Finally Deciding to Have It Done!

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Hello. My name is Laurie. I am 42 years old and...

Hello. My name is Laurie. I am 42 years old and have had issues on and off since high school about the hump on my nose. My family has always been supportive and accepting of my nose and my husband tells me he never even noticed the hump on my nose, and even so it has never bothered him! My 63 year old sister-in-law just got a(her second, first one was 15 years ago by a doctor in AZ and successful!) full face lift by same doctor I have chosen to perform my rhinoplasty. My sister-in-law has been real helpful in my decision to have rhinoplasty done. My sister-in-law's face lift was completed on January 7, 2013 so she is in the healing stage and that too will take a good full year before she will see more of the final results, but after a month she is extremely happy with the results which is encouraging to me! The doctor I chose is a hand surgeon and cosmetic surgeon as well, his passion and mostly what he does is fix cleft lips and palates on children. My employer's wife has also used this same surgeon for tummy tuck, breast reduction and only to re-shape the tip of her nose and she was satisfied with the results. I will post some pictures of my nose to show you what it looks like. You all have been a tremendous inspiration to me with your stories and pictures! Thank you all for sharing your stories, pictures, and videos - from them I have made some notes of questions to ask my doctor before the big day. I am so tired of fretting and worrying and thinking about this that I almost wish it was done! I will keep you posted as it gets closer to my surgery day.

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