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I'm planning on having an extended tummy tuck with...

I'm planning on having an extended tummy tuck with breast lift and augmentation after losing around 80lbs. I'm unhappy about the amount of droop my boobs have. They look like uneven hanging pancakes . And my belly pooch isn't much better. I'm actually pretty thin but all this extra skin hides my lean figure.

Next week is my "boob fitting"

Sounds weird to say that I'm going to go get fitted for my boobs. And what an amusing conversation to have with my big sister that I want her to come along too for an outside opinion. Haha. But I think she's curious what its all about so she is secretly excited! ;)
I more nervous about the breast lift and implants than the tummy tuck, probably because I'm putting a foreign object into my body. I worry that since I'm doing it in just one stage the pressure from the implant will split apart the incision so maybe I should sacrifice a bigger size for safety's sake? Ideally I want to be a "C" cup but I know that's not an accurate way of measuring. As long as I can still sleep on my stomach I'm good. I'll be asking a lot of questions at my appointment and this time I'm writing them down so I don't draw a blank when I get there. Ugh.


One of my befores

A before pic

My befores are so embarrassing

Sometimes I doubt that there's anything anyone can do to fix how bad I look. But I'm tired of wondering if plastic surgery is the solution. I've wondered about it for years and now it have the chance to get it. If I chicken out now I'll always wonder" what if". Might as well do it while I'm still young and in good health. It's depressing for me trying to find girls on here that have bodies like mine. Most look so much better.

Your opinion...?

What kinds of questions did ya'll ask at your consultation? Everyone always asks the standard questions like where the line will be for a tummy tuck, scar care, or the pros and cons of saline vs. silicone, textured vs. smooth for breast augmentation, etc. But did anyone else have more specific, detailed questions? Something not so standard that one might not typically think of?

2nd Consultation...

Well, I just got back from my 2nd consultation in which I tried on different size implants and got to ask Dr. Bogdan a bunch of questions that I forgot to ask him before. I feel better after talking to him because I really don't think he would do something if he thought it was going to result badly.
Here are some questions that I asked him:
1) What factors determine how low/high the TT incision will go? He said that generally the bigger you are, the higher the incision could be or if you're someone who has lost a massive amount of weight. If you wanted your line lower, it would sacrifice tightness. If the incision is higher or the skin is too tight, you risk pulling your labia/mon pubis up and into an awkward position. Apparently I have a low belly button which is a good thing so he estimates my incision would be at the bikini line or one inch above.
2) What is your re-operation policy/fee? His answer- he doesn't charge a fee but you'd have to pay the facility/anesthesia fee.
3) What is your complication rate? Do you re-operate on your own patients much? He says he has a very low complication rate. I think this needs to be researched by the patient also as some surgeons might not be quite forthcoming.
4) During the breast lift do you change the size of the areloas? Is this included in the fee? He says if I want them smaller he can certainly do that, I could pick the size I want and any surgeon who charges extra for that is ridiculous. Lol

Questions Continued...

5) What if you have prominent veins that run through your boobs/areolas? Do you sever/cauterize them during the operation? He says that those veins are important to keep intact because they provide the best blood flow. They may even be more pronounced after surgery because other veins have been damaged and blood is redirected through the remaining larger ones.
6) Does an extended tummy tuck also have a lateral thigh lift effect? Yes it does.
This question was more because I was curious than medically necessary: 6 hours is a long time to be standing still at an OR table operating on someone. How do you deal with taking breaks? He says he loves doing surgery and doesn't think of it as something he "has to do". He eats and goes to the bathroom before surgery and doesn't leave the OR because even taking a 5 minute pee break costs a lot of money toward time spent in the OR. (I'm a nurse and I've seen surgeons being fed food while operating, talking on the phone, etc.)

Surgery is tomorrow! This better be worth it!

Okay tomorrow is my surgery; i'm so nervous I could puke. I keep telling myself, "what am I thinking?" I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain. I know my doctor doesn't give IV pain meds post op and I worry that he only prescribed to me Norco 10/325mg one every 4 hours. I'm 99% sure I will be in so much pain that he'll need to up the dosage or switch to Percocet. I have had general anesthesia before and didn't have any complications or nausea from it so hopefully it'll be the same this time. I'm going to miss sleeping on my stomach. I don't ever sleep on my back so I'm wondering how this will work out after I'm not sedated from pain meds. I hope my new boobs won't interfere with stomach sleeping either. I also don't sleep in anything but panties so I feel like I'm going from one extreme (no clothes on my stomach) to the other (lots of "clothes" on my back).
I hope the nurse teaches me the best way to get on and off the bed, or in my case couch. How am I supposed to get up if I can't use my core or my arms? I guess it'll being more painfully limited use than not at all.
Today I'm getting a few last minute items and grocery shopping for easy to make/ ready to eat meals. Too bad everything convenient is packed with salt. It seems like so many women have everything so prepared and have everything one could possibly need and I'm like, "I'll just wing it." Lol. I've bought all the essentials listed in my preop booklet but just the bare minimum. I think it's more because now I'm tight on money. The things I got: my prescriptions filled Norco, ZOfran, Celebrex, and Valium.
Stool softener/ laxative
More pillows for propping
Protein bars
Hand sanitizer
Bath wipes
Two plain tank tops
Comfy sleeping shorts
Granny panties
2 cotton front snap bras
A button up shirt
My sweet mother is taking care of me so if I really need something I'm sure she'd go get it.
Surgery starts at 11:15 AM, which is later than I'd prefer, at Texas Institute for surgery in Dallas. It's about an hour drive so I hope that the ride home won't be too miserable. So many emotions!!! I can't believe this is happening; for better or for worse. I swear I've never looked at so many pictures of boobs in my life. I'll try and write more later and take some pictures. Pray for me.

Last minute pics! Good bye flab; hello scar!

I've seen others do these poses and figured if I want to do it too it better be now cause I won't be able to after tomorrow. Sorry if these pictures come out rotated. I'm not a good picture-taker.

Finally post op pic.

Sorry I can't write too much today. Still pretty drugged but here's pic

Picture update

Post op day 5- I was able to take a shower with my drains. Pain was decent but he gave me Percocet, Valium and Norco so if I took them it was tolerable. Drains were super annoying, pulling on the sensitive mons pubis area. Tummy tuck scar felt tight and stiff, like it would just rip apart. But I love my results. So worth it!

Pod 6

Trying to catch up on pictures so y'all can see what you're in for! Lol

Here's a side view

Still pod 6. They're swollen so they won't be quite so voluminous when they settle but it's a vast improvement over what I had. Most of my pain was the TT so I didn't even notice pain in my boobs.
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