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My motivation came from my partner i had...

My motivation came from my partner i had considered the operation for 3-4 years but was always worried about what other people would think of me or how people might treat me different. My partner told me he loved me the way i was but if i wanted to do it to give myself more confidence he supported me 100%. After we both spent hours on the net researching about the procedure i took the first step and contacted a company who was recommended by a friend who also had breast augmentation with them as well. I always had an ideal size in mind and learned from others that looking through hundreds of photos really helps you get an idea of what you want shape and size wise.

I decided that i wanted to be a full DD/E to match my curvy figure , i have a small waist and a big bum and the only missing part to my figure was a large bust and this destroys my confidence in practically every outfit i wear! I went to a consultation and was told i had quite a broad chest as i am athletic and the largest i could go was 560cc high profile silicon implants sub muscular . Initially i was pleased as i thought this would give me the result i wanted but my doctor told me it would only bring me to a D - a small DD, which was upsetting as i wanted to be a Full DD/ E . However at my sizing once i tried the implants on i was really happy with how they looked and loved the portions of my body with them , the sizing staff member said with them i would be DD / E before i had even told her my ideal size . To sum up right now I'm feeling confused about my post op size , i know only an estimate of a cup size can be made but i would really love more insurance from somebody what i might end up as . Currently i am a 34/32 A i am 5f5.5 weighing 130lbs my breast width is 14.4cm .

I currently live at home with my parents , I am 21...

I currently live at home with my parents , I am 21 years old and am moving country to live in August of 2013. I am planning to have my procedure done in August/ September of 2013 once i move. I have not told anyone i am getting my procedure done bar my partner as i don't feel comfortable enough with my family or friends to support me. I know i would be judged and further excluded from my family but my concern is going to family gatherings at say Christmas and have a family member remark on the change of the size of my breasts .. I do not know how to deal with this situation it is tough and i was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue and how they coped ? I know that once i am moved and start my new life that my breasts wont be noticed as i will enter my new life after having my surgery.
Dr Giraldo

I choose this provider because the staff were helpful and friendly and made me feel very comfortable. The Dr himself was very honest and provided me with all the information i asked for to the best of his ability , he is a senior surgeon and is well recommended. I found out about the company via my friend who also had a breast augmentation with the same clinic and was very satisfied with her results.

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