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Procedure completed 1 pm on 13, October 2016 I...

Procedure completed 1 pm on 13, October 2016 I think I got 320ml round. He was going to do the max the space allowed. 2 incisions no drains. I am at end of post op day 3/ staying on top of pain medications. Taking Norco every 4 hours only first day then weaned to 1 every 4 hours second. day . Today took 1/2 every four hours. I also am taking Celebrex, Gabapentin, and a Muscle relaxer. Pain is bearable and seems to be a little better each day. I definitely walk funny and the butt is not attractive at this point. Has some flattened areas and I understand implants will drop and round things out. At least I hope so. The garment is a beast/ not made for men at all and definitely not made to poop out of. I have not had a BM yet, but am taking stool softeners so hopefully that will help. I am terrified of infecting the incisions as well as keeping the surgical site clean.

Post of day 4 and 5

I walked a block/ over did it/ much pain last night and couldn't sleep Was trying to get by on half a NORCO That won't work. Areas are still very swollen and some flattened areas. The binder garment is a killer and is really uncomfortable pushing tissue up. I feel results will look better once swelling goes down and flat parts go away. Incisions still appear intact.

Poat op day 6

Walking around a little better today. Only had 1/2 norco and tylenol. mu Dr told me to take off compression garment as it was cutting into mu side. he said since i had not had any lipo. it was more for swelling And doing me more harm. by the tightness. i was getting swelling around the top of it. i am now wearing under Armour tight running compression shorts. much better. 2 bathroom day. The Colace made it easy. incisions. still look lean and dry. still swollen. hooe it rounds out in a few weeks.

day six

post day 6 pics

day 6 pics

more pics


Today is day 11. First time I drove. Felt like my butt. was being stretched broke out into a cold sweat nearly started crying. Drive for Dr.s check. He said I am healing quicker than most but one side is still more swollen. Will recheck in a week. Nothing to be concerned about. Emotional rollercoaster. Wondering. Why I did this. When I could be out jogging right now. I know this feeling will pass.

Day 12

Day 12 had a ? Seroma or blood pocket that had to be drained first tried with needle aspiration then manually squeezing it out. Was not pleasant but did take a lot of tension out of the one side that felt weird. The right side feels fine the left still with some aches cultures sent. To see if anything would grow. Dr doesn't think so. Off pain meds. I do take Tylenol around clock for inflammation. Feeling very blah about doing this. I know that will pass. Antibiotics continue and now cause diarrhea. Ugg

Pics day 13

Day 17 Monday 10/31

Today left hip developed swelling. W in for second seroma drainage. Drained 100ml. So far no infection. In compression garment. limiting activity. Hope this s does it,

Day 20.

Yesterday had another draining of seroma. This time only 30 ml fluid. Keeping compression garment on tight and even adding extra padding to make tighter in area of seroma. Tomorrow day 21 going for another draining. Hope is less. Today drove for first time. Sitting is not uncomfortable. Incisions continue to look good. We will see.

Day 21

Drove myself to check up today. Was no issue. Sat on pillow even though haven't at home or at restaurants. Had seroma aspirated hopefully last time. Only 5 ml out. Cultures did come back positive so started 2 new antibiotics for 14 days. No redness tenderness or fever.

4 weeks post op today

Did not drain seroma on visit to Dr. Wednesday. States it looked stable. Continue on 2 antibiotics for positive fluid culture. Sitting and driving, but trying to favor the one area not to add any additional trauma to it in hopes seroma will reabsorb. Verdict still out on worth it. If everything continues to heal and no complications of course would probably say yes. Not sure.

4 weeks 5 days

Still have a small area of swelling. Still in antibiotics. Still in compression garment. Driving. Walking normally. Use a pillow for driving. Seroma spot to be evaluated Friday and then again Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Due to infection and working in medical field still not back to work. To prevent potential worsening of infection and its risk for transmission. As I sit more notice more areas of soreness. Not pain. Hope all slowly improves

6 weeks today

Thinks are improving. Still slight swelling on left incision line. A little soreness at end of day with sitting and Moving. Driving. Normal sitting normal. May get to start back to gym Monday. Will take it easy. Upper body first.

8 weeks 2 days

Left cheek incision pucker setting down after a left over stitch pulled. Finally fee everything has closed. Drove 5 hours with several stops and no pillow was fine. Still a little occasional soreness. Lifted weights. Last week. Bench press put pressure at the tip of Burris crack and did get some swelling afterwards. Took a day to go back down. I guess this is normal. All and all everything is good right now. Will soon try my first bath. Can't wait

one implant not in muscle.

discovered one implant is not in the muscular pocket. must ha e ruptured through during manual expression of seroma at day 12. i did not realize it till all swelling had subsided and felt rim of implant sitting low at crease of my hip. could literally grab the edge of the implant. lateral border pushing toward incision line. and feels like a bulge and pressure in my butt crack. so. i guess i will have to have a 2 nd surgery to place it back in pocket. my hope is. this will go easier. i am concerned about seroma formation since this is floating. subfascially. has anyone had an implamt moved subfascial to intra muscular?
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Dr. Obaid was very informative about the procedure and what to expect in the beginning as well as the results developed. He explained risks very well and talked about the pain that would be involved.

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