Yep, I'm Doing It.. TT, BL and Lipo to Flanks - Southlake, TX

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The decision is made! April 10th, 2014 I get my...

The decision is made! April 10th, 2014 I get my body back. I'm a 44 year old mother of two wonderful children ( 17yr old daughter, and a 24 yr old son). I'm even getting married this year to a super fantastic man. I'm 5'3 and 170 pounds. I've lost 12 pounds in the last 5 months, and I think I'm on the right track. I'm ready to do something for myself! My only expectations for this surgery is make my outsides like as good as I feel on the inside. If the doctors can accomplish that, then I think then I've truly got my swagger back. :)
I've read numerous reviews on this site and went to 3 PS fully armed with questions to help me make my choices. During these visits, I've met some really talented surgeons who made some great recommendations. However, I chose doctor Michael Bogden for my procedures. His team is awesome, he is awesome, and helped me understand the procedure both from a medical science and a cosmetic perspective. He was so meticulous that he helped me see where my breast were two different sizes. LOL! I had no idea. He explained how identifying that will help him reconstruct my breast to a natural look. Wow! The other two doctors didn't even mention that. I didn't feel rushed, and he was respectful, kind and professional. He's he the one.
I'm getting a TT and a breast lift/reduction and lipo to my flanks.

Here's the before pics

Deposit Paid!! Count Down Begins

Yippee!! The deposit is paid and surgery is scheduled for April 10th. My birthday is April 14 and I think when I look down and see the gift of the "gut disappearance" I might just cry!! LOL! Leave a seat for me on the flat side ladies.

Date move back. Almost time

Looks like my PS can do the surgery on April 8th. That's right around the corner. I'm trying to get in all my travels for work and get that over with. I have a final trip to CT on April 1-3 and a wedding to attend on April 5th. I feel like I'm forgetting something big. If someone can send me thier post surgery supply list that would be so helpful. I'll try to pick things up this weekend since I'll be on a business trip starting Monday - Thursday. Ugh! Where does the time go. So many things to do, so little time to do it.
Oh, I'm getting the extended TT, Flank Lipo, and a breast reduction. I'm told I'll be in surgery for 7 hours. Wow!! Send me good vibes cause I'll sure need them.
I just can't wait till this flabby belly is gone so I can move on. Keep the feedback comming. The flat side is in sight!

Tuesday is the day!

48 Hours and this belly flab and breast droop will be a thing of the past! I have all my supplies, prescriptions and favorite healthy snacks ready to go. I'm nervous, excited, scared, happy and sad all at the same time. The process has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. A few weeks ago I got a mammogram as required by my PS. Well, what happens next? I get the call that there are some concerns that came up. Wow! Now I'm nervous, scared, disappointed, frustrated and confused. After getting my prior scans and sending them to the radiologist, I was cleared. Now I'm back to happy and nervous. Then I went to a wedding last night, had a great time and danced all night. Came home, brushed my teeth and found that somewhere during the evening I had broken one of my teeth at that bottom. Ugh!! I have no idea when it happened or how it happened. Now I gotta find time after I'm better from my surgery to get my tooth fixed. LOL! When will it end.
Well on a happy note, the flat side is in view. Thanks for sharing all your stories and advice. I'll be sure to share pics as soon as I can get them up.

I did it.

Had the surgery yesterday. Loopy. so pardon the sprlling. It went great. Almost no pain so for. 7 hour surgery. Great team and helpers. More tomorrow. I'm on the flat side.

I'm on the flat side

Hi Ladies!! It's all done. I got the surgery yesterday. Everything went super well. I haven't seen the results yet, today will be the big reveal when I go for my appointment. So far little to no pain. The drains are a bit agrevating but hopefully be out soon. I'll write more soon as these meds wear off.

Yippie!!!! The rolls are gone.

I'm still amazed!

I'm still amazed at this whole process. I finally saw myself in the mirror yesterday in bra and panties and almost cried. My only regret is that I waited so long to get this done. My family and friends have been awesome. They have waited on me hand and foot. I'm a pretty independent lady so it was hard at times to sit back and let others do the things I wanted to do for myself, but the rest and help was certainly appreciated.
Today is Sunday and I had my surgery on Tuesday. Outside of the fact that my back feels like someone ran over it with a 4 wheeler, I'm in pretty good shape. I stopped all the pain meds on the 3rd day and even was able to have BM that same day thanks to Milk of Magnesia. That stuff makes real magic happen. My only gripe is these darn drains. I hate them. I know they are there for a very important purpose, but I think I'll throw a party when they are gone. Actually, my birthday is April 14, the same day as my follow up appointment. If these bad boys come out that day, then I'll count that as a birthday present.
I got my breast reduced, lipo to my flanks and an extended tummy tuck. The area in my back where they did the lipo is pretty sore, but nothing I can't handle. There is a couple of stitches back there so I'm trying to be extra careful with that. My stomach feels hard as a rock and "swell hell" is real. Just incase someone may have had a doubt. :) I think the swelling phenomenon should be called
"swellapalloza", because its like a swelling festival. LOL! Finally, once I don't have to wear this binder, I'm going to drive to a chemical plant and ask if I can put in their incinerator. I just want to make sure it never ever returns.
Doctor Bogden worked a Christmas miracle in April. I would recommend him 100 times over! If I think of anything else I want to have done, he's the guy that's going to do it.
I'll get more pictures posted today.

No More drains. 7 days PO

The dreaded drains are gone!!! Yippee. Now all I have to do is one more week of the binder and I'm throwing a party!!
Removing the drains didn't hurt at all. I did feel a few small stings as he clipped a the stitches in my back and breast, but that was the worst part. I did ask how far up was the drains in my abdomen. He said "you don't wanna know". I took his word and left that alone. I'm still pretty swollen. I'm eating very tiny meals because my tummy feels like a tight drum if I eat more than a few bites. I really believe its the salt though. I'm getting more and more back to normal and just taking Tylenol for my back. The whole process has been sooooooo worth it!!
Dr. Michael Bogden

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