BBL Toss Up - Spain or Miami?

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The size and shape of my bum bum has always...

The size and shape of my bum bum has always bothered me and ever since I had my son my tummy has been shall we say well....yikes! but I have still struggled with the idea of a BBL and ask myself often “does it really matter what my butt looks like?” and yes, it does matters to me

So WOO HOO, I AM GOING FOR IT! This is an exciting time for me but choosing the right surgeon has been hard. I live in London and was thinking about travelling to Miami or perhaps Atlanta to have my BBL done. The doctors in the UK are not at all experienced in this area perhaps because in London it is still considered beautiful to be bony and boyish and the skinner you are (and I mean bone) the more attractive you are, but I don’t subscribe to this idea of beauty and want curves please!

I don’t want to waste my time and money on UK surgeons, I think they are frightened of injecting CC into bottoms, so I have short listed a few Dr.s abroad but am leaning toward a Dr located in Spain. Spain is only two hours flight from where I live in London and I think that this is better for me than flying 8 hours to Miami or Atlanta.

Anyway, I have read tons of reviews and it appears that everyone’s BBL experience is different. I also think the surgeon needs to be an artist; a sculptor and really understand the contours of a woman’s body. My main concern is my fat survival rate as well as, of course the pain but overall the results I have seen on Real Self look fantastic and I think it’s worth doing .

I will keep you posted on my progress and I hope that everyone on here gets the results that they want and truly deserve

Today I had my consultation with Dr Aslani, who...

Today I had my consultation with Dr Aslani, who operates from a clinic/hospital in Spain and he was very professional and made me feel at ease. He spent an hour talking to me about my procedure and what I hope to achieve from it, he told me that there are two main shapes when it comes to BBL’s; one is the ’Peach’ and the other the ‘Hour Glass’. I wanted the latter as well as projection and he told me that he was pleased because I have the appropriate shape for it as I have wide hips, enough fat and a nice wide base to lay the fat on.
Dr Aslani uses the Jet Liposuction technique to do his BBL’s which apparently has a higher success rate in terms of preservation of ‘good’ fat or live fat cells. We talked about the fact that many ladies on RS have lost up to 30/40% of their fat after their procedure and need to redo their BBL but he was confident that in my case I may lose around 15% which is not too bad. As it relates to post op care, he told me “don’t sit on my grafts!” which I thought was really funny and made me laugh a lot, he told me to take care especially up to two weeks after I get my BBL done.
Dr Aslani suggested that I have Vaser lipo on my abdomen as I do have a bit of a ‘situation’ going on there. He suggested vaser because he can really sculpt my abdomen area with it and it should also tighten my skin and give me a nice little waist like Jessica Rabbit
I asked him how many BBL’s he has done and he said about 500 which made me feel relieved.
To me, Dr Aslanin came across as a professional surgeon not a salesman and he takes his work very seriously. I loved it when he said I do not tell you what you want to hear but I tell you what I think is achievable and realistic. It seems some patients don’t want to hear the truth, and want to press ahead even with a BBL if they have no fat. Every woman is different and every woman will respond differently to her treatment. He also pointed out the difference between fat and skin. Once the fat has been taken out some women get baggy skin and this can look like fat especially in the back area. Anyway, he is coming back with a quote and I am hoping it’s not too much above the ball park figure they have already given me. He has availability in March April but I am hoping for a cancellation so I can get in before then

Communications with his office was fantastic. Totally on the ball, friendly and polite

Hello lovely BBL family! I just wanted to share...

Hello lovely BBL family! I just wanted to share something with you all. I have been researching a lot and I think it's so important to see evidence of a surgeons work and talk to the surgeon directly. In the UK the before and after photos I have seen are to put it mildly; poor, so much so that I know I will not have my BBL here. No matter what a surgeon says, if he/she cannot demonstrate his work, I am not going to go for it.

It seems that the USA is the best place for BBL but travelling from London is no laughing matter.
I just think that it's better to go with a surgeon who is not afraid to give you the results 'you' want (within reason of course) and a surgeon who can follow up with after care if there are complications. I don't know about you but I think it's so important to go with your gut feeling, if something sounds perfect but just does not feel know what to do.

So anyway, my shape looks pretty 'out of' at the moment and I will post some pictures of my body, which has somehow turned into an Fcup rectangle, soon. The Dr I had my first consultation with advised me not to put on anymore weight and not to lose any either. If I do get to go with Salama (which if I am honest is what I want to do) as Jimmerson is an hour from the airport in Atlanta yikes! I have to stay looking like this for months as Salama’s waiting list is way long, if all goes well and I can get it together to go to Miami I am going to ask to be put on his cancellation or swap list and see if I can get in earlier. Decisions, decisions...

Woo hay! Ask and ye shall receive! I asked Dr...

Woo hay! Ask and ye shall receive!
I asked Dr Aslani for more BBL photos and they have now been uploaded into his BBL gallery. I am really pleased with the photos on the site and I am close to making my final decision. My next step is to get a video simulation of my butt to see what is achievable and then to schedule a date. I am pinching, is this finally going to happen.

BBL family I can't wait to get all of this fat sucked off of my abdomen and flanks. I am a size 14 and should go down to a 12, I am really excited to get back in the gym, and start really taking care fo myself.
Will keep you posted with regards to my simulation

Hello BBL Family! Just a little update to say that...

Hello BBL Family! Just a little update to say that I have indeed seen the new images that Dr. Aslani has uploaded in to his BBL's gallery. I did see them last week but forget to post a response about it. I am very pleased with the new images and am now waiting for Jenny to get back to me on his available dates. I was really looking forward to having a simulation done in order to get an idea cleared idea of what is achievable and how my final shape may look, however the images I had sent to his office were not compatible with their simulation machine. apparently the images need to be taken against a special type of blue background? Anyway, it may be worth seeing whether I can get the images done her and then send them over to Dr. Aslani. I have come this far and would really like to see the anticipated results.

BTW Dr Aslani if you so happen to read this, my earlier reference to having a waist like Jessica Rabbit was in fact a joke, Bumpalump does understand that you are a cosmetic surgeon not a miracle worker lol : ))

Still looking into accommodation is Spain......

Ooops sorry about the poor spelling ladies, was in...

Ooops sorry about the poor spelling ladies, was in a hurry! xxx
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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