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In 2004, I went to Colombia to get silicone gel...

In 2004, I went to Colombia to get silicone gel breast implants. They cost a 1/3 of what they cost in the States and I was recommended to several excellent surgeons from many friends in Miami. I went with a friend a mine who helped me get around and visit different PS. I decided on on PS who I seemed to instinctively trust more than the others I met.

For the past 9 years, I have LOVED my new additions! Each year they became more "natural looking" and I was blessed that they looked so much better than most boob jobs I had seen. I have a lot of exposure to them, since it is incredibly normal and acceptable for most women to get breast implants done in Miami, South America, etc. All has been great until a couple of months ago when I felt a small lump on my left side (next to breast but a little closer to my armpit). I did some research and learned about lymph nodes and how sometimes when someone has breast cancer brewing, the lymph nodes get swallen as they attack the cancer. My maternal grandmother died from breast cancer around age 50, so I didn't take that lump lightly. When I went to my new doctor, she insisted it wasn't a big deal... even suggested my lymph nodes could be swallen because of excess caffeine consumption (?). I personally didn't agree with her lame diagnosis and insisted on getting a mammogram &/or ultrasound. I'm so happy I trusted my own instinct (after all, we know our bodies better than anyone - DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!). The results of the mammogram & ultrasound were negative for breast cancer (thank goodness!), but the MD delivered some not so great news about my "girls": both of my silicone gel implants had ruptured. My lymph node is swallon, because it has silicone gel in it (lymph nodes fight off things in our bodies that aren't supposed to be there). I was told it can happen without the person even knowing it and that it was possible that they have been slowly leaking for a year or so. My size hadn't changed much, especially since I know that implants tend to get a little smaller with time.

Anyway, I was highly recommended to a PS where I now live, in North Texas, who does a lot of breast reconstruction work and is really good at what he does. He was also known for being a compasionate man. Once I met him, I understood how the above could be true and agreed. He answered my list of questions with ease and offered additional information as well. I am excited to have my implants removed, so I no longer have to worry about how the silicone gel may effecting my health (or setting me up for problems in the future). Most of the articles I have read insist that there is no evidence that the gel causes problems... While I hope for the best, I know that these implants haven't been around long enough for anyone to know 100% what the gel can do to us internally. Either way, I have always been healthy and am not going to let some fake boobs weigh me down - literally and figuratively! : ) I wish you all the BEST of luck on your journey! If I could go back to the younger me, I would educate myself with regards to the insane amount of stress and money that is associated with the maintenence of breast implants (whether something bad happens or not)! While I've had a lot of fun with then thus far, I couldn't be happier to take them out and get back to the REAL me!! : )

I'm removing them and have no intention of replacing them. I went from an A to B/C. I'm also 32 years old.

Last, but not least, my Colombian surgeon called me the same day I emailed him regarding everything I was going through. He spoke to me for about 20 minutes reassuring me that the gel isn't harmful and that the removal is a farely simple procedure. He also had no problems emailing the extra info I wanted about the implants: size, serial numbers, etc. I don't know of many American MD's that would take such time and care with their patients.. I was treated with amazingly great care before during and even way after my initial surgery! Again, I've been blessed thus far... I'm just looking forward to getting them taken out ASAP!

I've been implant free for 24 hours now. I don't...

I've been implant free for 24 hours now. I don't really feel like posting photos just yet. My bandages were changed to day and I'm very happy with the way everything looks! My surgeon insisted that I get my swollen lymph node biopsied to make sure that there isn't anything other than silicone gel inside my lymph node. Where he had to cut is more sore than the insicions where the implants were removed. I'm feeling good, just anxious to heal and move forward!
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