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I had body jet lipo done yesterday on my stomach...

I had body jet lipo done yesterday on my stomach and flanks. I'm a 35 yr old and weighted 136lbs. I had my procedure done in Spain and my Spanish language skills are lacking so I felt a bit lost on numerous occasions. After drawing on me and taking my photos they took me in to theatre
The first thing to know is that its freezing. After they spray you and you lie down on the bed I was so cold, I was shaking and my teeth were chattering! It wasn't the best start.

I can't remember much about the procedure as I was put under general anesthetic as the sedation didn't work. I just recall waking up, feeling very disorientated and in pain. The doctor and nurses were great especially after a few hours when I tried to eat and drunk some water and I was violently sick all over the side of the bed. I finally left the hospital after 10h and slept through the night. The pain isn't that bad. I can walk around but it looks like I've shit myself. I'm so glad I didn't have any further areas done. If I had known what I know now I wouldn't have gone through with the surgery and I don't even know its worked yet. If you are thinking of surgery just note it is a massive step and a serious operation. I will update you in a few days I am too scared to taken compression garmet off at the moment.

4 months on

Yes 4 months on and I would still rather my pre surgery body. I have a really uneven appearance, lumps, wrinkly skin. I'm in the gym an hour every day and have no results. My stomach is big. I look ridiculous I'm a bikini. Just wait my surgeon said who I don't think cares, doesn't even examine me, I've waited 4 months. Then he says he may have to do a revision as if I'd let him touch my stomach again!
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