33 Years Old. Coolsculpting to Reduce Chin and Inner Thighs - Mount Kisco, NY

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My chin was a place that always thickens with...

My chin was a place that always thickens with weight gain, and lately it was becoming harder and harder to make disappear. Every time I looked in the mirror I would grab the fat and manipulate it so that I could see what my face would look like without it. In addition, I've always had a strong desire to magically (and painlessly) slice off my inner thigh chub. Inner thigh rubbing has been the bane of my May-September existence since I was a young lass.

When I found out about CoolSculpting I quickly began researching the procedure and then local doctors. As it turns out, a good friend of mine already had a relationship with a cosmetic surgeon's office in Mt. Kisco, NY. She went with me for my consultation and was extremely supportive in my decision to have the procedures done. Yay for friends!

Many of you have probably already read how the procedure is non invasive and not painful and there is no down time and blah blah blah. Well... it's mostly true.
Here is how my experience with the chin went. (CoolMini - $500 per cycle)
I sat upright in the chair, my neck and head strapped into plastic brace to keep it from moving AT ALL. The suction head, or paddle, or whatever they call it... it's the smallest size. They call it a CoolMini. This was arranged under my chin and pressed very firmly upward. Then they turned on the machine and the suction starts. It feels like someone aggressively pull-pinching the fat with fingers of ice. That in and of itself is uncomfortable. But added to this discomfort is the fact that you cannot move your neck or head or jaw at all. (You CAN swallow. They make sure of that before turning the machine on. ) So for me, that's when things got a little panicky. You really have to harness your inner zen and just breath, count, and meditate for a bit. After about 10 minutes the pain dissipates to nothing and your body will relax. You will even find you can move your jaw a little. Then you can pick up your phone and start taking all the silly selfies of the contraption your are locked into for the next 35 minutes.
The chin procedure is only 45 minutes (all others are an hour). When the cycle is done your lovely technician or doctor will come in and give you the most excruciatingly uncomfortable 1- 2 minute massage of your life. People say "pins and needles" and they are not wrong. I also felt certain muscles in my neck sorta cramping up while this was happening. It goes away after about 5 minutes but again, not a party.
So that's that. You will be a bit swollen and maybe you bruise. I was lucky and didn't. The area was initially numb and that slowwwwwly went away over a few weeks. They say it takes three weeks to see results but my friend swears she could tell even a week out.

Ok, so then after the chin I did each inner thigh ($800 per cycle) There is not a ton to say here that has not already been said in a thousand other reviews. It's uncomfortable for about 3-5 minutes (maybe longer... I'm writing this almost 6 weeks after the fact) but then everything freezes and you can go about writing the next chapter in your novel or sending emails or sleeping. I slept. After the hour cycle, your technician/Dr./massage troll comes in and forces you question the meaning of life for another 1-2 minutes with that blasted massage. Guys, it really sucks. But then you are done and you can fork over your money and go home. Oh, PS: I recommend relaxing in the chair for another 5 minutes or so if you can. I find the thaw out is a lot more tolerable if you are not standing up and gravity is not tugging on your frozen flesh. Oh and PPS: bring an extra pair of underwear for this particular procedure (thighs). The wet paper towel they put between your skin and paddle will start to drip down you thigh and towards you crotch. It's a nontoxic antifreeze that won't hurt anything but you might have slightly wet undies when you are done.

I'm having fantastic results so far. See my pictures. I was told that I would need probably 2 cycles on my chin and 2-3 cycles on each thigh. I'm actually really happy with where my chin is at 6 weeks that I have canceled the 2nd cycle. I might come back to it later but as of now I have other priorities :-) I will need another cycle on each thigh but I'm hopeful I will not need a third. FYI, I have not changed my diet or activity routine to speed up weight loss.

Wait that's not true! The final picture of my chin, you will notice a more defined cheekbone. I think that's partially lighting and partially because starting about 48 hours ago I cut almost all salt and carbs from my diet. It's a temporary thing.. I'm trying to get rid of some swelling in my tummy and nothing works quicker to push out water weight than a no carb/salt diet. Anyways that's all to say that I don't think the Cool Sculpting has magically slimmed any other part of my face than the chin.
All in all the results are fantastic so long as you keep a realistic goal in mind. I'll make sure to update in another few in another month before my next thigh appointment :-)

Update on thighs and chin

My thighs and chin are at about 9 weeks post now. The results are still happening but it's not quite as obvious as it was 4 weeks. I was told I would need a second round on the thighs reach my goal. I've already scheduled my next appointment for the beginning of July. I really hope that does the trick!

I also have a 2nd round planned for my chin (they let me know this might be the case as well as the thighs). I think the results are looking pretty good but there is still enough fat that I can do it again. When dealing with such a small space, every little bit really counts.

Erica and the rest of the staff at Spa Chiara are wonderful. Incredibly knowledgable and friendly. Their office is always busy for a good reason. Highly recommended :-)

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