Getting Butt Implants After Weight Loss: A New Journey

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Well, I'm officially scheduled for my next...

Well, I'm officially scheduled for my next procedure come this October, so I thought I should start my blog. Yes, it's a tad early (6 mos away), but I wanted to be proactive this round! I debated which community to post this to, because I'm getting a lot of work done. I just had a tummy tuck and some lipo done Feb 27th. Phase 2 will be a butt/ outer thigh / breast lift, along with both butt and breast implants. Whew!!! That's a lot!! ....and I'm super excited! So...which community to post to. I decided on the butt implants section. So here I go. :0)

I should start off by giving my stats. I'm 37, 5'11, and 170. I lost a significant amount of weight (97 #s as of today). At my heaviest I was a size 24. Now I'm a size 12.

I finally (though reluctantly) accepted that I needed to get some help fixing what diet and exercise couldn't. I have a weight loss and tummy tuck blog which detail this journey, so I won't rehash that here. Suffice it to say, I'm on a mission to get this body as good as it can my 40th.

The results from my tt blew my mind! A novice to plastic surgery, I figured some improvement could be achieved, but didn't hold out much hope for anything significantly transformative. My goodness, was I in for a surprise!! Wow!! Ok. Plastic surgery is absolutely AMAZING! :) Don't get me wrong. I'm under no false illusions that I'm going to become the next Ms. Maxim cover model! Not a snowball's chance! be able to look decent in form fitting clothes, not cringe when I look in the mirror, and FEEL sexy? Absolutely.

Ok. So, how the heck did I get to butt implants, one may ask. When I hit month 2 of my tt recovery I began my research. My legs and rear are a mess, and they need help! My skin is very loose as a result of being heavy for so many years. I work my muscles quite a bit. Actually, I'm quite strong for a woman, but it's hardly noticeable. That's why I opted for a butt/ thigh lift. This procedure, simply stated, is a tummy tuck.....for the butt and outer thigh. The incision will go from hip-to-hip, running along my lower back.

I have found that there is very little info readily found (got to dig to find it) on these butt lifts. Usually the details are buried within 'body lift' or 'lower body lift' literature. Type in 'butt lift' and what do ya get? Brazilian Butt Lift avalanche! This is the latest hyped procedure out there, and it's name is so misleading!! A BBL is NOT a lift. It is an augmentation. A lift requires a cut....and lift....and trim...and stitch technique. Nevertheless, confusion over the word 'lift' continues.

For implants, most of the info out there reference a butt crease (upper or lower) as the means for inserting them. Nearly nothing is found on inserting them while doing a butt lift procedure! This gap in public awareness is why I decided to post here, in this community. Maybe there's someone else out there struggling to find info like I did, for an actual cut-and-lift butt lift, with concurrent implant augmentation.

With significant weight loss, a lift technique ends up flattening the rear-end. I have fat on my rear to spare right now, but when the lift is done, a huge amount of it will be excised. And because the skin is so loose, there will have to be a lot of trimming to make it firm again (not talking muscle...just skin). Altogether this will make for a flat a**! :( Enter augmentation stage right.

There are two types of augmentation: with fat, and with implants. The last thing I want is more fat! And, with fat, there is upwards of 50% loss of volume during the first 3-mos of recovery! That loss in volume translates to deflation. Deflation....with skin that doesn't contract....equates to sagging rear-end. I don't want to throw my hard-earned money away. I'm getting a lift and want a firm, full rear. Not a lift, with a deflated rear! So implants it is.

At my last tt follow-up I consulted with my ps about my phase 2 plan. Dr. Obaid spent quite a bit of time with me, even though his office was very full of patients. We discussed how the cut would basically work, how implants would benefit my shape, and once we were done with that he inquired as to whether I had considered doing my breasts. Yes, I said, but figured that wouldn't be logistically possible at the same time as my butt lift (thinking of sleeping on stomach). Well, yes it is possible, and I'll be sleeping on my side!! The benefit of doing the breasts at the same time as the rear if proportion. My stomach is are my breasts. Sculpt a nice round rear-end and a spotlight will shine on the flat chest!! I hadn't thought of that, but makes perfect sense. We talked some more about it and in the end I felt comfortable adding it in. I was excited before. Now I'm over the moon!!! This is going to be the longest 6-mos of my life!

Sientra is the manufacturer my ps uses. So I pulled all the data sheets and catalogue a from their website and started to learn about implants. I am still learning. I really don't know what size shape to go with yet. I'll be checking out all the blogs and Q&As to figure out what works and what doesn't, based on others experiences. Problem is, most people I've seen on here so far are on the smaller side. 5'6 or less seems the average. Being 5'11, with wider hips, I have to figure out what will work for my body type.

I see my ps again in June, for my 3-mos tt follow up, and want to be ready to ask him more questions. Another reason I decided to post my blog so early. I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to see him again before my pre-op appt in October, so I want to be prepared. I welcome everyone's advice and/ or recommendations, here on Real Self. Ya'll are simply fabulous!

I'm thinking of 600cc for breasts (I have very broad shoulders), and perhaps 380-ish for the butt implants. I have decided to go intra-muscular for placement, so that's going to limit how big I can go on the butt. Anyone have this size?

Well, I think that's enough for today. Thanks all for reading, and all the support and encouragement ya'll give one another. I look forward to this new journey, and will post pics soon. Best to everyone!

Ok, so I'm second guessing whether to do the...

Ok, so I'm second guessing whether to do the implants now at same time as my lift or not. Here's the thing. Cause I have so much skin that will be removed, there will be a lot of tension on the incision to begin with while healing. I'm not going to have small implants, so there will be volume added....but not huge implants either. Would this stretch the scar or risk splitting the incision? Hm. I'm debating this in my mind today. I don't want to go through the lift and end up flat and have to wait 3-6 months to get some plump!!! And...I would rather not have to have another surgery on the same asset, if you know what I mean. 3 months healing from lift then another three months healing from implants? That's 6 months of not sitting on my butt!!!! Ugh. What to do.

Went shopping for some new clothes today. Great...

Went shopping for some new clothes today. Great thing about getting smaller is fitting smaller clothes. Bad thing about fitting smaller clothes is having to buy whole new wardrobes. Getting expensive. But....I've found myself a tailor, so maybe I can salvage some pieces. Anyways, I bought myself some really cute pants, got home and promptly did a fashion show for myself. Then it crossed my mind....will I have to go up in pant size when I get my implants? I surely hope not! Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone who stayed 400cc or less....did you have to increase your pants or pantie size? This isn't going to change my mind about getting them. I just want to know what to expect. I know I still need to post pics. Will this weekend. Not gonna be pretty...since the befores are going to be before my just warning ya'll! If post-weight loss ass and thighs bother ya, don't look!!! :)

Alright. Here are some as-is pics. Embarrassing...

Alright. Here are some as-is pics. Embarrassing to say the least, but hell, it's all mine and I gotta love me!! :-)

The more I think about getting implants the more...

The more I think about getting implants the more excited I get! At first, when the idea of implants was suggested, I was apprehensive. Implants in the breasts are one thing, but anywhere else seemed to be a foreign concept to me. Obviously I've come around! :) if these will help me get my shape the way I'd like it to be I'm willing to give it a whirl. Surgery should never be entered into lightly, so I'm really checking myself and doing my research. And the more I do, the more I'm convinced its the right thing for me. I'm doing my due diligence too, to make sure I exercise and tone as much as I can. Jillian Michaels Killer butt and thighs work outs are now in my weekly routine!

I've been reading more about butt implants, and it sounds as though they won't ever have to be changed out. As long as they don't move or develop a contracture. I'm going to go with round implants, as opposed to oblong. And, they will be intra-muscular. These two factors minimize the risk of movement, I believe. So I may never have to deal with any butt implant revisions. That is a huge bonus to me. Of course the healing process can always throw a surprise in the mix, but I'm staying positive!

I also asked the doctors here on RS whether butt implants could cause a problem during airport screening, too. Never know! I mean, a gal has to prepare for any eventuality! I do travel quite a bit, so it didn't seem like it was too unreasonable to ask. A doc said no, they won't be seen and shouldn't be a problem.

Well, all for today. More to come.

Implants post-poned

I won't be getting my implants at the same time as my butt/ thigh lift after all. Dr is concerned about added tension that the implants may put on the incision line, given how much skin I want removed. Of course I'm a little disappointed to have to wait a bit longer, but I don't want to have any problems with healing! So, I'll be looking at next spring, and with an incision in the upper butt crease (ugh!!). For some reason that incision scares me. Still planning on round, intra-muscular.

I'll update after my surgery in October. Best to all who are getting their implants this year!! :^)

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