22, Brazilian Butt Lift - Spain, ES

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I'm 22 years old, from the UK. Having fluctuated...

I'm 22 years old, from the UK.

Having fluctuated with my weight over the years, I've never really been happy with my body! Im due to graduate soon and with that I want a body to be pleased with.

Active lifestyle, gym 4-7 times a week, just some seriously stubborn fat & absolutely no butt regardless of how many squats I do!!

After a lot of research I'm considering Dr Aslani in Marbella. Initially Miami was my plan, but recovery/flight time was just far too much. A 2 hour flight is much easier than 8-10 hours!

Took the plunge & sent the message!

Been in touch with Marina, she's filling in for Jenny currently at quiron in marbs. She's been so so helpful!

Sent the dreaded before pictures away, just waiting on seeing if bbl's the right thing to do!

The process has begun, how exciting!!

Such a quick response!

Got my quote back from Dr Aslani's patient co-ordinator. I sent in my pictures yesterday which was presented to the surgeons & they've given me the go ahead as I'm a suitable candidate! Exciting!!

€5990 for the surgery + 21% Spanish law tax thing for aesthetic surgery so total is €7247, which in pounds is about, £6197

Now I just need to go about financing my little medical holiday! Did you ladies save like a boss or did you speak nice to the bank? Haha, look forward to hearing from you!

Bellavita, Dr Duran

Received some information via jasmine from bellavita -she's been so pleasant and helpful!- not sure how people have had issues getting in touch, she's replied to all my emails within 24 hours of sending!

The BBL on the sample price list is listed as $3500-$4000 (USD for surgery in Dominican) which is about £2710-£3097 or there about.

It's now a case of filling out some paper work and paying a $200 admin/membership fee to proceed with the process of booking surgery dates etc. (about £155).

Just trying to document everything as I go along.

Hope this helps little lovely's who are looking to become Duran dolls!


Just been to give blood this afternoon, asked to check my haemo just out of interest, thankfully it's 135 per litre so 13.5! Always a good start for considering a BBL!


Seriously can't decide when to go to Duran! Do I go when I've finished school before I start work full time (August next year), or do I wait till early 2018 (I know I'm far too impatient for that though!!)

August 2017

Decided to just bite he bullet and go for the BBL next year, I'll already be in a tonne of debt from uni fees.. what's another 5grand on top of that haha! I'm not waiting till spring the following year! HELL NAH.

Just need to pay my fee now with Duran to start considering dates!

Decided to go wth Duran instead of aslani, but can't change my doc on my review!
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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