30years Old, 2 Kids, Having a BBL With Dr Aslani - Spain, ES

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Hey, iam a 30year old mum with 2 kids. My body has...

Hey, iam a 30year old mum with 2 kids. My body has change alot since i got the kids....

I have been resurtching for a good Bbl dr and now i have found him! Dr Alexander Aslani!
Im so nerves!

I do not have enought fat so i Will have implants.. And that is making me more nerves...

I Will be updating soon!

Two days untill consultation!

Omg im so nervous! My english is bad and i have never used Skype! Haha

I have to take a bloodtest, and here its not just go and do it.. I have to meet a private doctor and they are HARD to get!!

No consultation today....

I had an time today at 5.30pm on Skype but no one called or answerd me :(

My feeling right now is not good but i hope they have a really good explanation!!

New time to me!

I have a new time for a consultation 2th februari. I hope it works this time!


Im looking for a place to live when im in Malaga..
Can someone rekomende one? I have looked at TRYP Malaga guadalmar Hotel.
Please help me!!!!


Sorry i havent been writing for a while..
I have been sick :(

Now its Only 6weeks left then its time!!
I have take the bloodtest they asked about and My HB is verry low.. My dr Told me she thinks its to low for an op but we Will see next week what Aslani thinks..

I have been trying to gain some wight. Im 170cm and My wight WAS 49kg and now its 55... I hope to gain about 10 more kg.. Tips?! :)

Only 30days left!!

OMG im so nervous!
Now its Only 30days left to My new bum, i dont even know what to take with me.. Do i need anything more then myself?! Haha

I have some wishpics and i really hope i get someting like this!!
What do you think?

Gain wight...

I havent gained wight as i hoped.. Im still at 55kg and i really want to get about 10more kg... Please tell me how to do that!!! Im eating everything all the time and nothing... Now its Only 30days left so please help me with anyting!!!

After op...

How do you eat in the first weeks after op?! I mean in the hotell you can lay down but IF you go out to a restaurant or something... Please tell me!!!!!!

2 days left!!!

OMG!!! Tomorrow i Will go to Malaga... Im so nervous...
I dont think i have been thinking so much about the op as now.. How do i poop? Can i sleep on My side? I smoke alooooot! More then i use to! And i should stop! But i cant... Aaaaa!!!!
My men is following me but what can he do all the time im in bed?? And when can i go out and just see the town, the beach, just get My feet in the sand.. I have so many questions right now..

My heart is pumping dubbel and My stomach tells me thats something is going on...

Help me to sleep well and help me by answer some of My questions!!

Got My period...

WTF!!! Tomorrow is My op and now i got My fukking period... FUKK!! What do i do? I cant have tampongs since i got kids. ...
Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! Why??????

Hello everybody!!

I survived!
I had so much pain yesterday but its so much better today!
Im dissey and feeling sick and i HATE to be on My stomach! It hurts and the garment is sooo tight!!
And My face, OMG!!! I dont recoundnice My self... Im so swollen!

I want to die!

I feel soo sick, i want to throw up all the time.. I dont have so much pain and im happy about that! But this illness is soooo much worse!
Today i can take my first shower and i Will take moore pics!
I really hope i like the result, im swollen but i hope it looks good!


Today is a better day, but i still feel sick in My stomach.. But i eat Moore and im up much more! :)
Still got some pain but not that much! Havent eat the painkillers since thursday. And no relaxingpills!
I HATE tabletts! I should eat about 16pills a day, and i eat about 4 of them!
Antibiotics is importent but i cant swallow! I just throw up....

Adding som pics from yesterday!
Still swollen and the implants need to get in place!


Now when im loking at all My pics again i dont like what i see... I want a smaller whaist or a bigger hip!
What IF i dont like this? I spent more then 15000$ for all this PLUS i cant work for 4 weeks....
Im terrifyed right now....


Something like this! You see the differens!

The drains...

Its not all red anymore, its more like yellow, pink with a touch of red! Haha
Anybody understand? Is this normal?

Day 7!

Im really skinny! I can see that now! Haha
I Only gained 8,5kg before this and mabye it was not enought!
But i start to like it!!!

My drain hurt!!

The drain in My right leg hurts... When it moves i just want to die!
Is this normal??

Im a new person!!

Now My drains are out! It Did hurt as hell but what a relief!
And i got almost an hour massage! OMG! I want more!!!!
I got a new garment, and now i looks like grandma! Hahaha

This fukking pillow in My back should be there for one more week... :( HATE it! It looks like a diaper! And i want "normal" clothes!

Well i Will see Aslani in one week and he Will take the stiches.

One pic!

A pic without drains!!!

New trousers!

Today i went to shopping mall!
I found these! Love them!!

I want to smoke!!

I have not smoke for 10 days now... I want to.. Soooo much! When can i, IF im stupid enought to do it, smoke again?

New pics!

Still swollen and hard but it start to get there!

Bad or not?

How bad am i IF i just smoke one... Or two cigaretts?!

Implant size!

Yesterday i met dr Aslani. He Told me it looks good and i had verry small muscles in My buttock. He gave me 260cc in each buttock.. I was a bit disapointed Cuz i think i had 400 in My mind...
But it looks awsome so i guess i Will be happy! In the end!

New photos!

Before and after pics

My scaaaar....

Dose this look like it should? It dosnt hurt or enything but someone mabye knows?!

7weeks update and bad news..

Hey everyone! Now its been 7weeks and im soo happy! I guess i want some more volume but mabye in a year or two! Its been a ruff time.. Not so much pain more uncomterble.. The muscle is stretching and that feels wierd! I got soooooo many cellulites and i HATE them.. It discuss me! So i Will start training a bit but i cant do that so much becuse of My lupus.. But i try! The scaar is still sticky but looks good. Got some bruces left specially between the scars. The lipo i did was sooo small but it feels like hell!! Haha i meen it still hurts a little! But i have gain wight! Its good becuse i got bad news from a dr here at home.. I got some cancer shit in My stomach.. Over and out! Will update soon again!

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