45 Yr Old Getting TT, muscle repair and 360 Lipo - Wanting to Get my Sexy Back!! - Southlake, TX

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A mom of 3 (5 pregnancies) finally getting the...

A mom of 3 (5 pregnancies) finally getting the courage to get this done. Excited but nervous. I am so thankful that I have found this site. My first pregnancy caused all of my lose skin and stretch marks. My self esteem really took a downfall in the last few years due to some personal issues but it's time for me now.

Pre-op appt

Well, I have my pre-op appt on Tuesday. Feeling nervous but excited. Trying to make notes on what all I should ask and what all I need to start gathering. Lol.


Well got all my pre and post surgical items ordered and/or delivered.
Got on scale and saw that I gained 8 lbs in last 2 weeks. Been trying to lose before surgery next week!! Frustrating.
Getting nervous about it. Reading about what various people have gone thru and some seem to breeze thru and others seem to have had a rough time. Hope mine is fairly smooth.

Surgery tomorrow!!!

Feeling nervous but excited. I think I have everything ready. Have to be there at 630 am. Will have an overnight stay. Tummy tuck and 360 Lipo I keep hearing the bruising is bad for the Lipo.

2 days post op

Omg.... The lipo pain seems to hurt more than the tummy tuck. My right thigh nerves are painful.
Think one of my drain tubes is not working. I ended up having 4 tubes!! Talk about hard going to restroom.
Been sleeping on and off.

Any recommendations for compression garnets that aren't expensive?


4 drains and some are draining onto my clothes. My legs are so swollen, my right thigh has sharp pains. The hole they give you on your garment I don't think is big enough. Lol.
My lower back is painful too. I noticed a crease on my skin, dr said its normal and he will check it out on my first post op visit on Tuesday. I hope it smooths out as its a big crease.
I keep wondering why did I subject myself to this pain.

Don't think this is normal

Well these are the side pleats I've been talking about. I haven't seen these on any of the others who have posted on this site.
I am 5 days post op and in tears from this. The right side one my "fold" is very big.
I would think that after Lipo, MR, and full tummy tuck that I would not have anything that folds over on my sides or tummy. Also posting a pic of my back

5 day Post Op

Well finished at Dr. They took me out of the full garment and just into a binder. Said the full garment wasn't allowing the folds to spread.
So now, we have to massage both sides about every hour and force the folds open and keep the Lipo pads on it to keep it spread along with bacitracin and gauze over the blisters.
I really hope this helps. I have to go back on Thursday afternoon.

This really sucks and is painful.

Emotional today.

Well between the pain of having to have my folds spread apart and massaged and trying to keep the skin spread apart which is no easy feat and bind up it has left me an emotional wreck.
I woke up crying and wishing I hadn't done the procedure now because instead of having just one scar across the bottom now it looks like I'll have this weird scar crease on both sides. UGH!!

9 days post op

This week I've had to see the PS 3 times!!
But one good news, they removed 1 of 4 drains!!
My thighs are so swollen.
Having to do painful massage and skin pulling to help the large skin fold that occurred on my right side and the smaller one on the left side. You'd think that having 360 Lipo and tummy tuck that I wouldn't have to do all this!!
On stronger pain meds due to pinch nerve on my right thigh.
They upped my lyrica and added cymbalta
The depression is awful because of the issue of the skin folds on both sides.
The bruising is so bad and the blisters!! Ugh

10 days post op

Well 10 days and I am still dealing with my sides from the Lipo. The remaining 3 drains are draining less so hopefully those will come out Tuesday.
Having to do massages to break up hard skin and trying to hold open the folds that developed after surgery. Hurts so bad when we do it.
I think I may have necrosis on my skin.
I wish the pinched nerve in my right leg would go away.
I was an emotional mess this am. The pics show what I am dealing with

13 days post op

Well went to PS yesterday I was so worn out so I didn't get to post but then I was surprised by a visit from two wonderful friends who drove in from East Texas and made me dinner and brought a cookie cake for my daughter's 21st birthday! That was so wonderful.

Well they removed all the remaining 3 drains! Yea!!! As the two in my tail bone were painful but having to keep gauze on it to soak up any drainage!!

They said the black areas were scabs from some of the blisters.
However he had to do an aspiration on the right side as there was some excess fluid.
Blisters will slowly heal but have to keep bacitracin on it. Some of the suture areas are spreading some.

Any suggestions on trying to keep it as small as possible would be great!!

Still have to continue with the painful massages and pulling of skin apart.

Time will tell.

Cymbalta is helping keep me a little more balanced with my emotions.

2 weeks post op

Well two weeks post op. My legs and feet swelled up about 4 days ago. My drains were removed but I have to keep gauze on the areas because they are still oozing from the sites. My sides are open a little but not much. I'm afraid that I'm going to end up with scars and folds on my sides. Not what I expected from doing the Lipo and tummy tuck. It's so frustrating.
I have to endure the massaging of the hard areas and pulling of the skin apart.
I'm due to go back to work next Thursday but I don't know about that. I have my compression garment on with the Lipo pads on

Here is a photo of my legs and feet today.
I'll try and take photo of my sides tonight.

Not sure why I'm swelling so bad

18 days post op

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted but my father passed away this past Thursday night and it's been rough.
Between hurting emotionally and physically from this surgery it's been hell

I am going to PS today. My folds aren't as bad but the twice daily massages my hubby has to do is painful and the healing blisters!!
I have one large open area where the tummy tuck glued area is. Not going to like that scar.

My drain holes are still huge and haven't closed and are still draining. Wonder when that will heal.

I am in this uncomfortable tummy binder with the Lipo pad foams. I am going to ask them today if there is a more comfortable binder that doesn't leave weird indentions.

My legs and feet have been so swollen that I had to put back on my compression socks. Wonder why I'm swelling so bad

Thinking this Lipo, MR and TT wasn't worth what I'm going through

Sorry for venting

3 weeks post op

Well, when I went to the PS on Wednesday, they scraped the blister areas and my belly button areas. This seem to help some for healing.
The areas are slowly opening up. The left side still has a crease
The PS is saying that as the swelling goes down and soften then the affected areas should spread and flatten out.
All of this has been possible because of my wonderful hubby doing daily massages and pulling the skin apart.

Here is what the right side is looking like now

30 days post op

Well here is what my sides are looking like now. They are opening. The open wounds will eventually heal, the top wound was where the necrosis was and the others are the blisters.
My tummy tuck incision has an open wound from and internal stitch that had come out. Everything is so tight and I'm not liking the pleating. PS said it will soften and flatten. I have a weird sore between my belly button and lower stitch area.

Has anyone had this?

Day 35 - will this ever end...

I know, I'm only on day 35 and I've been through so much but I keep wondering if it will ever end!!
I haven't been able to sleep last two nights, one moment I'm sweating like crazy and next I'm freezing cold and today my sinuses are killing me.
I went back to work Monday but can't make a full day as I tire out so easily.
PS still has me in my foam pads and belly binder. Not fun. I wonder if I will ever get out of it.
My back has really been hurting lately. I had the TT with 360 Lipo and had the drains in my back to for the first two weeks
Wow!! What I wouldn't do to have some relief!!
Sorry for the rant. Two nights of sleeplessness will do that to you.

Long overdue update????

Well this Thursday will be 8 weeks since surgery. It's been a tough ride. I have such hard scar tissue from the folds and blisters. I feel lopsided. ????.
I started seeing a massage therapist hoping to break down some of the scar tissue. Where my 4 drains were its still sore and you can feel where the tubes were.

Way past due update!!!

Hi everyone. I haven't been good about posting. Been crazy since my father passed, started back to work and trying to help take care of mom

Well, I hate the scarring that was caused from the initial compression garment but it does look better than it did. Have to wait a year before we see what can be done. Love that I don't have the scar around my belly button but hate the scar running down it due to the initial problems

Does anyone else have hardness still where your mons area is? Mine gets hard and swollen along with my upper belly area!

Southlake Plastic Surgeon

My consultation with him was great. He was very personable and took his time to answer all my questions. Andrea was amazing as she came up with questions I hadn't thought of. She has been great at answering my texts and calls and has helped me to calm my fears. I have my pre op on June 28th

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