Breast Reduction/lift with Fat Transfer, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Flank and Back Lipo. Southlake, TX

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I'm a 42 year old mother of 2. My kids are 11 and...

I'm a 42 year old mother of 2. My kids are 11 and 13. I am 5'4" and weigh 143 pounds. I gained a lot of weight with my kids. I went up to 180 and my bra size went from a 36C to a 38H. When both my kids started school I lost about 40 pounds. None of it was in my breasts. I know that is when I first started looking at breast reduction. Then I developed some health issues and ended up having back and neck surgery. I used a phone app that counts calories to try and lose weight and lost about 20 pounds. Then I did a doctor supervised diet and lost around 30 pounds. This diet dropped weight from my face, fingers, butt, and breasts. I am now a 32DDD and have been maintaining my weight for 9 months.

I feel like I have been a Real Self Stalker for awhile. However, I had not joined until after I set my surgery date. I admit, I joined to see the pictures. Seeing everyone's pictures has been a shock. I think the surgeons should show you what you will look like right after so you won't be shocked. They show you pictures of what you will look like after you have started to heal (and they should), but without those early post op pictures I don't think you really know what you are getting into. Maybe they show you at the pre-op appointment so they don't scare you off.

I have been trying to talk my husband into the reduction for a long time now. He did not like the idea of the scars. After my second round of weight loss. I felt like I looked good and felt better. But after awhile, I started to be really depressed, because I looked great in clothes, but it was really noticeable to me that my breasts just looked deflated, despite still being so large. I was reminded of my grandmother every time I looked in the mirror before getting into the shower. Its weird how when I was obese I was actually more proportionate. So, I convinced him to go to the PS with me and sees the 3D images.

It's weird, I can usually talk to my doctors about embarrassing things, or my husband, but together it is a little strange. I think that is why I forgot to ask some questions. The 3D imaging did not work on me. The doctor said he thought it was because I had too much skin contacting on the bottom of my breasts/belly. So, we just looked at before and after photos. We told him about our concerns for my back/neck should I have to get surgery on those again, and he reassured us that he would not be going near those areas. He recommended getting the back lipo and fat transfer as he said that my breasts have lost most of the weight from the top and this would make them have cleavage and seem more natural. Also, it would contour my back to match the front. He mentioned that the tummy tuck would be good for me as it would get rid of my front butt. I had wanted the tummy tuck because I felt that if I got a reduction then my breasts being smaller than my belly would look weird.

I'm not sure if I am going to post pictures yet. I have really appreciating being able to see other peoples pictures, so I will try to psych myself up for it.

I plan to go back and see Dr. Obaid again before the pre-op to ask him about another procedure (labioplasty). I forgot to ask him the first time, as well as anything else I think up. After losing the weight through the diet, I felt like my labia are longer/swollen. Especially if it is hot out and/or I have been walking a lot. I wanted to know if this procedure would fix that problem.

So, the preliminary labwork/EKG. I have had an abnormal EKG in the past, so I tried to schedule this with my cardiologist. The cardiologist just wanted to clear me for surgery, but Dr. Obaid's office wanted an EKG within 60 days. So, where was a little bit of a run around with that. Mostly because I hadn't seen my original cardiologist. Due to a snow day, I saw his associate, so half my records are with each doctor. That is finally settled and I am cleared for surgery and the labwork is done. However, during this time I did call Dr. Obaid's office and leave a message for Melissa to call me back. She called back after hours and I was in the car with my kids, so I did not take the call. I dropped my kids at their class and then called her back. The message I got was that the voicemail was full. I found that somewhat disturbing, as I felt if I was a post-op patient that could be really bad. I called back an hour later and got the same message. The next day, when I talked to her, she said that Dr. Obaid had notified her of that and she corrected it that night and that post-op I would have Dr. Obaid's number as well. I need to remember to try and call back after hours sometime before my surgery and make sure that one can at least leave a message.

Today, I called and verified that Dr. Obaid's office had received my labs and EKG surgery clearance. I also asked them if we could try the 3d imaging again at my next appointment, and Melissa said they would do that. It turns out that my insurance might pay for the breast reduction, though not if I get the fat transfer and I would like to see the difference. Also, Melissa says they do not do anything with the insurance. However, I could try to get them to reimburse me afterwards. I'll have to see if I can pre-auth it myself. I suspect the insurance will be difficult if I do not. I actually thought they would say they did not cover it at all. Apparently my back/neck surgeries and ongoing care might warrant it. Anyway, I will try to keep everyone posted on all these developments. Considering it has taken me 3 weeks to write this though. I might be a little slow.

Wish Pics

I set my husband to looking for wish pics. He was way more on board afterwards. We are hoping to get me down to this size. Or at least this proportion to my body.

Insurance and Doctors

I've now been to see my GP, OB/GYN and another Chiro. They all say they think a reduction would help with my back/neck pain. Also, made appointment with another PS who deals with insurance to see what they say.

My GP wrote referrals for Dr. Obaid, and another doctor who does my insurance to help with pre-auth and said they would try and get my diagnostic studies sent along.

When I called the insurance company back to get more information on what they needed, I was told my policy does not cover that, but I can appeal. I was like, how can I appeal something I have not requested yet? The lady then said, I guess you could request it then. Very frustrated with insurance companies at the moment. Especially, since in my first call I told them I was planning to get this done either way.

Labiaplasty and more questions with Dr. Obaid

So, I went and had another visit with Dr. Obaid today.

Labioplasty: He did think that the labioplasty would fix my problem with feeling like I have a yeast infection all summer and the rubbing and pinching with clothes. However, he recommended against doing it at the same time as my other procedures as it would increase my chances of complications due to the length of time it would add. So, not going to do this at this time. Not sure I could bring myself to go through this on its own. So, we will have to see how I feel in the summer. Which is when this problem really bothers me. I asked him about ThermiVa and he said that with the excess skin, I would probably still want the skin removed. However, it could solve other problems, if I had those. He said he could refer me to a colleague if I wanted to try that.

Asked him about scars specific to my body. He assured me that he tries for very low tummy tuck scars. Should be where my skin overhangs right now. There is already a line there from the overhang, so I think that the scar will be acceptable. My mother was very concerned about this. The breast scar will probably be visible from the side, as I have a great distance to move upward in my lift.

Lift versus Reduction: Dr. Obaid explained to me that these are basically the same procedure. The difference is in the amounts being removed. The amounts he mentioned were all beneath the amounts my insurance would cover. Which is what I thought, but wanted to be sure of. I did not want to end up looking disproportionate to my body size/shape.

Fat transfer: My Mom asked why wouldn't he just use the breast fat already in my breast and reshape it. That seemed logical to me, so I asked him that too. He said that it would not survive moving that distance. He also explained that because of my weight loss, the fat transfer was to give my breasts a more normal appearance, instead of looking like pancakes. He said, they could correct this appearance with an implant, but then I would actually look bigger than I do now, as they would need to use a really wide implant. So, the fat transfer is a compromise.

Post-Op Pictures: I asked him if he had any of these from other patients so I could get an idea of what to expect. He said he did not take these as the patient was typically uncomfortable on the day after surgery and he did not want to further traumatize them. His descriptions were in line with what I have seen from other people here on RealSelf.

Road Construction: I made him laugh when I asked him what the roads were like between his Surgery Center and my house. I think I must be the first person to ask that. There is a lot of construction around here and I have heard a lot of people complain about the bumps on the way home. He said the really bad construction was a few years ago and it should be good now.

Breast Lift: I showed him my wish pics so that he could see the proportion I wanted to end up with. I realize they will not look exactly like that. He said he felt that was doable. There will be a surgical bra, not a compression bra as they do not want to press on the fat transfer. I have a 50% chance of having drains here do to the size of the lift.

Revisions: I started by asking about dog ears as I have seen some women complain of this after having a lift. I have already forgotten how often he says this happens. It must not be that often as I remember feeling reassured. He did say that if that occurred, he would correct it at his surgery center free of charge.

Complications: I was not aware that insurance would not cover complications from elective surgery until I started looking up articles related to plastic surgery. I asked him if there was an insurance for this gap. He says he does not have this coverage. However, he says most insurance does cover emergency situations like blood clots and infections. He cannot guarantee mine will. I am betting my insurance will not verify this in advance either. He assures me that any complications they can take care of at his surgery center will be taken care of there without further charge.

Anyway, I feel much better for having had this second visit with Dr. Obaid. I do feel I should still go to the other PS who is in my insurance network. Mostly, so that I can put my mind at rest that I am not wasting money that could go towards my kids college or paying down the mortgage. While I would love for my insurance to cover my reduction/lift. I do not want to come out of this with self esteem issues because of it and I appreciate that Dr. Obaid would not want to take off more than I would be comfortable with.

3D imaging Pictures

Forgot to mention this. The 3D imaging still did not work. Too much skin contact is the reason given. They did try to take pictures again though. This time in a different room, with more light.

Correction and things I left out from my more questions with Dr. Obaid post

So...jabrody08 pointed out to me, by giving me some good advice (Thank you), that I had misrepresented Dr. Obaid's post op pictures in my previous post. He does have post op pictures on his website and he did show me some in his office. They were just before and afters of when the patient was all healed. I had been looking for more of a what can I expect during recovery, and possibly, if you see this call me right away kind of thing.

Also, I emailed my wish pics to Melissa (Dr. Obaid's assistant) per his request and a question about muscle repair that I had forgotten to ask at my 2nd appointment. She called me back today, and let me know she had received the pictures and put them in my file for Dr. Obaid, and also that she had talked to Dr. Obaid, who said that there would be muscle repair in my tummy tuck and that this would not take any longer to heal/recover from than without a repair.

My Second Opinion Doctor and Insurance

So, this week I went to see my second opinion doctor regarding the insurance possibly covering the breast reduction portion. She was very professional and thorough. I believe that if I was willing to go as small as I would need to for the insurance to pay, they could get it approved. However, since I am not, the point is moot.

Her 3d Imaging worked with some modifications. They took multiple pictures from many angles and merged them to get a starting body. The picture was a little odd, either because that is what 3d imaging looks like, or because of the modifications due to my super droopy/deflated breasts. However, it did calculate the mass of my breast tissue at around 630ish, and she said the insurance usually wanted to take 500. My calculations for my current weight have them taking 370, which is still over half. This is more than I would be comfortable with, and I think I would look disproportionate to my frame. She made some images of what the difference would be from a lift versus a lift with implants. I don't think she does fat transfer to breasts. Or maybe her software does not show it. The augmentation would make my breasts look really wide and bigger than they are now. Not what I want. The lift looked good (better than now for sure), but I could see the sloping on the top that Dr. Obaid mentioned I would have without the fat transfer.

Tummy Tuck: After seeing the 3d imaging I was really glad I wanted to do this at the same time. The tummy looks really bad in the pictures with the breasts corrected. This doctor did a quite thorough exam of my abdomen. She said I had diastasis (muscle separation -I forget how much) and did not think I had a hernia (She sounded a little unsure about the hernia). Sher did not do a 3d image of the tummy tuck, but only showed me before/after photos.

Complications: Her staff said that in office fixes for things like dog ears would be charged materials fee. Her procedure is performed in and includes overnight stay in hospital. If you have to stay longer for complications, they send it to the insurance company.

Other things of note. Her 3d imaging made me aware that I am going to want an arm/thigh lift or something later (probably). She includes two compression garments and scar treatments in her price. She breaks the price down so you can see where some is being paid to the hospital/anesthesiologist. She does a procedure called the natural breast lift that does not use the vertical scar (not in my case, though she said she could try). In my case she would be using the regular Anchor Scar method.

Also, I tried to post her 3D imaging here, but I could not figure out how to get the pictures off her website. She emails you a login to view them.

Pre-Op Appointment

Yesterday, I went to my pre-op appointment with Dr. Obaid. I did not actually see him at the pre-op appointment. His nurse took before pictures. She gave me prescriptions and some instructions. I paid the remainder of the surgery costs and scheduled a follow up appointment. Since my surgery is on Friday and it is a holiday weekend, that appointment will not be until Tuesday. I understand it is normally the next day.

Today I dropped off my prescriptions at the pharmacy. I've already started getting texts that some of them are not covered by my insurance. Makes me really glad I get to do this before the surgery and not afterwards.

So, when I first scheduled and put my deposit down, I was super excited and relieved to get this done. Then, when I started seeing people's day one-two post op pictures I was a little scared. After having seen the progression of those post op photos, I started to feel relieved. I think knowing that it starts out like that, and ends with what you are trying to achieve is reassuring. Now that I have finished paying and am getting ready for this to happen, I think I am in shock. Instead of being excited, I feel like I am in a state of disbelief. I'm sure I will hit excited and scared again. Right now I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

The other shoe might be strep throat. My son just got it. I'm off to my GP this afternoon to make sure I don't have it and/or get rid of it before my surgery.

Strep Throat and medications

So, I do have Strep Throat. Hopefully, the medications will work and clear it up. Only 5 days worth of medications, so I will be done before the 2 week mark. I plan to let them know anyway though. Hope it does not make me change the date.

The medications not covered by my insurance so far, were stool softener and antibacterial wash. So, that is not surprising. They were not too expensive though and since they were prescriptions, they were covered by my FSA. One of the medications was on back order and is supposed to be in next week. Really glad we are doing this in advance. One of my medications has given me dry mouth before. I will have to ask them to change it, and see if I can take it back to the pharmacy. I should have read over the list first, so if they won't take it back, it is my own fault.

More Strep Throat and medications

So, After the first round of antibiotics. I was not feeling that much better, and the doctor wanted me to wait and see if I got better. Went back and had them check it again. I still have Strep throat. I'm on round two of antibiotics. This time I feel much better. They have not changed my surgery date since I am feeling better. Hopefully, I will be all better by then.

All my medications are finally in, and I have an app loaded with how often to take them.

I will try to post some before pictures soon.

The dreaded before pictures

Here are the dreaded before pictures. Hopefully, I will look back on these during recovery to get me through the bruised, Frankenstein phase.

Day 5 post op pictures

So, I had my procedure on Friday morning. Had my husband take these while I was unwrapped for shower today. Will update more later.

Post op update Day of surgery

Okay, I went to the surgery center Friday morning at 5:30 am. The weather was thunder and lightning and a deluge of rain. We thought we might get postponed because of people being late. The nurse had told us that there would not be anyone at the front desk and that they would keep checking for us. When we went in the nurse came out right away and took me back. She took some urine, had me change and then I had to sign some paperwork. The paperwork said I was getting an augmentation with lift, so I questioned her about that. She said that was because of the fat transfer. I told her I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to wake up with implants. She said that would not be the case. I think she took my vitals and then went to get my husband.

Dr Obaid came in a little while later to mark me up. I meant to get a picture of this, but it all went really quickly from here. I made sure he wasn't planning to give me any implants and asked him if they come lose power do to the storm. He reassured me about the procedure and that they had backup power and would not be without power at any time during my procedure. The marking tickles for anyone wondering. I feel like after he left they gave me an iv and then I don't remember until I woke up post op.

When I woke up I was offered Sprite or water to drink. I took some Sprite. I felt nauseated and was in some pain, so the post op nurse gave me one of my Tylenol 3 and anti nausea medicine. I think she might have been new. I had my eyes closed because the light makes me more nauseous, which I told her and she kept telling me to wake up. I asked her for an ice pack or a damp towel and she said something like I guess we could let her have an ice pack after asking another nurse where it was. Then when she took the catheter out she asked someone again, do I have to empty this? I really felt like I was a burden. I told her I thought I had to pee and she was like you don't because you had a catheter. Then she started taking out my iv's. I feel like she was grumbling the whole time. I could hear the other nurse she would talk to talking to another patient and offering her a drink and a cracker. I remember thinking why wouldn't they offer me a cracker when I feel nauseated? So, my nurse gets me in a wheelchair and wheels me out, banging my arms into furniture or walls not sure which. Still trying to keep my eyes closed because the light bothers them. When she took the wheelchair and left I turned to my husband and asked if I just imagined how mean she seemed. He said I was not imagining it. I told him maybe she was new, because the other nurses I had dealt with and the one I could hear talking to another patient sounded much more like what I expected.

I reclined my chair and closed my eyes, holding the barf bag the nurse gave us since she didn't remember where the plastic spit tray they gave me had gone after I spit up in it. Then we took the hour long drive home. Oh, the nurse took the ice pack back too. I made it home without throwing up. My husband closed all the blinds, gave me an ice pack for my neck and forehead and deposited me in his recliner. I had set all my medications in an app on my phone and told my husband to check it when it dinged. We were told I had to drink a lot and get up and walk 5 minutes every hour. So, I got up every hour and walked around until I either felt faint or like I was going to throw up. Not 5 minutes, I am sure. Narcotics make me really ill. I think it was the next morning my husband called Dr. Obaid (he answered) and they switched my pain medication and my anti nausea meds.
I thought things would get better from here, but I still felt faint whenever I would get up. My husband talked to Dr Obaid again who advised me to drink I think it was 2 liters of Gatorade immediately and then keep drinking lots of fluids. I have to say I'm pretty sure now that I was indeed dehydrated. Though I had been drinking water my every waking moment. Dr. Obaid called and checked up on me too.

Not sure what day it was, but we called Melissa for shower instructions. She got back to us right away.

Tuesday, I had my post op appointment. We drove an hour to Southlake. They took my vitals, looked at the incisions, and then we drove an hour home. I'm kind of glad I didn't have to do that when I felt so horrible.

Feeling much better today. Though I am getting really tired of Gatorade.

Symptoms I forgot to mention before

Swell hell is a term I see on this site. I have a better understanding of it now. The first few days my toes would really swell up when I was not reclining. My fingers felt like sausages and I would wiggle them because I was afraid they weren't getting enough circulation. My abdomen and breasts are swollen. In fact my breasts felt really tight and I had started putting ice packs on them, but my doctor said no ice on the breasts. Must be for the fat transfer. When I went to my post op, my feet became so swollen on the ride home that I had to take off my shoes. My fingers are still swollen, but they haven't felt like sausages since around the third day.

Tight tummy made me eat and drink less at a time. So, try to sip your drinks the entire time your awake and eat snack size portions at first. I could eat a sandwich, but then I would feel too full to drink. Which caused me to be more dehydrated.

Pain medication can work too well. I noticed today when I was eating lunch that I couldn't even feel if I was full. I cut out my mid day muscle relaxant and pain pill. Even though I have some pain now I can feel when I eat and drink. No sense stretching all that out again and giving me gastrointestinal difficulties. I've been planning to cut back as soon as the drains come out. I've heard it can be painful.

Got my last shot today. Yay!

I'm scheduled to get one drain out on Monday. I'm hoping they will do both. Maybe they will take out the stitches too.

Itchy! Wearing man size wife beater shirts helps. I tried my tanks but they were too snug to get my arms in and out without going over my head. In fact, I roam about the house in my husbands button down shirts. He's tall, so they cover my tush. When I tried dresses and pants I found they got caught on the drain tubes and I prefer to avoid that. Also, hard to get pillows under legs in the long dresses. The short dress I had worked fine until I tried to take it off. Too hard to get over my head by myself. Might work with help.

Neck pillow or towel. I've had neck surgery so maybe I am just predisposed to neck pain. However, I highly recommend one for sleeping in the recliner. Even with one, I still wake up with an evil headache.

I'll post more after my next appointment, or if I think of something else I have forgotten.

Drain removal update

Yesterday, I had both drains removed and all the lips stitches came out. My right drain had been paining me whenever I would move so that I thought it must have been leaking and then scab pulling away. This turned out to not be true. They said the stitch holding that one in was just really tight. Getting that right drain stitch removed was the worst part. Not too bad though.

The doctor also took a look at where my breasts had been sticking to my bra and that morning had oozed red goo. That pic is on my husbands phone so I may add that later. I have since started putting panty liners over that area so that my bra doesn't rip off scabs or whatever is oozing. Anyway, the doctor said he thought it looked a little red and prescribed another antibiotic.

Today, my husband took a couple pictures before the bandages came off. I let them fall off in the shower hoping that would cause less damage. After my shower I put some antibiotic cream on the drain holes and the oozy spots on my breasts and tried to let it air dry for about an hour. Breasts were still oozing clear stuff when I put my bra back on.

The drain holes look a little pussy. I sent a picture to Melissa to see if this is normal. Haven't heard back yet.

Drain Hole and Brest Redness

Heard back from Melissa. She says the drain hole looks normal and to wash it with soap and water in the shower and use Neosporin. She also said the antibiotics should take 72 hours to work on the breast redness, so I will just keep an eye on that for now.

Breast infection Day 2 New Antibiotics

Yesterday I sent these pics to Melissa. Told her I took another shower the night before. More neosporyn, left bra off, and slept exposed for about 4 hours before covering with shirt because I was cold. She moved my appointment from 2 weeks out to next week to keep an eye on it.

Breast infection, Day 3 of new antibiotics

So, here are my pictures for day 3 of the new antibiotics. It won't be 72 hours until tomorrow morning though.

I took a shower last night, again they looked worse at night. Slept in just the binder under a lose shirt. This morning the binder had ridden up overnight and creased the right breast. There was dried ooze on the binder. Had to wash it again. Both breasts have lost glue from the oozing. This mornings blotting showed no current oozing though. We will see next time I take my bra off. Still red and angry looking with yellow pus/stuff. Right breast has bright red dots at T junction. Hard to see with mirror. Not sure it shows in photo. No pain though, just uncomfortable. Melissa just texted me back while I was updating this. I am going back in today, to let them have a look at it.

Doctors appointment

The nurse took a look at my wounds and said that they looked like they were healing okay. She advised me to change the bandages more often and try to pad the lower side so that the binder would not put as much pressure on that spot. The binder always starts out below there, but tends to wander upward as I move. She says that if it is not healing better by next week, they will want me to do wet to dry bandages. I told her that I had cut off a piece of the glue that was just hanging, and asked her to take a look and make sure I did not mess anything up. She agreed that leaving a hanging strip of glue would have probably gotten caught and torn off more. Then she removed the rest of the glue from the oozing areas so that it would not hang off like that again.

While I was there, she also took out my bellybutton plug and said it was healing nicely, and that I did not need it anymore.

I also asked her about itchiness and dry skin. It's like having torso dandruff. She said to keep using lotion, just not to get any on the incision.

2 week update

Posting some pictures taken this morning by the husband.

The doctors office was great about seeing me and reassuring me that the breast infection/irritation is progressing normally and looks like it is healing.

Pain medications. I stopped taking them on Monday after the drains/stitches came out. I had them on a timer and spaced out rotating the muscle relaxant with the pain med. Once my pain meds got sorted out I really didn't have any pain except the odd spasm. So, yesterday I think they were finally out of my system. I might have overdone it too. However, I had to start them again last night. Now that I feel a little better, I will try to substitute Tylenol for the stronger pain medicine.

Breast bleeding

At This mornings dressing change, my right breast had a lot of blood on it. Will post pictures. Sent pictures to Melissa just in case it's not normal.

Breast update

Last night and this morning, my right breast does not appear to be bleeding. Never heard back from Melissa. The yellowish stuff is back, though it left some gaps. Left breast actually starting to look like it's healing to me.

Leg Pain and Breast Update

So, Melissa called me back after getting my pictures from today. She said she had not received my pictures yesterday which is why she did not get back with me. The ones today looked like they were progressing fine and that one breast will often heal slower than another. She also asked if I had any other problems. So, I told her that I had been having some leg pain, but I was pretty sure it was just sciatica and was just letting her know because of the worry about DVT after surgeries. She told me she would talk to Dr. Obaid and call me back. She just called me back a little while ago and they told me to make sure to take my muscle relaxers and that Dr. Obaid wanted to see me tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes afterwards.

Yay! No blood clots.

So, went to the doctors office today. After looking at my legs his nurse agreed that my leg pain was most likely sciatica and muscle pain since I have not been able to do my back exercises.

She also took a look at my breasts again. We agreed the left breast looks like it is on the mend. The right progressing more slowly. She did not know why it bled more the other day and said to let them know if it happens again.

Spitting Stitches?

I noticed what looked like a hair in the open wound on my right breast. When I tried to tug it, it felt really coarse and it was stuck. I sent a picture to Melissa last night and she said it was a suture. There is another coarse spot on my left breast around the nipple. It looks like a dot, but feels very rough when I rub in the scar cream. I had an appointment for tomorrow anyway, so they will remove the suture then. I am hoping they will look at the other spot in case it is the same thing.

4 week update

So, yesterday I went to the doctor to have some spitting stitches removed. I knew about 3 and the nurse removed about 7.

Posting some before and afters. Sadly these are selfies. My hubbies pictures come out clearer. Also, updated Breast and drain hole pictures so you can see how those are doing.

Oops not all the 4 week photos

More photos from 4 week post

Forget t the photos

Here they are. I really mean it this time.

6 week photos and update

Here are my six week photos. My husband took them last Friday. My appointment was not until Monday, so I had planned to do the update then. However, I got a little lazy.

So, the pink outfit is what I wear while letting the scar cream dry a little. Otherwise it tends to stick to my clothes. It is called a duster or housecoat and my grandma used to wear them all the time. I wish I had bought one to wear the day of the procedure.

I think my scars are healing up nicely. The big one on my right Breast had finally stopped oozing. The morning of my appointment, a new opening appeared right at the nipple and was oozing. Dr. Obaid removed another suture from that spot and it sealed up the next day. I did not get a picture of that.

Dr Obaid wants me to follow up in 4 months. If my right breast scar has not gotten smaller he says I may need a revision.

5 Month update

So, things are going well. I've taken to wearing underwire bras again. Haven't found a good size yet. The bra in this picture is a 32ddd with an expander so the wire doesn't hurt. If I try to wear a 36d the bra is too lose, but the cup fits. A 34d is too small in the cup and a 34dd is too big in the cup. No doubt I just need to find the right brand.

Scars are fading as expected. The one on the underside of my right breast feels thicker. I am hoping this changes over time. I have a follow up appointment with Dr Obaid next month and should be posting another update after that.

I had my annual mammogram and it came out fine. Didn't feel any more uncomfortable than I had remembered. My regular Ob/Gyn appointment got moved as my doctor had to do an emergency procedure so I don't get to tell you what she thinks yet. I'll try and remember to include that in my update next month.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

We felt comfortable with him when we met him. We liked his before/after pictures. His office staff seemed competent and friendly. Had a little concern regarding not being able to leave messages after hours. Was told this has been corrected. Have not verified that the after hours voice mail is working. However, have not had any trouble talking to his office since then. Great Doctor, excellent results and follow up care.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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