46, 4 Kids, 56 Mos of Breast Feeding, 34A

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I have always been unhappy with my breasts but I...

I have always been unhappy with my breasts but I never wanted to do anything because I didn't want to affect my ability to breastfeed my children. Now that I'm done I want to look better. Actually wear a bathing suite and be comfortable.

This is going to be a surprise for my husband. He's in the military and we only see each other about once a month. He's always said he's happy with what I have but I'm not. I know he will like my new look, he liked when I was breastfeeding because they were bigger.

I'm trying to look natural. I'm going with 310cc implants. I liked the size I was when I was breast feeding. I'm hoping since the skin around my breasts is so stretched out that the pain will not be so bad. As I said, my husband is not here so I'm taking care of kiddos on my own.

I think he'll be happy with my surprise.

Almost there

10 days from today I will say goodbye to these sad little puppies. 310cc sub-muscular placement. I'm so excited to do this for myself. And surprise my husband!

And the count down begins

6 days until BA. I will make chicken soup this week and buy some frozen pizzas and mac and cheese for the kiddos to make it easier. I'm also buying some comfy zip front tops and a wedge for sleeping. I'm hoping to not need anything stronger than Tylenol. I don't take well to any meds so I hope I'm not too uncomfortable. I'm so excited!!!

TWO. MORE. DAYS!!!!!!!

Two more days
So excited!!
A little worried 310s might be too big. Agh.
I told Dr Vennemyer the look I wanted so I'm hoping.

By this time tomorrow

By this time tomorrow; well you know. I'm so excited. I've been reading a lot of blogs. Some think they went too big and some think they went too small. The ones that say they went too small have the exact look I am hoping for. I think I will be very happy with the size. Excited!!

What I'm hoping for

It's hard to see but this is about the size I'm hoping for. 8 mos prep with my boy.

It's done

The girls have arrived and they are awake. Paid is not so bad. I took extra strength Tylenol and a muscle relaxer. I think I'd be great if my sternum didn't hurt. Not hungry at all. But drinking a lot. Thirsty. I will post other photos. I want to keep them under wraps until I have the go ahead to take the surg bra off. Thank you for following me.


Not huge but that's what I was hoping for

One more pix

Bed time for boobie

Well day one is about done. My breast bone is a little sore when I take a deep breath. My breasts feel like they did when fully engorged from breast feeding. I took 2 extra strength Tylenol this afternoon with 1/2 flexeril. I've been up most of the day. Pain has been very tolerable, today. Tomorrow is another day.

Sadly my son had to leave day care early because he was sick. My friend has been great. She picked up the kids and picked up some Tylenol and soda crackers. He's in bed asleep, hopefully for the night.

Quiet day yesterday

Movies, computer games, playdoh and self serve snacks for the kids yesterday. My son is feeling better.

Pain is not too bad. Just really tight. I have been taking extra strength Tylenol sporadically and flexeril at bedtime, more for my neck because sleeping upright would kill my neck. I've been sleeping well. It's hard not being able to roll around with the kids. They are used to having to stay away from their dad because of back trouble and shoulder trouble so they have been pretty good but I do love cuddle them.

Shower day today. I'm a little scared to take off the surg bra because I'm afraid I won't get it back on. Ill post pix later.

Post shower pix.


Driving was interesting. I kept feeling my peck muscle twinge. I hope that's normal. I hope I'm not doing too much. The down side of feeling this good is you can overdo it.

Day 3

Not too big. Exactly the look I was hoping for. So happy!!

Day 3

Looking better. Still tight but I little less squared on top

No more meds

I have not taken any meds today. I've had no pain at all today just tight. I can't believe I've done it with very little meds; Tylenol and flexeril only. And minimally.

I've read that if you go into the surgery confident in your choice and happy and not scared then your outcome will be so much more positive and healing will be much faster. I can say from my experience thus is 100% true!!

The day before surgery I spent the day with my kids. We carved pumpkins, went for a bike ride, and sat at the pond and did some meditation while the kids played in the sand. I was so happy and felt so positive about what I was about to do. I believe this helped me tremendously.

Still feeling good, don't like the bloat

I'm feeling great. They are still swollen but not as tight. I'm not a fan of the post op bloat. I look 4 mos pregnant. It's the worst at night. In hoping it resolves soon. I've been having somewhat regular Bm so I don't think it's that. I've read the swelling from up top travels down due to gravity. 1 week tomorrow and it would be nice to not look fat.

8 days po

Still tight but dropped slightly. I'm hoping to start massaging them this week after my doc apt. I would like to see them soften a little before hubby sees them.

8 days po

Here's a funny one. I now have a head cold and I'm coughing and sneezing quite a bit. Every time I cough or sneeze I get this severe burning sensation in my belly near my belly button. I'm thinking it's the nerves healing?? I've read similar pains in the breasts. I've also read it can take up to 6 mos to resolve????. I going to bring it up to the doc. Anyone else have these "zingers"?

11 days PO

16 days po

Feeling good. Started massage to reduce swelling and soften them up. One has dropped more than the other but that's to be expected. Still trying not to overdo it. It's hard though. Hope you all are doing well also.

New bras.

Cannot wait till the girls soften up. 34c is what I'm thinking I will end up.

What h*** is this????

Anyone see this? Can I report it


Husband was very happy with his surprise. He loved the girls.

Almost 6 weeks out

Very happy. Hubby is happy too. I'm hoping they drop and look more natural. I was worried they were too big, hub says no way.

Amazingly kind and professional. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. Also did not try to talk me into something I would not want; larger size implants. The office staff are also very kind and caring.

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