Don't Do It! You Can't Predict How Your Body Will React. First Go Around Was Ok, Second Time Botched

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I am of normal weight. My fat just likes to hang...

I am of normal weight. My fat just likes to hang out right around my belly button. First time I had it done I did notice a bit of a difference, but not enough to merit the money spent. But please heed, the second time I had it done in the exact same way and my body did not react the same, I ended up with two kiwi-sized second degree burns that blistered and healed as hyperpigmentation scars.. it's ugly and noticeable, does not look like a birth mark, the kind of thing someone would ask what happened when they see it. Very embarrassing. The blisters scabbed over and took over a month to heal into the dark patches. And it's also odd because None of my scars have ever behaved in this way. Even very deep ones, keloids then fade to white but these look like dirt or cancer. Google cryolipolysis second degree burns and there is a woman who ended up far worse than me, I was lucky... poor girl :( Did I mention I did it soon before my wedding night? I can't deny that it put a damper on the mood, my husband was not happy to see what I did to myself and every time he sees me naked it's a reminder. For months I've been using top notch scar therapy, tried everything to get it to fade, tea tree oil, silicone patches you name it... I asked my PS who did my *fantastic* breast augmentation what I could do about it... he suggested skin bleaching cream, seemed to feel very sorry for me and relieved that I have a pale complexion so the skin may bleach back ok. He also added that had I had a darker complexion there would be little to no hope for me. Then he launched into this speech about how they've been trying to sell him a Coolsculpting machine for years and that the science behind it is just not sound... in my doctor's words you cannot say for certain that your body will actually rid itself of the fat cells that were killed. It's a big risk to the skin and surrounding tissues as well, and he stated that he has met four other patients who had complications from it, one who he had to give a tummy tuck to fix the damage it caused. You cannot predict how your body will react to it, just save your money up and go for liposuction instead, it's more effective and better studied. They're both painful either way. Love your body and be safe.

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