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I can remember when I lost my two front teeth and...

I can remember when I lost my two front teeth and my "adult teeth" began to come through. I noticed they overlapped alarmingly, and asked my mum why this was happening. "This is what happens when you rip your teeth out for the tooth fairy, Alana!" Right. I just wanted a couple of bucks to buy some chocolate from the lolly shop. Fast forward a couple of years later, and all my adult teeth had come through, were beautiful and healthy, but terribly crooked. I'd hoped it would be something I'd grow out of. My wisdom teeth came through without any of the awful issues many people face. I have been very lucky in that I've not had any of the problems many people in my generation have - I've never had a filling or a crown, my teeth and gums are healthy and I've never suffered from sensitive teeth or any kind of oral discomfort. They're just crooked and I hate my smile.

For many years, I've researched several different straightening options, and weighed up the significant costs associated with them. Invisalign was a method I was extremely interested in, but simply could not afford. After several consultations with different dental practices, I eventually gave up on the idea. Then I heard about Clear Correct. A far more affordable option, being not much more expensive than traditional braces, convenient in that I could remove them for eating and cleaning, and not visibly noticeable. I was thrilled!

I made an appointment with my dentist and after impressions, x-rays and a confirmed treatment plan from Clear Correct, I made my payment and here I am, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first set of aligners!

So far, I have been extremely impressed with the service provided to me by my doctor. Not only has he been patient with my queries and over-excitement, he has been incredibly informative about the entire process. My only issue has been with the timeline, in that it is taking a very long time to begin treatment. The process initially began about a month ago, and I am expecting that it will be at least another week and a half before I receive my first set of aligners.

My initial consultation with my dentist was on 18 February, where my dentist took my impressions, sent me for x-rays and submitted my case to Clear Correct. My next appointment was on 1 March, at which point my dentist went over the confirmed cost and treatment plan with me. I was very impressed with the detail that went into the treatment plan - I was shown a digital timeline of my teeth which demonstrated each step of the process and which teeth the individual aligners would be working on, and the anticipated final outcome. My dentist also emailed the digital plan to me, and I've been watching it relentlessly - let's face it, after forking out $6K with not much to show for it yet, it's a VERY expensive video haha :) At this point, my dentist informed me that it is typical of Clear Correct to take anywhere between three-four weeks to send out the first set of aligners. And so, the waiting game began.

I am intending to document my experience here and hope that it will be of some benefit to someone. Thanks for taking the time to read my entry.
Dr Erwin

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