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I am strongly considering a breast augmentation. I...

I am strongly considering a breast augmentation. I have always had small breasts. Growing up around my closest 4 girl cousins, I was the "President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee" and as I continued to get older, my breasts remained small. Even my younger girl cousins have outgrown me as I have turned 33 this July. I have always had a small, athletic frame so having small breasts didn't bother me so much in high school as I played volleyball and ran track. It was sometimes a blessing as I often sympathized with the girls who had larger breasts that bounced around, nearly to their chin, as they sprinted in the relays. As I journeyed through college, breast augmentation was always a dream but I still didn't mind being small as long as they were perky. It was always in the back of my mind that my breasts would grow larger after having children, but to no avail-two kids later I still have a small, athletic frame (5'3",120lbs) and I'm still small chested(34 barely B), only now; deflated.

So here I am, 33 years young and I feel like I'm old enough to make this sound, mature decision to go under the knife and change my physical appearance. I have worked hard my whole life and feel like this is something I deserve. I have the complete support of my husband, of course!! He loves me just the way I am; breast implants or no breast implants. This decision is truly all mine. So, why am I having all these mixed feelings about it??

I am struggling a lot with whether this decision is really necessary. Are people going to think that I'm vain? I still care a lot about how my parents think of me. How are they going to feel about it? I know I've mentioned to my mom multiple times in the past that I would have the procedure done, but honestly, I'm not sure if she really believed I'd ever go through with it. Whatever my decision is, I know she'll be supportive.

So, my biggest fear with having a breast augmentation is my final size/appearance. I want to be the perfect size and look that I have in my head. Not too big; not too small. Not too high; not too low. I know these will all be things to discuss with my plastic surgeon, but these are all valid things to worry about.

I have a scheduled consultation on August 1st. I have researched multiple plastic surgeons in the area and the one I have found has outstanding credentials and a plethora of 5 star reviews. My question to all of you is should I consult with more than one plastic surgeon even though if after meeting with him I feel satisfied? Also, what are or were some important things/characteristics that your plastic surgeon possessed?
Saline or silicone and why? Any advice would be helpful to me and my decision.

I am really excited about my consultation and after I scheduled it, I wish it could have been done sooner!

So, I decided to consult with another plastic...

So, I decided to consult with another plastic surgeon just to have a second opinion/option and they were able to schedule me this upcoming Monday!! Sooo, I'm very excited about that and can't wait!!

So, I had my first consultation the other day and...

So, I had my first consultation the other day and I'm really glad that I decided to get more than one opinion. It will be interesting to see how the other consults go in comparison to the first one. I wasn't over the moon with the first PS and his staff so I'm in anticipation for my next one this upcoming Wednesday!

I met with a second PS today and let me tell you...

I met with a second PS today and let me tell you from this one to the last was like night and day!! It's amazing that anyone would even consider the first one!! I was so impressed with the office, staff and the PS, I'm not quite sure why anyone would go anywhere else!! I have found the perfect fit and am going to try and schedule my procedure for about a month an a half from now!!

I told my mom that I was getting a BA and she was so supportive of me and my decision. I had no doubt that she would be supportive but I wasn't sure how she would react. Well, she said, "It's your body and you should be happy with it. Life's too short not to be happy." It almost made me cry. I love her so much!!

I scheduled my BA surgery for September 20!! I...

I scheduled my BA surgery for September 20!! I can't believe this is finally happening for me. I'm so excited and nervous. Now my biggest decision is what size. My PS chose anywhere between 325 and 350...I think even up to 375 but I don't think I would go up that far. I definitely don't want to regret the size I choose. Most women say that wish they had gone a little bigger. Any advice on this would be helpful!! Thanks!

I haven't posted in awhile, but wanted to update. ...

I haven't posted in awhile, but wanted to update. I decided to go ahead with the surgery after all my anxiety passed...well, most of it anyway. I am still anxious about my results and my recovery period since I am a very active person and mother of two. I'm hoping for the best recovery so that I have very little down time. Prayers!

I have my pre op appointment today so I'm sure it will sink in more that this is actually going to happen in a couple of weeks. It still seems so surreal most of the time.

I am now 2 weeks post surgery and everything went...

I am now 2 weeks post surgery and everything went better than I could have imagined! I had 325cc silicone implants placed under the muscle. I could have gone a little bigger, but ultimately I am happy with the size because they fit my frame well and I also wanted to be inconspicuous about my surgery. I was completely blown away by the lack of pain I experienced immediately after and the few days following my surgery. My clothes prior to surgery still fit, I just fill them out better and I am so excited about that!! I am in anticipation for the next couple of months, as I know the results are only going to get better! My surgeon and his office staff were awesome and I couldn't have asked for better!! An excellent doctor definitely makes all the difference!
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