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After wearing contacts for 30 years I am done. ...

After wearing contacts for 30 years I am done. Alllergies have caused me to rub my eyes to the point I get an infection.

After starting a new job and my boss laughing that I still wore contacts rather than having the surgery, I am going for it.

I got a referral from my vision doctor and go for my preop appointment on, 11/17 so I can have 5 days off work straight over Thanksgiving. My in laws are coming and it's my husband can have catering brought in rather than me cooking so perfect timing.

As I sit here writing this with my bottle like glasses on. I am anxious to get this over with. I hate glasses as it throws odd my peripheral vision. Here is to new new set of eyes, I hope my kids inherit their dads vision, although they have my large brown eyes.


I had PRK Tuesday night (not lasik) and while the procedure was uncomfortable with poking in my eye it did not hurt. I was feeling fine until 2:00 am wed morning when I woke up feeling like glass was in my eye and the pain was about 7 out of 10. I was up for 4 hours before falling asleep for an hour before the pain hit again.

I was not expecting this type of pain (only one eye had severe pain ) when the practice I went to prepared me with discomfort. I was examined the next day and not given anything for the pain just told to take ibuprofen and continue my drops. I could not open my eyes without wincing until 7:30 PM wed night almost 24 hours later. To get through the day I laid in my closet since it was the darkest place in the house.

Today is day two and while I woke up in the middle of the night in pain again, by morning I could see with sunglasses on. I have been in mild discomfort but nothing like the pain I felt for the first 24 hours. I strongly suggest screening doctors and get one who will provide oral pain medication for relief. I am sure the crying I did because of pain in the first 24 hours could have been minimized with something a bit stronger than over the counter meds. I can see blurry at best but still I fell traumatized by the pain. I am not saying it was as bad as labor but it had me regretting my decision.

Consult was the most efficient smooth process I have ever been through. I knew how welll run they were and trusted my doctor immediately.

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