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Hi everyone, So I'm considering getting a BBL...

Hi everyone,

So I'm considering getting a BBL with Dr Aslani in Spain, I have researched the best BBL surgeons in Europe and he seems to be the top one! I live in mainland UK so would have to travel over! My weight fluctuates and last year I had lost a lot of weight and was quite toned, however I just was not happy with the proportions of my body and no amount of diet/exercise/toning would change that which is SO frustrating! My current measurements are 36 30 40 & although this may seem like I am somewhat pear shaped, my shoulders are quite broad at 44 inches! This is what bothers me! So I have just Stopped exercising and dieting like I did before! I'm tired of feeling pudgy around my mid section and I just want a more balanced physique! Sometimes I feel bad for focussing on it so much as there is SO much more going on in the world, but I also figure that we only get one life and if something doesn't make you happy then you should do something about it?! I want my hips to even out my shoulders so that I have a more even silhouette! I have been looking at Dr Aslani's work and I like his work! Anyways, any advice etc would be great! I would also like to ask, does anyone have the email address for Aslani's assistant so that I may book a telephone consultation? On the Cirumed website it just has a general email for the clinic!

Thanks! :) I've also added a pic!


Can anybody give me any information on what the BBL healing process is like? My mind is half made up about going through with it! I have gained a little more weight just in general & all of it has went to my middle! So annoying! I am about ten pounds over my ideal weight now I hope that is enough fat to take out! I just want a slim waist and curvy hips and a booty that pops a little! Has anybody weight trained after having a BBL? does it help to define abs? Also does Aslani Lipo arms as well?
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