I felt so much better after, this guy knows what he is doing. Alvaro ( a cirumed nurse ) tok out my stitches and it did not hurt, he tok some new pictures for Aslani and we meet the last time with Aslani. He tok a last look at my body and were very happy with the result.

Day 12.

Time to leave Malaga now. I thought a lot about how we would "sit" on the flight . But luckily we went at 6:55 in the morning so the plane was not full, so my sister and I got 3 seats to ourselves so we could lie on your stomach all the way. It was not bad at all.

Day 14.

I´m so happy with my body. I can´t thank dr Aslani and he´s time enough. The thing is that I can´t sleep wit my type of corset that cirumed gave me. I hope that thats not going to destroy my results, but I can´t sleep with it :( I feel so much better with my self and my boyfriend LOVES the new me haha.

Is it hard to not sit ?

Hell yes. this is a pain in the ASS!!!!! I´m now 2 weeks post and it´s so hard to not sit. But i´m thinking positiv and thinking about that my as is going to be so nice and I´ll be abel to sit in 2 weeks :)

I want to say THANK YOU Noelia, Lucy, Jenny and Alvaro for ALL the help and that you have been so helpful and answered all our questions and comforted us when we did not think that we would be better.

I recommend Cirumed and Dr Aslani for your BBL!


2 Weeks!

3 Weeks post!


I'm now 3 weeks post, the swelling is going down, but it feels like I'm starting to get bigger. I'm esting sallads and healty food. It's one week left until I can start to swim and start to SIT! The worst part of the BBL is that you are not allowed to sit for 1 month...

My body is still sore, I still feel pain in some parts of my body, but today has been worse. I feel stiff and I'm still nume on my hips and stomuch.

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